Leontien Zwollenaren allows people to relax in this idyllic setting: “No need to talk here”

If you are lucky, there will be a horse in front of the window and you can hear chickens and sheep. For the rest, it is quiet in the Leontien Overdijk dam house. De Zwolse, 49, has rented a space for relaxation sessions and massages in an idyllic setting in Harculo near IJssel since April. “Putting people relaxed, that’s cool,” says Leonten.

Being quiet within yourself is how Leonten describes the sessions of silence and relaxation she offers at the dam house in IJssel. “It really clears up your brain’s stimulation, that’s how you should see it. You have a lot of triggers during the day and that’s where your brain stops.” It is not necessary to have a conversation here, not even with a massage. “People like to have a social conversation, but then I point out in advance that this is not necessary. So you are distracted and feel much less.

A dream come true

Since April, Leontien has rented the dam house from the owners of a yard in Kattenwinkelweg. It has always been her dream to let people relax in a natural place. Its former location was in the heart of Zwolle, but there you can hear the sound of the bustling city. “That is why I posted an appeal on Instagram in November. I was looking for a dream location in the middle of nature. In the end I had many options, but I decided to choose this one.” I found this exciting. “Because you’re afraid the customers won’t come with you. But they did, and that was great.”

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From events to massage

How different Leonten’s life looked a few years ago. De Zwolse studied communications management and worked in the events industry. During a summer vacation in 2018, Leontine found out that she actually loves massaging her husband’s hand. She wanted to do more with it and soon gave massages at home. In the end, she also quit her job in marketing.

When her 7-year-old daughter Lizzie fell ill last year, she really followed her heart. She found her ideal workplace through a recent acquisition, the dam house that has been open since April. Where not only customers can relax, but also Leontien itself. “If I had still had that marketing job when my daughter got sick, I would have gone crazy,” she says. A special coincidence that her family name is Overdijk. “As if it should have been.”

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Learn to relax

At ‘t Dijkhuisje you mainly come to relax. This isn’t an unnecessary luxury, says Leonten. “People don’t always allow themselves to be that way, or they can no longer relax.” Sometimes I noticed that new clients are not yet able to relax enough. “They have to trust me and get to know me first. One is easier than the other. But I’ve never had anyone who hasn’t left them relaxed. I often have to teach people how to relax again, for example during exhaustion. And if I let it and trust it, my touch During a massage it can bring a lot of calm to your head.”

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empty yourself

Leontien estimates that about 85 percent of its customers come from Zwolle. You usually make four to five reservations a day. “Because you’re so intensely involved with people, you also have to eliminate yourself in between.” For this reason they can now be found in the dam’s house two days a week, on Wednesdays and Fridays. “Maybe I will add on Monday. I also like a day in the middle, because I also do massages at home.”

Leontien itself also enjoys the peace and quiet of Harculo. After the interview, I dealt with another customer and then took a break for over an hour before the next visitor showed up at the door. “Maybe I’ll go for a quiet walk by myself,” she said with a laugh.

Leontien presents with its company Voor de Hand! Various sessions, such as a relaxation session or a massage. During the massage, you mainly do the work of the hands, feet and head. They also offer one-on-one entrepreneurship sessions, where you get a relaxation session, a massage, a farmer’s lunch, and a silent walk around the area yourself.

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