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Contribution from columnist Hermann Slorink.

Since a small group of screamers and fanatics managed to stop the station’s loudspeakers from sounding “dear ladies and gentlemen” and “dear travelers,” no one is sure what the wrong thing was said. From a nigger kiss to a jewish cake, and from a regular joke clicked to a glimpse of a woman/man/person, everything has become life threatening and we have now established so many laws that it is an art to bypass the day without harm.

How this vigilant culture actually penetrated into the deepest fibers I realized last night in the garden while weeding. “It’s full of miracles” again” she shouted to the neighbor and suddenly the alarm went off. Miets’n… .miet… Is this still possible? Nothing seems safer, you never know if a drone is with bugs hanging overhead Your head.Moreover, the name “nothing” is also symbolic, you can’t see them but they do the sting, i.e. thinker.

It would have been close if the 2022 tugboat days hadn’t been implemented. After the previous version was canceled due to the invisible virus threat that disrupted an entire community, the nitrogen demon has now emerged from the box.

Contrary to what is often believed, there is no nitrogen problem in the Netherlands as a whole, it is a farce of the highest quality and of its manufacture. All the hype revolves around a number of “Natura 2000” areas that, according to a number of scientists, are “overburdened”. To get an impression of the seriousness of the issue, it only concerns two larger areas such as the Veluwe dunes and the North Sea dunes. The rest concerns areas of no more than a few hundred hectares, which are therefore no larger than the size of a postage stamp in a country that is already the size of a postage stamp on a global scale. Plus, we’ve been stuck with a government for ten years that wants to “lead” everything globally, but isn’t yet able to make up for an allotted parent. Pride precedes fall.

The fact that the Netherlands has a nitrogen problem and the rest of Europe has nothing to do with population density. However, the European Union does not set any requirements for nitrogen deposition, and the Netherlands does it themselves. We are only obligated to comply with the Habitat Directive (see Google) which states that we must seek ‘Favorable Conservation Status’ in Natura 2000 areas and there is not even a deadline for that.

If you dig deeper into this issue, you will discover that nitrogen is just a hypothetical representation of models and graphs. While the flowers and plants in the meadows crave nitrogen, in our country we are “blessed” by a group of ecologists obsessed with “bad nature” like health and peat. From behind their desks, they calculated the nitrogen model with accounting accuracy “a little more here, a little less”. And like these few lunatics, this group of nitrogen fanatics can do this to kill the most beautiful folk festivals and thus further disrupt social life.

Anyone who lives near a virtual area like a farmer knows all about it and may fear for their future. The word “expropriation” is increasingly used in politics without catching an eyelid.

Regarding the locomotive days, the municipality and the county were sympathetic but … Zwartsluis is on the edge of the Natura 2000 area, and therefore the organization had to submit a calculation of nitrogen emissions during the days of the Tugboat to the state (!) . This is of course impossible and thus the event was in danger of not moving forward. Amazement is everywhere among the Sluzigers, the skippers, the catering industry and the shopkeepers who have barely survived the Corona crisis.

The fact that the event is still going on raises all the praise and admiration for the organization that managed to win the event with determination, by pulling and pushing.

I cannot escape the impression that several meetings and a solid piece of creative accounting preceded this, and being curious, I requested WOB (General Access Act) documents from the ministry for inspection and the scales fell out of my eyes.

To compensate for the nitrogen emissions of a few hundred diesel engines, the government has come up with a number of proposals, some of which I will mention. I expect the reader to realize that this is a column and that I have to give substance to the black-lined sections in my personal capacity.

A small set of information required:

* The organization is obligated to locate a location within 20 km. The distance from Zwartsluis to the north, south, west and east is where locomotives coming from afar can congregate. At this point, the engines stopped. A climate-neutral government tugboat is on site that hauls all existing tugboats in a shaft to the harbor at Zwartsluis, where you can moor in peace and quiet.

* The organization is obligated to make the following recommendations to the residents of Zwartsluis by publishing in the local magazine Nieuwsblad and Advertisement and via the digital newspaper “Zwartsluis Actueel”.

Sluzigers game advice

Residents are advised not to eat onions, shallots or any other stimulants of gas in the days leading up to the event. The profit calculated from this results in the arrival of two additional locomotives.

Residents are asked not to travel by motorbike, car or canoe during these days unless payment is made by electricity. People who are less mobile but still able to move are also asked to shop consciously during the event and not buy more than a walker or scooter can carry. This is to prevent a motorized vehicle that still needs to be used. Smaller motorboats may visit the event but must be propelled by canoeing or paddleboarding. The organization has found quite a few tugs willing to pull a maximum of 10 boats at the same time once every hour along the event for free.

Farmers in the area are required to take cows and young cattle from pastures during the event and put them in stables. Spot discharge can occur as usual during the winter. This relates to the lands located within the district of Maple – Giethoorn – Vollenhof – Hasselt.

Residents, especially visitors to catering, are urgently asked to moderate their alcohol consumption and not to suddenly return filled glasses. Research has shown that 100 farmers release an amount of nitrogen in a 15-minute period similar to the emission of a propellant moving a raft with Kolksluuszangers in headwinds.

In the context of point 1 related to the onion and shallot problem, the catering industry is called upon during the event to remove the so-called “fried fries” and “fricandelilla special” from the menu list. Only onions may be added to a hamburger sandwich.

* The “Night of Zwartsluis” organization has requested cancellation of reservations for loud and thirsty musical performances. The government advises the violinist on the main stage in the square in front of the Albatross, accompanied by a piano if necessary. For the space surrounding Blizzard Café, a meditative musical performance by a group of Himalayan monks provides the opportunity for a gender-naked nude swim in Kolksluis. Tea is provided free of charge. At Vollenhoofsche Poort, former minister Henk Bleeker, the mastermind behind the PFAS, can give a lecture in defense of what he has unleashed.

The organization is required to ask local sports federations not to organize activities such as competitions and/or cup competitions or tournaments during the event……… bla bla bla bla and much more up to 30 points.

So: once again hats off and thanks to the organization for its persistence and perseverance. The achievement has been delivered. We all look forward to it and hope during the rising period of a true folk festival that combines fraternity, fraternity and above all humor and reflection as we have been used to during previous editions as well as in the time of this madness.

Hermann Slorinck

Posted by Robert Jansema

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