Two men fall in love? Really something for girls

heart plug, the cute English series, is currently one of the biggest hits on Netflix. ‘You really look at her The eyes of the heart Says Elaine Falk (29). The voluntary reviewer at is quite likable heart plug† In eight episodes, she saw the blossoms of love between fictional teens Charlie and Nick. Their romance initially won their hearts around the world as an electronic comic and is now getting applause as a TV series. Because critics also fall in love with it like a lump heart plug† Review site Rotten Tomatoes boasts 100 percent rarefied. So the sunny picture of gay acne in 2022 is still fresh.


In recent years, we’ve seen boys on TV fall in love with each other a lot – just think victorious love on Disney + and generic + ion On HBO Max/Streamz. Netflix even made it a proprietary issue: in Young members of the royal family The grouchy Prince Wilhelm of Sweden is totally buoyed with his classmate Simon. Just like Elaine, a lot of girls rolled their eyes.

on twitter where heart plug As the most talked about series right now, “Wilmon” is often mentioned at the same time as “Narlie”. This is ship names Which fans give to Wilhelm, Simon, Nick and Charlie respectively. shipping It is a slang for fantasy couples worship, and while it is often derided, it is an essential part of the fan experience.

As a white woman, I know my story. Then I prefer to immerse myself in a TV series or book in an experience that is not mine.”

Bo Matisse

most popular ships Often man to man (m/m). You may know Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson as former members of One Direction, but to some fans, the boy band members are a love couple. In fan stories, they experience the wildest adventures, from soft romance to spicier things

Netflix and Co. Now it seems that they have found out what female fans have known for a long time: women have a strong interest in boys’ love. Academic Friedrich Daenerys conducts research at the University of Ghent on the representation of the LGBTI in popular culture and acknowledges two pivotal moments. there was Call me by your name, a cult novel by André Ascimann, which became a hit cinema with Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer in the lead roles. But most striking was the success of the Norwegian teen phenomenon Skam† The third season of this TV series is told entirely from Isaac’s perspective as he comes to terms with his sexuality. His romance with excited teenage girls even all over the world. New editions were printed all over Europe. With us it became WTFockwhich became Isaac Robb.

“Gays like that Attractive

“These successes have shown that gay romance is not doomed to a side plot,” says Daines. “exactly the contrary.” He has some reservations about the applause. ‘When after viewing Call me by your name Walking out of the room, I heard a girl say, “Gays too Attractive† This is of course also a generalization. But it has hills to the street. Young gay men who show affection for each other in public sometimes get compliments from women they don’t even know. “Gays are not entertainment,” warns Daines.

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Norwegian Skam: pivotal moment. p p

heart plug Fortunately the right balance. Nick and Charlie live in a pastel-colored world, but just as in reality, bullies lie in the corner and pursue an uncertain search for gender identity.

Online, adult men share their emotions in teenage romance that was denied to them in real life. But why this feminine fascination? According to science fiction author Joanna Ross, it’s not about gays, it’s all about female sexuality. I immersed myself in Star Trek-Imagination. In it, macho captain Kirk and cool frog Spock regularly explore each other’s soft side. According to her, the characters form a canvas that readers can call their imagination. Without women in the game, they escape the complex male-female relationships and there is no question of female oppression. Viewed in this way, imagined relationships between men are more equal and therefore more attractive.

‘The boys in the heart plug express their feelings’, adds fan Elaine Falk. “This gentle masculinity appeals to me.” However, Nick and Charlie fainting is just one of the many reasons why the series gets so much excitement. All of the women we spoke to in this article said they were happy to represent a broader LGBTI on the small screen. Some also admitted themselves to the bisexual nick mission.

Others, like 24-year-old Beau Matisse, are accustomed to classic heterodox romance. I love love stories in books and on TV, but as a white woman I know my own. Then I prefer to dive into an experience that is not mine. I thought fans were interested in “handsome actors” on Tiktok. I feel like a big sister. I looked at these boys and thought: I’m proud of you.

Addition (12/05/2022): Genera + ion can be seen in Flanders on Streamz.

Great in Japan (and all of East Asia)

In East Asia, love for a boy has always been an escape from reality for women. †boys loveIt started as BL (often abbreviated as BL) as Manganesh in the 1970s and has since developed into making comedies, animations, video games, radio plays, and TV dramas. Thailand has become the main supplier of the latter. †Y seriesAs this species is called locally, it is also very popular in China, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea.

Sweet stories usually have a little touch with reality. Primarily, fans should be able to dream away about romance between two handsome boys. They may briefly escape the conservative gender norms that society imposes on them. Local LGBT activists are pushing for a more realistic portrayal, but the love between two same-sex characters has only increased their visibility. (mdm)

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