The 7-year-old Ukrainian girl who sang “Let It Go” from an air raid shelter arrived safely in Poland | Instagram

Amelia Anisowicz, 7, arrived safely in Poland. The Ukrainian girl went viral on social media for posting the song let her go He sang in a bomb shelter. The girl and her family hid for six days in a shelter in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, but Amelia has now managed to flee the country with her 15-year-old brother and grandmother.

The video in which 7-year-old Amelia sings the Ukrainian version of let her goA song from the Disney movie frozenIt was instantly shared widely on social media. The images show how people are silent in the air raid shelter while Amelia gives an animated performance. “Everyone stopped talking and listened to the radiant girl sing,” said Marta Smykova, who posted the video on Facebook.

American actress and singer Idina Menzel, who provided the voice of Elsa for the film, also responded to Amelia’s video earlier this week. “See you, really see you,” the actress wrote on Twitter.

This gives us hope

Lilia, 39, Amelia’s mother, says the success of the video shows how united the world is against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. “It gives us hope,” said the woman.

However, according to Lilia, the photos also show how Ukrainian children are currently living in horrific conditions set up by Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We were in the shelter for a week and didn’t have enough food. To go to the toilet, we had to go upstairs, while his missiles were flying over our heads. The kids were terrified,” Lilia said.

Lilia and her husband Roman, 36, decided to send Amelia and her 15-year-old brother Misha with their grandmother to Poland. The couple stayed in Kyiv to prepare meals for the Ukrainian soldiers. “It was very difficult to say goodbye to my children, but it was the only option to make sure they were safe,” Lilia said. The two children and their grandmother walked to the Polish border for two days, but they will be fine now.

Recording a song with Amelia

Dutch musician and producer Wiebe Bokma de Boer called up the girl in a Kyiv shelter that went viral last weekend with her directing from Frozen. let her go† The 46-year-old Dutchman asked Amelia if she would like to record a song with him to draw attention to the situation of Ukrainians at the moment. Bokma de Boer communicated via Facebook with the owner of the air raid shelter where the song was recorded.

“I watched the video last weekend like a lot of people,” Bochma de Boer told the ANP. “And he pulled me by the throat. She’s the same age as my daughter and looks the same too. I had to do something.” The producer, whose stage name is Magnolia Leaf, posted a call on Twitter to connect with the then-unnamed young singer. Soon his message received thousands of likes and tweets and was picked up by many foreign media, including the trade magazine variety.

The Dutchman, who in the past has written lyrics and music for Guus Meeuwis, among other things, began searching Facebook himself after countless requests on Twitter to see if he could find more information about the location the girl was in when she was born. let her go rich. He succeeded after a few hours of searching.

Bochma de Boer is now in contact with the parents through the owner of the air raid shelter. “I’m going to send her a demo of a song I wrote about the war on Wednesday afternoon,” he explains. “I hope you like the lyrics and the music and want to sing the song on the iPhone. If everything works out, I want to produce the song and put it online ASAP.”

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