Spain 2016: How the feud between Rosberg and Hamilton reached boiling point

Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg used to be each other’s best friends, but little of that relationship was left at the start of the new season in 2016. Since 2014, both have been battling for the coveted drivers’ title each year. The necessary clashes and intrigue have passed into review and that will reach a new boiling point during the Grand Prix of Spain.

Rosberg had a strong start to the year before the German arrived in Catalonia. The son of world champion Keke Rosberg has won four victories from the same number of races. Hamilton, who defeated Rosberg twice in 2014 and 2015 in the World Championship battle, has a rough start – in part due to bad luck – and immediately faces a 43-point (!) deficit.

The German is in good shape and mentally strong. But the Mercedes driver knows, with the 2014 and 2015 trials in the back of his mind, that the battle is far from over. “Yes, you’ve made great progress, but there are still 425 points to overlook, and then the gap of just over forty will narrow,” Rosberg said before the Catalan Grand Prix. “With 425 points shared, it makes no sense to talk about a title at this point, it’s not even worth it.”

“Hamilton is as strong as ever, as we’ve seen in recent weeks. And mentally he has no problem responding from a losing position, he’s proven before. I’m sure we’ll have many tough duels between Lewis and we’ll be able to see me,” unaware that things were going to get out of hand. Dominate in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Vice Champion 2014 and 2015 starts the weekend actively. The German has been faster than his teammate so far and is on top in the second and third free exercises. But as Rosberg predicted, the Briton is always up for it. Hamilton puts 1.22,000 in the hours and is more than three-tenths ahead of his teammate. For the thousandth time, a front row starting line is “Silver”. There has been no metric about Mercedes since 2014, and only bad luck can beat the Stuttgart team.

In advance, Rosberg intended to be extra alert to prevent accidents. However, his teammates, especially Daniil Kvyat, sometimes made mistakes at the starting stage. “I will focus a little bit better at the start of the race,” Rosberg told DPA News in Spain.

However, this was not noticeable at the start of the Grand Prix in Barcelona. Rosberg gets away better than his teammate and starts the attack. Hamilton defends aggressively on the inside, but Rosberg brutally wanders outside in turn and convincingly takes the lead.

On the way to the third corner, Hamilton is standing right on the tail of his German rival, because the #6 car is in the wrong engine position. Hamilton wants to pass him from the inside. Rosberg in 2014 and 2015 may make room, but this season Rosberg no longer wants to beep and shuts the door hard. As a result, Hamilton had to sit on the grass, get into his own car and slither at a brisk pace towards the next corner where Rosberg had just turned. Both Mercedes bounce off each other and fly into the gravel with the damaged Silberpfeilen.

Despite all of Rosberg’s words beforehand. Mercedes pit wall furious, including team boss Toto Wolff and German Chancellor Niki Lauda. During the Grand Prix, both drivers are immediately called into the account.

In the media, he blames the Briton’s Lauda: “It is clear to me. Lewis made a wrong assessment. I blame him more than Nico. But for the team and Mercedes this is unacceptable.”

“Lewis was so aggressive he couldn’t get past him. Why should Nico give him space at all? He was in the lead. It’s completely unnecessary and a disaster for the whole Mercedes team as we went out with two cars after a few corners.” Race.”

This is the first time since the Belgian Grand Prix in 2014 that the duo have met each other. Lauda: “Our drivers are always busy, thank God nothing has happened since Spa-Francorchamps two years ago. Why did it happen here? They have to explain it to me.”

While Lauda points the finger of blame at Hamilton, Wolff, like the stewards, blames it on a racing accident. “I wouldn’t blame anyone. Allowing our drivers to race that could happen one day. It doesn’t mean we will change our approach. We owe it to Formula 1 and the fans to allow our drivers to race against each other.”

Hamilton wasn’t late in coming in and kept the question of blame in the middle: “Nico wasn’t on the perfect line, so I went right. I saw a hole and went for it. If you go 17 kilometers per hour faster than the person in front of you and there’s a hole, then you dive in.” That’s what drivers do. My front wing and front wheel were already next to his car when I had to get out on the grass. We saw what happened next. I did everything I could to avoid the collision, but it all happened very quickly.”

Rosberg shows sympathy for his team because of all the pieces, but he also doesn’t want to put a hand on his lap about his leadership. I wasn’t distracted at all [door de motorstand]-You are aware of the situation. I saw someone approaching and did what any normal driver would do. I chose inside and closed the door as fast as I could. I made it clear that I didn’t leave anywhere and was pretty surprised that Lewis wanted to go down the hole anyway. The stewards decided it was a racing accident, and we all have to respect it.”

After the much-discussed incident, relations between the two warring roosters soured. Inside Mercedes, VIPs want to put out the fire as quickly as possible. The fact that a young Dutchman is writing the history of motorsport is not important to the Germans. Although… Lauda takes the time to take off his hat for sensational Max Verstappen.

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