Sunny Thiessen and Fire Eater Kon Quedam win the GCT Madrid title

23-year-old Sani Thiessen won the Madrid GCT Championship on Saturday night with Kun Quidam (by Cuinar). Thijssen was the last to start and after three hurdles already past co-leaders Darragh Kenny with VDL Cartello (by Cartani 4) and Marlon Módolo Zanotelli with VDL Edgar M (by Arezzo VDL), who shared second place.

Thijssen right afterwards: “You can’t describe the feeling, this horse is so great, I was screaming after that last hitch. I already knew in the last line I was in the right place in terms of time. So I wanted to make it neat about that last one, and it’s He stayed well focused. When I got past her, it’s unbelievable. The crowd was also very nice, they were screaming too I’m not Spanish.” Thanks to her win in Madrid at the end of the year, Thijssen can also go to Prague for the Super GP.

Video of the jump (make sure the sound is on):

Ten appetizers

No fewer than ten groups entered the kick-off of the Global Champions Tour GP in Madrid. Sanne Thijssen was the only Dutch fixture with Con Quidam to make the jump. Eager as ever, the Gulf eunuch ate through the basic course and also passed the tough last hurdle. Tejsen was the last to start jumping, a starting position she owes in part to her excellent qualifying round (3rd place). Thijssen and Con Quidam put it to good use. The duo got off to a strong start and went straight through the first two hurdles. On the set – in the middle of the jump track – it looked exciting for a while, but Kun Quidam was looking forward ferociously and, as usual, fired for his rider. They entered the last corner at breakneck speed, Thijssen gave them a small correction on the last line and then over and over for the win, 0.75secs faster than the two numbers.

Young versus old

It was a bit small versus the older ones in this GCT jump. Number of Veterans and Number of Small Dogs (M/F). This includes, for example, the big surprise at the European Championships in Risenbeek last year, Greek Ioli Mytileneo. She finished her first-ever GCT in sixth place with l’Artiste de Toxandria (by Toulon). It was also his GCT debut for American Brian Moggre. Moggre was the second player with the MTM Vivre le Reve (by Ustinov) to jump. A slight deviation in the last line cost him a ray at the last obstacle. He ranked eighth.

Kenny and Zanotelli shared second place

Darragh Kenny and VDL Cartello made up one of the most experienced groups in this jump. With a fast lap of 39.91 seconds, the Irish set the fastest time after five starts and also the first clear jump run. Shortly after that came Zanotelli, who already had a good base, although Edgar is not always easy. The Brazilian didn’t seem to be spinning as fast as Kenny, but he ended up running at the exact same time. The two stayed together at the top, until Sanne Thijssen came to disrupt their fairy tale.

Eckermann and McTeer

Britain’s Jody Hall McAteer went for it, but Salt ‘n Peppa (by Stoltzenberg) simply didn’t have the speed for a place on the podium, despite the beautiful striker and plenty of bold streaks. Catherine Eckermann was again in attendance with nine-year-old Cala Mandia (by Capistrano). The young German won the GCTV award in Miami a few weeks ago. The duo got through the corners well but had to introduce an extra boat jump after the set, which took a lot of time. With 40.91 seconds, Eckerman was fourth and Judy McAteer was fifth.

Blaze and Vrieling

The other two Dutch participants, Bart Bliss and Gore Freiling, were unable to take part in the vault. As with many other fixtures, the final hurdle for Bart Beals and Jane Dee (by Clinton) was the executioner. Bles was able to cross the water well and during the triple jump his horse passed the last line excellently, but the gray lacked strength on the last steep jump. The white board was taken out of the spoons with its front legs. Bles wasn’t the only one this had happened to, but that didn’t make it any less complicated. Jur Vrieling had less luck with Long John Silver (by Lasino). After a beam on obstacle 4, a steep jump that was overflowing with water, Vrieling got into the group very quickly and got into the gap in the bar. He also put his mushrooms a foot in the water. After that, Groninger took it easy.

Intermediate Rating GCT 2022

Had Catherine Eckermann landed on the podium, she would have taken the lead from Ludger Bierbaum in the middle classification, but he is still top of the overall standings in the GCT. Bart Bliss is currently sixth, while St. Tegsen is thirteenth.


Intermediate Rating GCT 2022

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