10 tips for watching warm, informative documentaries about animals

There’s nothing cuter than a video of your pet, right? That’s what a number of streaming services thought, too, which is why documentaries and movies about monsters smaller and bigger are now flying around your ears. In this article we have 10 tips for watching the best animal documentaries Stand on the line. Watch them on Netflix, Videoland, discovery+, NLZIET and Disney+.

10x Tips for Watching Warm Animal Documentaries

10. Little Creatures (TV series, 1 season) – Netflix

The eight episodes of little creatures It is about the smallest animals and their environment. Watch mice, hamsters, rats and other small creatures move through the ecosystem in this pseudo-documentary. Emmy Award-winning director Jonathan Jones for his documentary film second planet earthBrings fictional stories about real animals to life. This ensures beautiful cinematography and exciting images.

9. Animals and Love (TV series, 2 episodes) – Discover +

at animals and love Biologist Liz Boonen explores love in the animal kingdom. How different is that from the way people like it? From great apes to elephants. This documentary series deals with the emotional lives of many animals. Liz Bonnon looks not only at the way animals form relationships, but also how long relationships last and what the “dating stage” is in the animal kingdom.

8. Unlikely Animal Friends (TV series, 3 seasons) – Disney+

This Disney+ documentary series proves that animals are unpredictable at times. It follows some unexpected friendships within the animal kingdom. Rhino and sheep, Chihuahua and chicken or parrot and dog … For three seasons, we watch the most popular duo and see how these animals built a love affair.

7. Night on Earth (TV series, 1 season) – Netflix

In the documentary series night on earth The makers have used new technology, so we can finally see how animals live and survive at night. The series special has six episodes and shows different animals, both under and above water. Thus, this became a magical documentary about a part of the animal kingdom that has always remained unknown.

6. The Vet Clinic Down Under (TV series, 1 season) – Videoland

at Down veterinary clinic under We follow vet Chris Brown. At his veterinary clinic in Sydney, he not only takes care of pets but also helps animals from zoos and the rugged countryside. As a result, this series offers diverse insight into the life of a vet. In Videoland you will find seasons 5 to 7 of this programme.

5. The Zoo (series, 5 seasons) – Discover +

The Bronx Zoo in New York covers about 265 acres and is home to more than 6,000 animals. With over 500 employees, this is a whole world in itself. at Zoo Finally, we take a look behind the scenes. We follow the daily functioning of this huge zoo, learn more about the animals and all about their care. You can now find five seasons of popular documentaries on Discover +.

4. Freek in the Wild (series, 3 seasons) – NLZIET

Frick Funk goes in his series grits in the wild In the wilds of South Africa, Zambia and the Surinamese rainforests in search of rare animal species. While it shows us the most impressive animals, it also offers tips for surviving in the rugged wilderness. All episodes of this fun series can be watched on NLZIET. There is no trailer available, but below you can see screenshots from Freek’s wildlife video collection.

3. Animal Fun (Series, 1 season) – Videoland

at animal fun Nicolette Kluijver introduces children to different types of pets and the farm. From alpacas to bees, in the eight-part series, fun facts and beautiful reports on these animals are interspersed with interesting stories from special people. The educational series is ideal for teaching young children about the animal kingdom. There is no trailer available for this, but you can start watching right away via the green button below.

2. Cat vs Dog (series, 1 season) – Discover +

Can cats and dogs really live under the same roof? Thats all about it cat vs dog, a seven-part series on Discover+. Sometimes the animals become friends, but more often the convergence of the two species creates the necessary problems. Experts Jackson Galaxy and Zoe Sandor are there to resolve conflicts between animals (and their owners). Check out the first pictures above.

1. Bears (film, 2014) – Disney +

at bear We follow a year in the life of a bear family. Mother Sky teaches her two children all about surviving in the Alaskan wilderness. From their slumber to the dangers of their daily lives; This film allows us to learn more about the environment of the brown bear. Now showing on Disney+.

More shows about animals on different streaming services

If you don’t have enough of all the enthusiastic animal documentaries after these top ten, you can watch many interesting series and movies on all streaming services. For example, check out the “Nature & Animals” category on Discover +.

A new dating show is another great recommendation if you want to learn more about life in the animal kingdom love in the woods Upon discovery +. In this social experiment, singles start dating like animals. Besides the fact that this is a fun reality TV, you can also learn a lot from this, for example about mating rituals in the animal kingdom.

Watch tips for each streaming service

Above, we have listed our viewing tips for various streaming services. Prefer watch-only tips and the latest releases of your favorite video service? To do this, go to our news page and select your streaming service. Here you will find all the updates and news about movies and series on your favorite video on demand. Enjoy watching!

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