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Interest in Mama’s Season 2 with Kristel Verbeke will begin tonight – Monday, May 16th – at 8.40pm on One. The four participants Christel Verbeke spoke with at Zorgen voor mama show and feel what it means to live in poverty. Find out more about the moms involved in Season 2 of Caring for Mom: Lucinda, Erika, Kimberly, and Brenda in this article.

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Poverty is not just a lack of money. No, it is much more than that. For six months, Kristel Verbeek—who you know as a former K3 singer, actress, and presenter—follows four mothers through their daily struggles. The experts Just Ponte (street worker) and Claudia Di Vaio (Child and Family) are also present again: they are looking for solutions in the tangle of administration and regulation. Together with the participants at Zorgen voor mama, they consider steps that can be taken forward.

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In the second season, Kristel Verbeek also highlights other aspects of poverty. Like urban poverty, where people can be more invisible. In addition, Kristel also speaks to some of the mothers’ fathers to discuss, among other things, intergenerational poverty. Not surprisingly, Kristel Verbeke offers this program on poverty. Perhaps now living a prosperous life (with husband Jane Thomas and children); But she grew up in poverty. She actually said more about this in the first season of Care for Mom.

Kristel Verbeek on sponsoring season two of Mom

Kristel Verbeke: “In season two of Zorgen voor mama, I try to show the inner side of poverty even more. Through conversations with the four mothers, I once again feel that poverty spreads through your whole body. They are completely mentally exhausted and this begins with a lack of money. The isolation is great and the shame is profoundly deep. Unbelievable. I’ve met four young mothers who feel guilty for not giving their children every opportunity. Having to refuse a fruit subscription to school for your child for seven euros or see an eyebrow confiscating your son’s tablet…that breaks your mother’s heart into a thousand pieces.”

Participants take care of my mother

In the second season of Zorgen voor mama, four participants were followed, mothers Lucinda, Erika, Kimberly and Brenda. Lucinda (28 years old) and partner Nick live temporarily with their son Liaz (4 years) and brother Timothy in Aarschot. Erica, 26, lives with her son Shane, 5, and daughter Alexis, 4, in Durn. Kimberly (28 years old) and her daughter Hayley (2.5 years old) live in Vilford. Brenda (28 years old) and partner Jonas live with her children Raf (8), Ella (7) and Harley (1.5) in Hearnet. Below we present to you in detail the participants of the second season of Care for mom. In addition, we talk more about experts and the content of the episodes.

Lucinda (take care of my mother)

Lucinda and Nick, 28, live with their 4-year-old son, Liaz, in a rented house in Arshut. Timothy, Lucinda’s brother, temporarily lives with them. Lucinda works hard as a home nurse and has a good income. Nick is receiving a disability pension because he suffers from a mental illness. Together they owe debts from eight different bailiffs. Because of debts, the family lives in constant stress. There is a great fear that the record will empty their house. This has happened before, causing Lucinda to fall into depression.

Lucinda tries to keep her family straight, but is lost inside. She tries to get rid of her debts without any help, but gradually collapses due to constant stress and fear. “I’m especially afraid we’ll have to pay for years to come. I’d rather stay away from all the bailiffs. That’s my biggest fear, that they’ll often come to the door. I hope we’ll have a better future soon,” says Lucinda of Zorgen voor mama.

Erica (take care of my mom)

Erica, 26, lives with her two children – five-year-old Shane and four-year-old Alexis – in a small apartment in Durn. She gets support from her father Rick who lives nearby, but other than that, this young mother lives in seclusion. She pays half of her income in the rent of the house and has to go to the food distribution to make ends meet. Erica struggles with depression and Crohn’s disease. Erica is divorced and the father of her children is involved in raising children. When the kids are there, you try to give them everything.

But she spends most of that time in the apartment. The week she spends alone, she feels very lonely. The financial stress and difficult balance of co-parenting leaves Erica isolated and spinning into negative territory. “If I can’t give the kids everything, my mom’s heart will be broken. It’s really terrible when they order something in the store, candy or anything, it breaks my heart. Then I think to myself: why can’t I give that, why not Do I have more?” says Erica of Zorgen voor mama.

Kimberly (take care of my mom)

28-year-old Kimberly lives with her 2-year-old daughter Hayley in a small social house in Vilford. A nurse works in a day care center but has no control over her finances. Half a month, her money was gone. Kimberly’s mother helps Martin wherever she can, financially and taking care of Hailey. Kimberly feels so depressed and completely exhausted, that she has no energy to deal with her problems. She has no contact with aid workers and tries to survive every day.

Society usually pushes struggling people, both financially and mentally, into a corner, and pushes them aside. Like: Don’t count, then! I also rate myself highly because I think: I’m going to stand up to the side, and I’m going to put myself on the side a little bit,” said Kimberly of Care for mama.

Brenda (take care of my mother)

28-year-old Brenda lives with Jonas and her three children Raf (8), Ella (7) and Harley (1.5) in a social home in Hearnet. Brenda works in a thrift store and is paid modestly for it. Jonas receives a disability benefit because he has ADHD. Because of this he can not work.

They both feel that they do not count in society and wonder how they can get out of the cycle of poverty. They have completely lost faith in the authorities who can help. Brenda wants to break the vicious circle of poverty, but it seems that society has already written off her family. “Ask for help is one of the hardest things for me because it makes me feel like I can’t do it on my own. Asking for help seems to me like begging, taking a step back instead of stepping forward,” says Brenda of Zorgen voor mama.

Just Punt

Joost Bonte was the coordinator of street works in West and East Flanders. He is seen as an outreach entrepreneur and expert in social policy. It is the driving force and initiator of many projects that support putting people in the most vulnerable situations.

“Poverty is more than a lack of money. Fundamentally poverty no longer finds a connection, is being excluded everywhere, no longer gets a chance to join the rest of society. Poverty is actually a kind of isolation,” says Joost-Ponty.

Claudia de Vaio

Claudia Di Vaio has been working with socially vulnerable families for the past 18 years: people living in poverty, refugees, and non-native speakers. Together with families, she searches for possible solutions to different problems: financial, administrative and educational. You show them the way to the right services and you like the individual approach. Every story is unique, so every solution is unique too. Claudia Di Vaio grew up in a working-class family with an Italian father and Belgian mother, and discovered very early on that not everyone gets the same opportunities. Based on this injustice, she started social work training and is in the service of people in vulnerable situations.

Poverty has many faces: it has an outside and inside. We see the outside in several dimensions: living, working, education, health, social environment… Then there is the inside that people in poverty often encounter. “This is a feeling of lack of belonging, shame and guilt,” Claudia Di Vaio says.

Find out more about Zorgen voor mama’s episode and participant content below.

Fear of bailiffs

In the first episode of Zorgen voor mama, Kristel meets Lucinda, a hardworking 28-year-old mom from Aarschot. Lucinda and Nick have Dion with eight different bailiffs and this causes fear and stress in the family, because the bailiff came to empty their house earlier. Street worker Joost hopes to bring peace.

In Deurne, Kristel also meets 26-year-old Erika, a single mother of two. Erica has to make a living while battling Crohn’s disease and depression. Social worker Claudia will support her.

Food distribution

On the second episode of Zorgen voor mama, Kristel went with Erica and her father Rick to their weekly food distribution in Antwerp. And they visited with Claudia Poverello, a place where Erika could work as a volunteer.

Joost helps Lucinda contact debt collectors (Bailiffs) to ask if it is possible to pool the many debts. Kristel goes shopping with Lucinda at a gift shop.

The house emptied the eyebrows

On episode three of Zorgen voor mama, Kristel Verbeke meets 28-year-old Kimberly, a single mother with her 2-year-old daughter from Vilford. Kimberly works hard as a nanny, but half a month she runs out of money. Erica of Durn is worried about her children’s growth. Claudia gathers all the participants together around the table for the consultation.

Lucinda’s house has been emptied by the sheriff. Joost brings bad news about the sale of their home property.

Write-off by the company

Kristel meets 28-year-old Brenda in the fourth episode of Caring for My Mom. This mother of three lives with Jonas in a social home in Herent. Brenda works, but no matter how hard she tries, it feels like society has written her off.

Claudia talks to Erica about the cleanliness in her apartment and Kristel takes her to Beninshtepoetten where the poor can go for self-care. Ghost helps Kimberly sort out her financial mess.

generational poverty

On Episode 5 of Caring for My Mom, Kristel goes to a solidarity breakfast with Brenda and Jonas and talks to Kimberly’s mother about intergenerational poverty. Together with Brenda, Claudia arranges for her increased contribution from the health insurance company and takes Ghost Kimberly to CAW to apply for budget guidance. Kristel and Claudia say goodbye to Erica and her dad Rick today.

budget guidance

In the last episode (#6) of “Caring for My Mom,” Kimberly is getting more and more exhausted. Kristel and Jost try to arrange psychological support for her and budget support begins too. Brenda got good news, she can work in the store one day a week. Claudia puts Brenda and Jonas in contact with CAW, perhaps this way they can regain their confidence to help.

caring mom watch

If you’d like to watch Care for mom, it’s possible from Monday, May 16th at 8.40pm on One. You can watch the episodes afterwards on VRT NU. Unfortunately, the first season of Caring for Mom is no longer available to watch.

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