Converting energy levels into a career enhancement? This is how you do it

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On Wednesday, May 18, groups of members of Harper’s Bazaar Business Club gathered in a row in a sunny, sunny spectacle. From established lawyers to young fashion and beauty entrepreneurs, and from tech entrepreneurs to Finance experts. Travel to the Velsen-Zuid Forest for a leadership tour revolving around thinking, future choices and energy management, led by coaches Emma Halfcamp and Sharon Epskamp. Not only was the weather good, the energy was good and leadership questions from members were spot on. It turns out that this is just the right starting point for an inspiring walk.

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Harper’s Bazaar Business Club Leadership Career: How to Use Energy Levels to Boost Your Career

Because if it comes to both levels, the right energy levels (and awareness of them) are the first steps to boosting your career. Emma Halfkamp, ​​Psychologist, Coach and Yoga Therapist at GZ: “I choose to train leaders in this field, whether they are entrepreneurs or work for a large company. Leaders have a team of people around them: if they inspire this group with their energy, they immediately reach a group Great people.

After a welcome speech from Bazaars Miluska van ‘t Lam, in which members were given the opportunity to introduce themselves, the groups went into the woods. Halfcamp was bombarded with interesting career questions while walking. “How can I combine motherhood with entrepreneurship?” , “What tips do you have for choosing to focus in my work?” , and “How can I not feel guilty if I sometimes choose private life over work?” But also specific questions like: How can I become a good leader for a new generation? and “How do I transition from a paying job to entrepreneurship?” bitter.

This focus in particular has been a regularly recurring topic. Not surprisingly, with a host of leaders of all ages, at various stages of their careers. So many ambitions, so little time: How can you make sure you focus on those jobs that give you the most energy and that produce the most? Huffcamp’s favorite quote is a comprehensive answer to this question: “Life does not happen to you† EmmaRemember that your life does not guide you, it leads your life. You control making choices. And saying “no” is also part of it, because for every “no” you give way to a “yes”. According to her, a good balance between control and letting go is the way to manage your energy levels.

manage energy levels

Energy coach Sharon Epskamp agrees with this responsibility: “You don’t have energy, but you are your energy. And you have to take responsibility for it yourself. Energy affects every aspect of your workday: how you interact with colleagues, how this important idea goes, and whether you keep your appointments.” Final or not.Getting the right energy has a positive effect on all of these points, while negative energy causes the opposite.

Epskamp knows firsthand that you can never live the life of your dreams if you don’t take care of yourself and your energy. While she was considering living all of her career goals as the leader of a major streaming service and traveling the world for it, she experienced Separation Through business trip abroad. the bad guy? Neglecting energy levels, lack of so-called Energy Recharging Devices: Sharon: There energy donors (for example, a night out with friends), and power dryers (Annoying meeting with that negative fellow), but many people forget Energy Recharging Devices† These elements are extremely important for restoring your energy – they lower your heart rate and calm you down. Energy Recharging Devices It looks different for everyone: for some three deep breaths, for others, it’s an hour of walking, meditating or looking at a favorite work of art every day. If you use this on a daily basis, your energy levels will recover and you will become a better person and a better leader.

Sharon then asked each group to do an imagining exercise, in which she instructed the members to look into their future – in order to give direction to dreams for the future that are shaped by core values ​​and energy needs. This exercise is also part of the online Energy Management course that Epskamp is currently developing with Harper’s Bazaar. So stay tuned for the bazaar!

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