Delphine Pearson sparring on the roof of the world’s most luxurious hotel: ‘I think I’ll ask Mayweather for a selfie’

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a living boxing legend. Thanks to Raffi (the world champion in five weight classes, he was never defeated), but also because of his lively lifestyle. Remember the movies where he’s swimming in his money. At 45, the American will rule again on Saturday. 300 million dollars. On the rooftop of the luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, yes. And who can boxing in his support work? Delphine Pearson, daughter of a farmer from Jett, our “our” world champion.

Delphine Pearson is still 37 years old La Grande Dam Belgian boxing. For years she He was the World Lightweight Champion in all federations, undefeated in 46 out of 49 camps. Tomorrow Saturday, De Gitse, who grew up in Moorslede, will be boxing at the highest level in the world.

Literally: at an altitude of 210 meters, on the helipad of the upscale Burj Al Arab, the only seven-star hotel in the world. Where the best golfer in the world Tiger Woods actually hit a promotional ball in 2004 and where the best tennis players Agassi and Federer played an exhibition match in 2005.

And there may be la Delfine, if my little belgian Opening Ceremony for 45-year-old legend Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather against WBC Interim Featherweight Super Champion Ilham Mikhald!

It will also be the first ever pay-per-view boxing event. For a round seat, 24, you’d pay $500,000, for a “regular” seat 175, you’d pay $150,000. Then you end up as a farmer’s daughter from the Gits of that world, full of brilliance, luster, and bad money. Daughter who also works hard, has been so difficult in recent days that the interview was very limited. “No more than 30 minutes,” she wrote in a text message. “I have to practice!”

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dolphin person: “People think I should only think about boxing itself. While I’m also busy with everyone who needs to be ready, accounting and our buildingFrom the boxing complex that Delphine and her manager/partner Philippe Tampere is building in red† I often spend 2 hours on my laptop after training for my club work.”

“Filiep and I have to do everything ourselves, right? Then all the press is too much now. Especially if they give the wrong pictures, with the wrong boxing gloves, it won’t be fun for the sponsor. Or when it comes to money. About the boxing hall subsidies. Our new ones, for example. Then people think that money is ours.”

“This is a Flemish custom. They don’t know how much we invested and how much we borrowed. Then I’d rather be left alone. I can today (KW and Eleven Sports visiting, editor) I didn’t even bring my dog ​​to training. Then he lays here quietly on his rug while I practice. Then we get back together. This is my relaxationSmiles

Are you still training fanatically at 37? Tampere said before: If you ask her ten runs, she will do twelve.

“Because I still really like training. And sports. I don’t train for two weeks a year, but after that I like to train. Sometimes I cycle to and from work for 30 kilometres. Then I also try to spin a little faster. Although the body It is now boiling a little more than before.”

Yet you’re not thinking of stopping yet?

“First camp in Dubai. I may not be boxing in the Ardooie in June, as previously planned – in principle there should be thirty days between the two camps. If Dubai ends well, we’ll see. With the win, a new camp for the WBC world title could follow. But it is not clear against Makhled. And I only got ten days to prepare, hey.”

Is the brilliance and splendor that surrounds an exclusive event no more important than the sporting value of camp?

“Experiencing a boxing night with Floyd Mayweather is something special, yeah.”

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Are you asking him about a selfie?

Oh, that would be a great challenge. I met Mayweather once in an exhibition match in Antwerp. When I was named the best female boxer in the world in 2014, he was voted the best male boxer and we were invited together to a big party in Las Vegas. But I had to cancel That, my sponsors preferred to see me at the Athlete of the Year gala.”

Then Nafie Thiam won. And not Delphine Pearson, no matter how many world champions that year. I felt then that you were misunderstood.

“Well, I didn’t cancel Las Vegas to be second here, which is why we were so frustrated. The following year I got the Female Athlete of the Year award, but I wasn’t there at the time. I had already dedicated a month ago to a meaningful event for Mark Hermans and wanted to keep my promise. †venerable

Female Athlete of the Year It’s a bit of a European hit, isn’t it?

“Since I’ve tried how to pick him, the title of Female Athlete of the Year has lost a lot of value to me. It’s a matter of business. Kind of like Eurosong, huh. So not many athletes from less popular sports can get that title, for example judoka Matthias Cass. And comparing the sports to each other is difficult anyway.”

You were also voted the Most Influential Athlete last year, above Navi Thiam, Kim Clijsters and Ann Waters. Perhaps this title will make you more happy: She taught her people to box!

He laughs) “Can.”

Back to Dubai. I’m reading that you are fighting for a $20,000 scholarship. While…

“It’s not poorly paid, but should we talk about money again? I prefer not to mention the numbers.”

…while Mayweather gets $300 million for his show camp against Don Moore.

“I have no idea.”

Most recently, Amanda Serrano cornered Katie Taylor at her first-ever major women’s camp in Madison Square. You could have stood there, too.

sigh) “What can I say for that? They are of course very good boxers, but the ‘names’ are made too.”

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As it turned out: until recently, Puerto Rican Serrano earned only a few thousand euros for camp. Until one YouTuber successfully grabbed her promotion globally. Should you ask acid?

“We’re in the wrong country for that. The Boks don’t even appear on TV here, unless they’re on a pay channel. Even my fights against Taylor, after all, weren’t shown live on TV.”

I’m just saying, it must be frustrating. Topping the world for years, but still can’t live on it?

And we also have to pay 50% in taxes, while the footballers are left to themselves. But I gave in to it: it remains at most a secondary profession. ”

What do you think when Mayweather, who has an estimated annual income of 300 million euros, shows his 100 cars, not Fiats, and even posts videos of him swimming in money?

“Then I have more respect for Filipino Manny Pacquiao, who builds houses in his country for the poor. There are a lot of people who do not get opportunities in their lives. I had the opportunity to study, but I see young people in the club who do not get these opportunities.”

I have more respect for Pacquiao who builds houses in his country for the poor

Can money make you happy? For example, do you know how much is in your account?

“You arrive in the euro. Also from the club: I also make all the payments, from the coaches, all the staff…”

But you’d rather put your money in the new boxing complex than in a hundred Ferraris and Porsches, I’m just saying?

“A car means nothing to me. You get out of the garage and you shove it into the car wreck and away. I’d rather invest in something that I enjoy. I have my degree as a sports teacher and I find whatever pleasure it takes to develop a proper boxing room. If we had more money, we’d invest in our house, I think. But initially our boxing room, we borrowed it seriously for it.”

You also stick to it regularly. With boxing lessons for Parkinson’s patients.

“We call it parki boxing. Boxing is very difficult because of your body coordination. It has mobility and balance… which you also have to use your brain for. These people really appreciate our training sessions, even though we don’t contact them.”

Do you want to continue in this direction after your active career as an entrepreneur?

“The financial risk is going to be too great. Boxing is ‘only’ boxing.” If you then have to survive for two years, it becomes dangerous. We have had to shut down a few times in the last two years and have had to sit on our little quota. In the meantime, a number of boxers stayed away. Fortunately, now I’m starting to run again, we’re still over a hundred members. But with beginners, it’s still starting from scratch.”

Do you notice that recreational boxing is the hip among women?

“We still have more boys, but more and more girls are coming in. On Thursdays we have ladies-only training. If they want to keep going, they can then switch to competition.”

What about the new boxing room in the Gates?

“We should be able to go there in the fall.”

Then with perhaps another fight for the WBC world title, Farewell to Beauty?

“Again, we are looking at camp by camp. But anyway, thanks to the new boxing room, I won’t have time for a black hole.”

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I mentioned earlier that after your career, you might want to try mixed martial arts that combine multiple martial arts.

“I said that a while ago. I’m 37 now and I probably should have done it earlier. Now it’s getting really dangerous, I think. My neck is really boiling and that’s a dangerous place. If I stop, I also want to be able to do things Others. But for now, I’m not too bothered by that.”

You also haven’t had much trouble maintaining your weight. Will that also be a challenge after your career?

“I don’t have to weigh every day: too many carbs, too much of this or that … and I still have a nice mouth: if there’s a bag of Easter eggs for everyone at work, I can’t stay away from it (He laughs† Then walk an hour longer. And sometimes a large portion of French fries follow after camp. If you do a little more exercise, it will wear off less quickly, it may be more careful.”

Are you a mentally outstanding athlete at the age of 37? More perspective, less combat jacket? No more that girl who raised her middle finger to the judo judo jury when she didn’t get an EPON?

“Doesn’t everyone calm down with age? Especially if you’ve already hit the wall a few times. Like in those two title fights against Katie Taylor. After losing and definitely that way (Taylor got more points by mistake especially in the first camp in red.) I’m still very frustrated, but I won’t be crying any time soon.”

But are you nicer than most people think?

“I have a calmer character than many think. At work they also say this: when there is service to public order, some, with drunkards for example, get impatient faster than I.”

Drunk on the train? Because you’re still with the railroad police?

“No, I am now in the Department of Coordination and Support Management.”

This looks like this: I’m now on the desk over.

I’m in the Operations Secretariat, giving training in violence management and stuff. But I often get along with the Intervention Corps. Finally it’s going to be a nice summer. There are a few festivals on the list: Rock Werchter among others. But also football and races.”

But the first Saturday, at 210 metres, shined again, Delphine. How do you rate your chances against that immortal?

“It is technically excellent boxyIt will be a tough boxing match physically.”

But you can sleep in a seven star bed. With a golden bath next to it.

“No, we sleep in Jumeirah Al Naseem, which is also a very nice hotel, and I think it’s five star. But I don’t like it.”

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