Thousands of children train every day in ‘unsafe’ gyms in Haarlemmermeer

Dozens of Harlemmermeer gyms are very old and, according to teachers, some are unsafe due to late maintenance. This is evidenced by a tour of forty sports teachers who work in these clubs every day. Rejected, worn materials, poor sound, and a lack of ventilation options were mentioned as the biggest problems.

Thousands of children play sports in ‘unsafe’ Harlemmermeer clubs

Shortly after the last bell, Leon Bloom, a physical education teacher at Oranje Nassauschool in Badhoevedorp, took us to the Het Voortow gym. He cites as an example: “The large materials are of amazing quality. All the ring sets have been rejected since the beginning of the year, but nothing has been done with them.”

Rejected material and poor acoustics

The situation at the Zijdewinde gym in Vijfhuizen is also worrying. Teacher Chelsey Borchers can no longer use the objectionable material, but it doesn’t stop there: Chelsey wears hearing protection during classes due to poor acoustics: “If I don’t, I’ll be in bed at night with it ringing in my ears.”

And this inconvenience is not only experienced by the teacher. Many students say they are bothered by the noise that makes every class in the gym.

The inventory shows that many gyms suffer from similar problems: windows that cannot open, mold in changing rooms, wasp nests and rejected materials appear to be the normal course of action.

Frequently visited gyms

The municipality of Haarlemmermeer owns the gyms, but has outsourced its care to sports funds since 2014. They perform daily maintenance, operate the respective gyms, and are responsible for maintaining and replacing the sports stock. Technical coordinator Rod Wurtz says he knows nothing better than to visit gyms frequently and that the schools are well connected.

“The question is whether anything will be done with our reports.”

Maud Friedel, The Magic Circle gym teacher

Maud Friedel is a gym teacher at De Tovercircle in Hoofddorp and says communication is very difficult: “We regularly email and call gym boxes. Sometimes nothing gets done with it and sometimes it happens very quickly. But it’s always questionable whether it’s being done. In If so, then when.

The advisor is not aware

As a result of this story, Council member Margoline Stevens was asked last week’s questions: “I’m not aware of that,” replied She talks about the poor condition of the gyms in Harlemmermeer. According to her, maintenance is “discreet and efficient” and “rather outdated” gyms like Vijfhuizen need more care.

The text continues below the frame.

Alderman Marjoline Stevens late to questions from NH News I know:

“We are not aware of any specific problems (Badhoevedorp, Vijfhuizen, Nieuw-Vennep). The Haarlemmere municipal property portfolio, which also includes gyms and sports facilities, dates back to the 1970s and 1980s and is therefore now somewhat dated at the time of construction, was Requirements related to acoustics, climate, ventilation, furnishing and the use of materials are completely different.

In the coming months, we will have an outside agency that will conduct an objective investigation into the condition of the indoor gym and sports facilities, which will look at both technical condition and functionality. This gives us insight into investments to improve the portfolio, make it more sustainable and adapt it to specific requirements.”

“I think the council was neglectful.”

Jurik Steinart, educational consultant at Kvlo

“The current situation says something about the communication between the school and the municipality,” says Jorieke Steenaart, education consultant for the Royal Society of Physical Education (KVLO). It also says something about the municipality’s duty of care with regard to educational housing. “I think they were careless,” Steinart said.

According to her, it is important for teachers to report to the employer. They can then contact the municipality, which in turn will have to take action. Yvonne Woestenburg, principal of Oranje Nassau School in Badhoevedorp, says she has received various reports from teachers. However, she said she was not aware of the transmission of these reports. Chelsey Borchers would have reported to management several times.

Gyms in question:

  • Gymnasium Kinheim – Zwanenburg
  • Langrac Gymnasium – Ebenes
  • Gymnasium Noppenstraat – Zwanchuk
  • Gym Pampusstraat – Riesenhout
  • Gymnasium Silkend – Vejvoizen
  • Gymnasium Het Voortow – Badhoevedorp
  • Azollastraat Gym – Lesserbrook
  • Nordder Drive Games Hall – New Fenbe
  • Gymnasium Ridderspoorstraat – New Fenbe
  • Gyms Sandestein (2) – Nieuw-Vennep
  • Gyms Linquenda (2) – Nieuw-Vennep
  • Gyms De Breedenborgh (2) – Nieuw-Vennep
  • Gyms Community School Floriande Midden (2 gyms) – Hoofddorp
  • Jim Green Fish – Hoofdorp
  • Gym Bucks (2) – Hoofdorp
  • Bornholm Halls (2) – Hofdorp
  • Gym Wormerstraat – Hofdorp
  • Jim Sparisholm – Hoofdorp
  • Van den Berglan Gymnasium – Hoofdorp
  • De Schulp Gymnasium – Hofdorp
  • Gym de Boskern – Hofdorp
  • Amazon gymnasium – Hoofdorp
  • Gymnasium Brambus – Hoofdorp
  • Showrooms (2) – Hofdorp
  • Gymnasium De Vest – Hofdorp

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