Jan Wittens: “Frustration at my familiarity with my classical repertoire in Flanders has given way to admission”

Wendy Van Wanten from Aalter and Jan Wuytens from Oostnieuwkerke from Kruiseke (Wervik) will be with the ‘Jubilee aan Zee’ show at Het Witte Paard in Blankenberge this coming summer. On Monday 27 and Tuesday afternoon on Tuesday 28 June, Jean will present a comedy show with Jean-Pierre Mirin known as De Popkoning at De Kleine Prins in Kruiseke. In the fall, Jan will travel to Prague for a classic project and also to West Virginia (America). Jan remains true to his classic and vocal genre. In his country, this does not lead to such recognition, but he remains loyal to his own Flanders and to his own company, Landhuis De Kleine Prins in Kruiseke. Jean admits, “Frustration about my familiarity with classical music’s repertoire gave way to acceptance.”

A conversation with Wendy and Jean is always nice. One of them says and the other laughs and vice versa. They both know each other for several years.

How are you?

Wendy: “We’ve worked really well for years. I met you eight years ago in the Catacombs of La Palma at the Gates. It’s been an eternityHe laughs)† From the first moment we clicked. I saw it develop, and I wanted to take care of Jan. I am very happy that he is putting forward his talent. Everyone should know it. It performs well in vtm “I can see your voice”. He can touch people with his wonderful voice.”

So your year has already passed. You have been featured in this vtm program and in the fall you will be traveling abroad.

January: “Actually, maybe to tour in Prague and another in West Virginia in America. The kind I bring is more overseas. The guy who wants to fire me also thinks Flanders is too small for that. The classic kind doesn’t work here. Please note: There is a market for it from Where the audience is, the audience of people likes to hear it, but the media doesn’t take it up.”

Wendy: “We have already presented with our classic repertoire and every time we have received a warm welcome. His voice touches people.”

Do something together at Het Witte Paard?

January: “Yes, some duets. We all work together, but we also do some music separately. We also sing separately, just like David Vandyk and Jackie Lavon do. I also play in a skit and I love it.”

Wendy Van Wanten and Jan Wittens © PADI / Daniel

Sketches to your liking. I also made such an offer in June. right?

January: “Actually, with De Popkoning, who I’ve been working with for four years. He clicks with him too. Jean-Pierre Mirren is a generous man to work with. We improvise. That’s cool, that spontaneity and that’s important. I’m a real fan of humor. Flemish West humor, but okay “It’s what kind of humor. With Jean-Pierre and also with Wendy, you click on the stage. Fifteen minutes before the show, I know from De Popkoning what he’s bringing and voila, I know what to do. That’s how it goes, pure improvisation. We’ve already given “The Laugh Vaccine” is at eight shows in Evergem. We now want to perform the same show in West Flanders, with the first show in.. at De Kleine Prins in Kruiseke (Wervik). We want to expand further in our province.”

Are you still shooting something musical or are you mainly focused on performances at Het Witte Paard?

Wendy: “It’s an investment I have to make myself, so I won’t be posting anything for now.”

January: “I also don’t publish anything in Flanders anymore. I will focus on Het Witte Paard and then I will focus on the outside. I will not release anything for now, I will see later.”

Why did you ask to go abroad?

January: “vtm put together ‘I can see your voice’. In just a few weeks, the video has been viewed half a million times. That’s huge for someone not so well known. You can also see reactions all over Flanders that I don’t know, but that made me know. This are the reactions of many people.I come from Oostnieuwkerke.Patrick Vanlerberge – also from Oostnieuwkerke – is the director of all major choirs and symphony orchestras, especially in America, where he has lived for 35 years. Patrick has known me since my birth. After this program on vtm live, Patrick said we should do something about it and not let him sleep. He’s trying to get me into classical music abroad. In Flanders, I don’t mean much to the classical genre. Frustration about the familiarity in Flanders has given way to acceptance. I have given in to it.”

Wendy: “Come on, you’re late.”

January: “I won’t sing the Schlagers tomorrow. I’m a classical singer and I want to stay focused on the classical genre. I’m not Kristoff, who’s more genre-averse than I am. I just want to make my voice heard for people.”

How are the preparations for Het Witte Paard going?

Wendy: “Well, it’s great. Fortunately, we started early. There is a lot to remember. Dancing, singing world songs, etc. We have a lot of homework, but we are looking forward to it.” (PADI)

Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 June: De Popkoning and Jan Wuytens at the Landhuis De Kleine Prins in Kruiseke (Wervik). Entry fee: €30 (lunch, show and dessert) – July 22 to September 18: “Jubilee aan Zee” ballet performance with Jacky Lafon, Wendy Van Wanten, Jan Wuytens, David Vandyck and Frank Van Erum. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 2.30pm at Het Witte Paard, Visserstraat 53 in Blankenberge. Tickets: 39 euros (rank 1), 29 euros (rank 2). Information and tickets: 050 41 11 00 – www.witte-paard.be

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