Two youth teams from Olhaco to the Dutch championship – Regionieuws Hoogeveen

Hoogeveen – For Olhaco, Saturday May 21, 2022 is a special day in its history. Then boys A and girls C play in the final of the Dutch championship. For the boys, most of whom play in Men 1, it’s been over 15 years since the NOJK final. The girls play in Banningen and the boys go to Jenep. Supporter buses will accompany you to this unique show.

This achievement is unique to Olhaco’.

The A boys (16 to 18) from Olhaco recently reached the semi-finals with a group win at De Lutte. Coach Mino Volkirink will go to Genip with the same players on May 21 for the final. The game is played in two groups of four teams. Olhaco in Group 1 will meet Taurus from Houten, Alterno from Apeldoorn and Sliedrecht Sport. Houses, Sodusa, Dordrecht and Compaigne play in the second group. “A place in the final is unique to us,” says coach Mino Volkirink. For other teams, this is an annual outing. If you want to do this, you will have to invest as a club in the youth academy. So Olhaco’s focus should be to get enough good coaches on the boys volleyball line.”

girls c

The C van Olhaco girls will play the final in Panningen. The coach/coach is Tom Stelpstra, who has coached the youth (top) at Olhaco for thirteen years. A total of eight teams qualified for the final. These eight teams are divided into two groups. Olhaco is put on the set with SV Dynamo Apeldoorn, Peelpush Meijel and Devoko Denekamp. If we are among the top two numbers in our group, we will play cross final against the other group. The winners can then decide who will be the best C (MC) girls in the Netherlands in 2022,” explains Stelpstra.

The C girls have already completed two rounds, each of which was played at Assen. Sline, Ayman, and Flash/V are defeated. This year we played the first round very late in the season because of Corona. In the first round against Selen and Emmen 95 we were clearly the better team. We had trouble with Flash Veendam, but we also won against them convincingly. We finished first in the group and thus qualified immediately for the semi-finals.” In the semi-finals, Olhaco had to return to Assen.,, The first match was against Sodusa Assen. We played this game unnecessarily. Then we were allowed to play against Set- Up Ootmarsum.In this match we didn’t reach our level but we won this match hard.We finally played against Tornado Gestrin.This was the easiest opponent and we won that match well.Because we had a better mutual balance against Sodusa, we became the first team in our group. With that it allowed us to play an accidental final against the seed 2 from the other group to get a place among the top 8 in the Netherlands. Then we were allowed to play against Revo Riesen. This was the best match so far. There were two equal teams on the field and this was also reflected in the standings, ie 1-1. That’s why we had to play a crucial third set and we narrowly won it, so we got to the National Final.”
This place in the final is a great achievement for Olhaco. Every year, traditional teams such as Sodusa, Dynamo Apeldoorn and Sneak are in the final. These are all great associations with broad and equal selection potential. Olhaco is not great compared to these associations. So that we still manage to put ourselves in the top eight in the Netherlands is unique. Certainly if you also think that Olhaco is only a team of eight girls, while big leagues usually have a dozen girls. So it’s also great for Hogveen that two teams now qualify for the NOJK national final.” Olhako is an outsider in the final, but maybe he can cause a surprise. We showed a good level both in preparations and in matches. I would be happy if we showed that level in the final as well. Of course you want to be champion, but it’s just a matter of guessing the level in the final. Also because we weren’t allowed to play in NOJK for two years because of Corona. This team is capable of showing beautiful things. And who knows, this could lead to great victories.”

The Olhaku Girls C team consists of Sarah Fleur van Soren, Merthe van Veen, Tara van der Slays, Faye Alberto, Jannox Hof, Marlos Decker, Susan Rawerdink, Bo Schonwell, Libero.

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