The Green Valley Estate and Frank Laenen . split

The Green Valley Estate of Deurne and Frank Laenen decided to say goodbye to each other with immediate effect. Lenin, who only worked as general manager at the equestrian center of the van den Igenden family for ten months, says that the difference of opinion about the future is the reason for ending the cooperation. Frank Lenin previously worked as General Manager at the De Peelbergen Equestrian Center in Kronenburg.

In ordinary human language, Lenin’s words meant as much as he had plans with which the Van den Igenden family could not agree economically, and thus a situation arose in which the party had to bow.

make mistakes

This cannot be viewed in isolation from the fact that the first two international matches were anything but a success and where a lot of money was invested from an economic point of view.
The accommodation was not, because it was completely overhauled by the owners after purchase with completely new all-weather slopes and all facilities for organizing competitions.

First matches

The Dutch Championship was the first major competition to be held at the former equestrian center. That was a huge hit with the full starting lists. But that’s no credit because you’ll also get the same full starting lists if you run the tournaments on a meadow with smashed berms around. What can be clearly blamed on Lenin is that he immediately organized two consecutive international competitions a week after the Dutch national championship. Anyone with their experience can count on their fingers that a week after the Dutch championship is a week of rest as there are only a few Dutch in an international competition. Add to this the fact that the error has also included only one rating test per competition in the program.

Arrangement of trials

Anyone who knows a little about the history of showjumping in the Netherlands knows that this happened a few years ago. De Peelbergen has seen a period of success with several hundred horses in each competition. It had a lot to offer in terms of accommodation, so there was no way to compete with them in other competitions. Regarding the prize money, many organizations have decided to organize not one ranking test but two tests for each competition. It worked and soon I saw a shift from participants from De Peelbergen, who kept sticking to the rating test for every CSI, to the competitions he staged several.
Then De Peelbergen gave up and from that moment the participants came back again. Lenin should have learned a lesson from this and learned that competition in a time of day where riders can participate in dozens of international competitions at the weekend is unlikely if you write only one rating test.

153 hp

As a result, as few as 153 horses participated during Deurne’s first CSI, meaning that different classes were held each day with between ten and fifteen participants.
It must have been to the deep disappointment of the Van de Igenden family that what should have been a grand opening ceremony was actually a match with fewer participants than a normal practice match. Besides the disappointment, there was also the fact that a lot of money had to be added in the first week since the average competition needed around 350 bhp to cover costs.

270 hp

In the second competition, an additional 270 horses turned out, but it was still not enough to cover the costs, let alone get anything from it. What is particularly thoughtful is that more Dutch people chose to take part in other competitions than they did at Deurne.

good intention

The Green Valley Estate is loved by many riders and Amazons. A place with so much equestrian history is unique in the Netherlands and it would be a shame if it were to disappear in the long run due to poor success. So it is hoped that someone will be recruited into Deurne who knows what is going on in the world of vaulting and can participate in organizing the competitions. At Deurne, all the ingredients are available to bake a delicious cake, but a good baker is a must.

Corona time

What has also given a wrong picture of future predictions is the filled out start lists for CSI competitions during Corona time. National competitions were not allowed to be held in the Netherlands, so they took part in the only remaining option, CSIs. But now that that time is over, a large portion of them are again choosing to participate in competitions that cost a few dozen entrance fees and not the 600 euros per horse that is now lost per CSI.

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