The Beaming Queen has introduced a new equestrian horse named Glory of Azerbaijan

The Queen smiled again during her surprise appearance yesterday to receive a special gift from the President of Azerbaijan.

The 96-year-old welcomed a rare Karabakh horse at Windsor Castle, a day before surprising royal spectators with a visit to Paddington Station to open the Elizabeth Line.

Walking in hand, the Queen waited outside the castle where representatives of the Azerbaijan Equestrian Federation presented the horse as a gift from President Ilham Aliyev, following his country’s invitation to sing at the recent platinum anniversary ceremonies.

The Queen, who has loved horses her whole life, said it was a “very gracious” gesture. The Karabakh horse is of Azerbaijani origin and is used in endurance races and races. One recently sold at auction for the equivalent of £14,000.

This comes days after her performance in the official opening of Parliament was canceled due to “mobility issues”.

A picture of the smiling Queen being presented by a Karabakh horse named Glory was taken by the Azerbaijan Equestrian Federation, a gift from the country’s president

The 96-year-old monarch welcomed a rare Karabakh horse at Windsor Castle, a day before surprising royal spectators with a visit to Paddington Station to open the Elizabeth Line

The Queen, who was famous for her love of horses, seemed happy to present the horse

Knights of Azerbaijan in Windsor participated in the latest Royal Windsor horse show, which took place from 12-15 May.

One of the Queen’s favourite, the annual four-day event is the UK’s largest outdoor horse show, featuring international competitions across three different equestrian disciplines.

On the last day of the event, the exhibition of horses hosted the platinum anniversary party “A Gallop Through Time”, in which artists from Azerbaijan participated.

The lavish event, which was broadcast across the country, featured a host of familiar faces, including actor Tom Cruise and Helen Mirren, and presented guests with a variety of musical and acting performances.

In addition, horses and jockeys took to the ring to entertain the audience, and artists from Azerbaijan were among the 1,300 participants.

The state was represented by border guards and a dance troupe who wore the country’s traditional costumes while performing a program called “Land of Fire”.

Their performance was specifically designed to celebrate the Queen’s platinum anniversary, and included a show of Karabakh horses, such as Her Majesty.

The queen was also given two statues of horses made by Azerbaijani sculptor Faik Hajiyev

Her Majesty the Queen expressed her admiration for the two gifts that were part of a horse gift given to her by the President of Azerbaijan

Today, the Queen was told how to charge an Oyster Card today during a surprise visit to Paddington Station to officially open the Elizabeth Line with Prince Edward.

The 96-year-old, who rarely appeared in public outside her royal residences and used a walking stick, was given a limited edition Elizabeth Lane Oyster Card. The amount was increased by five pounds for the queen, who rarely carries cash.

The Crossrail operator showed how the ticket machine worked before asking the king where passengers could travel.

The queen, dressed in bright yellow, arrived in Paddington at 11:32 am and carefully exited the transparent elevator, clutching a walking cane and smiling heartily.

Her Majesty the Queen made a surprising public appearance this morning when she visited Paddington Station to officially open the Elizabeth Line.

Elizabeth Lane’s opening ceremony organizers have been informed that Her Majesty the Queen may appear, but this has not been confirmed due to her ongoing mobility issues

The Queen has unveiled a plaque indicating she has “officially” opened the Elizabeth Line, spending 10 minutes at the station before taking the elevator with her son Edward. The earl then returned to the drawing room for the return journey on the railroad from Paddington to Tottenham Court Road.

Her attendance was not announced in advance because the head of state has ongoing mobility issues, but organizers have been told there is a possibility she will attend.

But in a major clue an hour and a quarter before Edward’s scheduled arrival, TfL removed a plaque saying he had opened the Crossrail and replaced it with a 20cm diameter one bearing the Queen’s name.

The Queen’s costume was a double-breasted crepe wool coat by Stuart Parvin with a silk A-line dress in shades of yellow, royal blue, and turquoise, and a Rachel Trevor Morgan hat. She was wearing her Singaporean brooch.

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