112 News: Arrests at work Extinction Rebellion | Schiedammer leads to an agent


Extinction Action in Rebellion in Rotterdam © Media TV

In this post, we will provide you with the most important 112 news from the region as of Friday, May 20.

15:39 – Fifteen arrested in the act of Extinction Rebellion

Fifteen Extinction Rebellion activists have been arrested in Rotterdam. They refused to leave the Regentessebrug near Leuvehaven.

The environmental group had earlier announced that it would take action in Rotterdam until Tuesday. This morning there were already demonstrations at BP, SBM Offshore and Boskalis. The working group wants to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

In Regentessebrug, the group was told they had to leave. Because they did not listen, they were put one by one on the RET bus and taken to the police station.

15:36 – Schiedamer runs to the customers and is electrocuted

In downtown Schiedam, a motorist rammed two police officers on the night from Thursday to Friday. He was arrested after a chase. Officers report an attempted murder.

The two officers had addressed a 24-year-old man about his high speed at around 2:15 last night. During that conversation, the man jumped back into the car and pulled hard toward the officers. They managed to get away in time.

The man headed towards Rotterdam, where he parked his car at the Erasmus Bridge. The driver was electrocuted because he did not want to get out of the car. He was then arrested.

14:55 – Man arrested after warning shot

Police arrested a man in Van Speckstraat in Rotterdam Thursday morning after firing a warning shot. Shortly before that, two men called the police and said they had been beaten and threatened by a man with a firearm.

The officers were able to locate the suspect through CCTV footage. He did not immediately cooperate with his arrest, but surrendered after the warning shot. It’s about a 25-year-old from Rotterdam.

11:27 – The mayor closes the drug building in Barendrecht

The mayor of Barendrecht urgently closed a commercial building in Zuideinde in Barendrecht on May 12. There were commercial quantities of hard drugs and hundreds of thousands of euros in cash. The council announced this on Friday.

The municipality inspected the building in collaboration with the DCMR Rijnmond Environmental Service, the fire service, the Dutch Labor Inspectorate, the Regional Operational Administrative Team and the police. According to the municipality, the building was used as a cover for subversive activities.

11:10 – Police find hundreds of erection pills in an illegal casino

During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, police patrolled an illegal casino in one of the apartment towers of Marconiplein in West Rotterdam. There the officers found not only a large amount of cash and a money-counting machine, but also hundreds of Kamagra brand erection pills.

After an anonymous tip, the police investigated the trade and toured the homes. During the night raid, 20 men were gambling in one of the apartments in the apartment tower. The police are investigating the people who have been arrested, after which the trial will follow.

Police arrested 20 men in an illegal casino with huge amounts of cash and erection pills
Police arrested 20 men in an illegal casino with huge amounts of cash and erection pills © Police

11:06 – Route A20 closed towards Gouda

10:25 – Suspected blasterdam kills longer

The motorist from Papendrecht, suspected of beating two girls on a motorbike near Alplacerdam, must remain in prison for a longer period. His pretrial detention was extended by 90 days. Suspected of manslaughter.

10:15 – Suspected involuntary manslaughter club Blue in prison longer

The 25-year-old Rotterdam suspected of beating a 29-year-old visitor to Rotterdam’s Club Blu Alexander to death must remain in custody for a longer period of 90 days. He has been imprisoned since May 7. A spokesman for the Public Prosecution Office in Rotterdam said the man was charged with manslaughter, aggravated assault resulting in death and assault causing death.

25-year-old Rotterdamer is suspected of manslaughter at Club Bleu
25-year-old Rotterdamer is suspected of manslaughter at Club Bleu © Media TV

9:45 – Glass in the Drechttunnel, delay of more than 25 minutes

8:35 am – Climate activists protest against Extinction Rebellion in front of BP Europort . refinery

Climate activists from the international protest group Extinction Rebellion have been standing in front of BP’s refinery in Europoort since 6:30 a.m. Friday. They want to stop using and producing fossil fuels. A Facebook live stream shows that about a dozen activists have built a wigwam without a canvas for the site. An activist raised himself in the hills. A Flemish speaking man spoke over a live broadcast.

“The company emits 2.2 million tons of carbon dioxide annually here and is responsible for one of the largest oil disasters in history (in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010). If the government doesn’t stop big polluters like BP, we will do so with massive sabotage.” Activists wrote on their Facebook page.

On Thursday, the Rotterdam Extinction Rebellion had already marched from Central Station to Delfshaven. About a hundred people marched in the procession, accompanied by police officers. They were beating pots and pans and wearing brightly colored clothes. They carried a fake casket with a text indicating the future of children who would be destroyed using fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal).

Extinction climate activists protest at BP's refinery in Europort
Extinction climate activists protest at BP’s refinery in Europort © Facebook

8:15 a.m. – Heavy fog warning lifted

Rotterdam in fog (photo for illustration)
Rotterdam in fog (photo for illustration) © Riggenmond

6:53 – KNMI Code Yellow: Bank fog in the morning

6:45 – Fire in the basement in Välardingen, apartment evacuated

At around 4:30 p.m. Thursday through Friday, a fire broke out in a closet with electricity and tires in the basement of an apartment complex in Kisumstraat in Vlardingen. The smoke detectors went off on time. Pictures show that the apartment’s residents were wearing pajamas, bathrobes and slippers and stood on the sidewalk while the firefighters put out the fire. A witness said an ambulance was at the scene, but no injuries were reported.

A fire broke out in the basement of an apartment in Välardingen
A fire broke out in the basement of an apartment in Välardingen © AS Media

6:05 AM – Car parked on fire in Rotterdam – Overseas

A car in Van Adrichemweg in Overschie in Rotterdam-Noord caught fire at night from Thursday to Friday around 2am. The fire brigade came and put out the fires. I left the car in ruins. Eyewitnesses said that cars near the burning wreckage were damaged.

A car in Overseas was completely burnt out at night
A car in Overseas was completely burnt out at night © AS Media

6:00 – A cat dies in a flat fire in Hendrik Edo Ambacht

In the corridor of an apartment on the third floor of an apartment building in Bankertplein in Hendrik-Edo-Ambacht, fires raged at night from Thursday to Friday. The fire brigade put out the fire but did not prevent a resident’s cat from perishing. The animal died at around 4 a.m. despite rescue efforts due to smoke inhalation.

The inhabitant of the burning apartment escaped in time. Nearby apartments were evacuated due to smoke. Once the firefighters have searched the homes and released them, they can return. It is unlikely that the resident where the fire broke out will be able to return at the present time.

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