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Brabant innerThe public at the Indoor Brabant can once again enjoy the splendor of the top horse Verdi TN. The ‘pensionado’ won’t take any hits at Brabanthallen on Sunday, just take thanks.

Verdi TN has never been installed in Schijndel or immersed in the meadow in Dungensesteeg. However, Kees van den Oetelaar has a special relationship with the 20-year-old stallion who has captivated Dutch equestrian enthusiasts for years. It will be an emotional moment for the 61-year-old when Brabanthallen bids farewell to one of the most successful showjumpers in Dutch history during the Indoor Brabant on Sunday.

“He is a special horse. He has done two Olympics, a European Championship, a World Cup. And you always come home with medals. Nice that it also belongs to an owner from Schijndel, right? This is a real horse village.”

made in made

At home, Van den Aotelar passionately talks about his “masterpiece”. I bought it when it was a few hours old. In Denis Musterd’s Made. I basically made it. Yes, made in the making. And I sold half of it to Henk Nijhof again. He has a large breeding stable in Geesteren with 150 foals a year. Verdi did well in the first four years. This is also the best for a horse that is growing up among the others. We have some ponies here, but not in those numbers.” TN in his name means Team Nijhof.


As a pony, it was clear to me that he was a special horse

Kees van den Outelaar (61)

When it turns out he’s a special horse? Even if it was a foal, because he was next to a great stallion. The father, Quidam de Revel, was the best stallion in the world at the time, and the dam, Clarissa, was a perfect fit. In principle, a winning combination, but of course it still has to work well.”

Prominent figure

When four-year-old Verdi moved to Springstall van der Vleuten in Mierlo, Michael, the son of the house, became the usual jockey. “They grew up together. That was the power of this mix. From nothing to the top. Maikel had little or no experience with big horses, and he ditched the ponies. That was very dangerous: Michael was still small and Ferdy too. And he was a stallion. Those Tough. We knew he had a fine character. What does that mean? Honestly. As a horse, you often have the opportunity to bring down a rider. A horse is not a machine. And a horse is big and powerful. If you want to have this on your side, you have to think about it for a while. “.

Case Van den Outtelar

Van den Outelaar continues: “Verdi has something that no other horse has.” The more difficult the courses, the easier it is to think about it. Another horse gets a little nervous, then Verdi remains calm. Also while traveling. If you’re winding yourself up for eight hours on the plane to Calgary, you can’t perform such a course. Then Verdi will think: “Keep calm, because I must perform immediately.”

Millions of commandments

If we want to sell it well. Millions were shown. Already when he was 5 years old. And later for more. At nine or ten, Verdi was one of the best horses in the world. Until then it was a legend. “The right time for a horse dealer to withdraw money. Yes, but we didn’t think about it even for a moment. Not even now that he’s twenty. I don’t know if we did the right thing.”

The last time Maikel van der Vleuten competed with Verdi TN during The Dutch Masters - Indoor Brabant was in 2019.
The last time Maikel van der Vleuten competed with Verdi TN during The Dutch Masters – Indoor Brabant was in 2019. © DigiShots

“Oh, what’s so important in life? If you’re really excited, you’ll also bond with a horse. Just like everyone else with a dog, you don’t sell that either, right? Verdi is a family horse for Van der Vleuten, Nijhof and Van den Oetelaar.” We all thought the same about it. If you weren’t on the same page, you wouldn’t have been in business together for forty years.”


Even a day before he left for the Olympics, he was still mating

Case Van den Outtelar

As one of the few horses in the sport, he also had to cover mares every week. It is very difficult to combine that, even if by ki (IVF, ed.). Even a day before he left for the Olympics, he was still mating. Verdi was still active in the best sports at an advanced age and conducted the fattest competitions in the world against his children. It’s almost impossible to explain what kind of kick you get as a breeder from this one. This has absolutely nothing to do with money. I hope it lasts another ten years or so. Then we can buy other horses with the horse fee we are trying to get from Verdi.”

Noun: VDL Groep Verdi TN
Boy: 2002
Gender: stallion
a race: KWPN
family: Quidam de Reville (father) and Clarissa (mother)
Rider: Michael van der Vleuten
owner: Stal van der Vleuten, Team Nijhof, CAM van den Oetelaar
main achievements:

2012: Team silver at the London Olympics
2014: Team gold at the World Equestrian Games (Equestrian World Championships) in Caen
2014: The team’s golden final in the FIFA Nations Cup in Barcelona
2015: Gold medal at the European Championships in Aachen
2016: 7th place with the Netherlands at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

Other: grand prize winner ao. Salzburg, Lyon, Lumen, Madrid, Doha and Verona.

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