The last Eurovision Song Contest! Peaks and flop and net suspension of the metro

Who will be second behind Ukraine in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest? You hear this question every time this week. But is this also happening to this war-torn country? Everyone can agree, but millions of people back home still have to vote… and do professional juries line up with (justified) sentiment?

Side roads I got it right on Tuesday and last night during the semi-finals. And she’s got seven spots and seven times to flop in tomorrow’s Eurovision Song Contest (9pm, NPO 1). What can you expect? Who are the greats, which finalists are absolute losers? According to reporter Eric Yunk, yes, in pure comment. A matter of taste, of course… that should be obvious. The swings include two countries that could easily end up in the top five.

Tops during the Eurovision Song Contest

S10 with depth† A little chauvinism is allowed here, of course. Twitter exploded when Tuesday in the north of the Netherlands was named the tenth and final. Both the Netherlands – as well as many people from abroad – have come to love Stien den Hollander a little (a lot). FREE TO TEXT: It’s slipping under the table and we really want to find it. Hope Stein! This young lady definitely has one of the best and steady voices. Oooooooooooooooooooooo

Kaloosh Orchestra with Stefania† In other words, the most famous number 1 in this Eurovision Song Contest, is an ode to the Mother of Ukraine. The song grabs you right away and it will end quickly anyway. Get your Ukrainian (quick) Kraantje Pappie. Oh, they are allowed. This is a neat second place behind the S10.

zdoob c zdoob with trillie† Guilt Pleasure From the signatories below. Yaaaaa, Balkans and folklore from a country that is not even a real Balkan country. Madness. Drs. P. Troika here, Troika there, there is horse hair everywhere. Troika here, trekja there, out of stock (know your classics). It could also be the nineteenth, but ok: Hey let’s go

Sam Ryder with Space man† A giant of Tik Tok, this sympathetic bearded man is loud and beautiful. The fact that he’s so well known on that platform will likely give Brit a lot of votes from younger viewers. That’s right. Sam Ryder can give his country a confidence boost, having become the shameful boy in the Eurovision category for two consecutive years with last place. Last year Britain was worse than us (Django McCroy).

Sheldon Riley with Not the same† Look, if the beaded curtain in front of your face becomes the new fashion, buy it Side roads under it immediately. for whom the act. But behind that curtain is a beautiful boy with a strong, loud and pure voice. He sings 683,437 times he does not sing The same He is, but he’s really getting off his toes. Good story, but with “thanks” for those beads there is a bit of a distraction.

Mahmoud and Blanco with PREVIDIA† As successors to the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest winners, Manskin is unenviable. But it is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Chanel with Slovakia Mo† Sodeju, good job. Does Spain finally have a chance to win again after nearly half a century? The choreography is rock solid. But does actress Chanel’s voice hold up through all the dance violence?

Flops during the Eurovision Song Contest final

Monica Liu with CinemaTai† Bep Bloempotkapsel sings her net club number. But the club number from the last century. Then a club from the beginning of the last century…

with systor Mi Hakande Sol† Dear girls, with such sweet cut string guitars. death accompaniment music by telegraph† A musical relief, according to commentator Jan Smit. Side roads Instead, he joins the fellow Vanwaak Nederland Newspaper.

Harris owner with rock stars† No Germany, that’s nothing. Kind of really bad Eminem or something. With all kinds of tools it hardly does anything. The correct row maybe, and maybe the last.

subwoofer with Give that wolf a bananaSide roads Trample on thin ice, because the verb is common. But come on guys. Singing behind a mask and anonymity hasn’t been cool since Lorde 17 years ago. In addition, Lorde masks from Finland were beautiful. Norway comes with a kind of half-baked wolf mask. Wolves who also want a banana instead of a whole grandmother. You want to push a banana in such a mask, even though the dance is worthy of TikTok. It will be the second, this permutation. Because that’s the case for the Eurovision Song Contest again.

Nader Al Rostamly with Go back† pure voice but Side roadsReporter threatened to fall asleep. To keep the eyes open, the focus was once again placed on this waterfall in the theater.

Maru with Saudade, Saudade† Doubtful case. One will love it, and the other will immediately dial his funeral number. In terms of artist, Portugal may have thought of this year’s Eurovision theme beauty wash instead of beauty voiceyes.

Also flops during this Eurovision Song Contest

There are also two things that are floundering during the current Eurovision Song Contest. Tweeting on Twitter that commentator Jan Smit “must keep his mouth shut” is one of them. That’s no longer original from five years ago. And that waterfall mentioned in the stage. Just keep this thing flowing and getting annoying attention. Turn it off!

The other finalists for the Eurovision

About a dozen finalists wrote, somewhat less cool and flexible Side roads Include the following notes. Switzerland: Well he sang a Christmas carol. Too bad he didn’t change his clothes, or his shop only had XXL clothes. Greece: Nice song with stupid reclining chairs in the decor. Armenia: Nice tear paper work, but a very safe song. The guitar continues to play as Rosa Lynn puts it on her bed. Finland: Rockers The Rasmus of world hit in the shadows You want a second musical life. We are less. SerbiaA person washes her hands in a sink and then claps while sitting. You’ll stick, maybe a big surprise.

Estonia: Finally just a singer with a guitar and Ennio Morricone song. Subtly winking at the camera. Romania: We did not know that Romania is located between Salou and Lloret de Mar. Song Festival Song catchy after the chorus. PolandBeautiful dramatic prayer. Possible with such a head in your shoulder orange soldier go play. Belgium: Well, this professional soccer player is of the lower class (really). Top 10 articles. Sweden: A pop/rock song is great, but Sweden usually does something better. Czech Republic: A beautiful pop song with a refreshing “real singer”.


Then another one is missing. Here is the situation: Four of the five countries that automatically qualified for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest (a financial issue) have already been mentioned in the top and the flop. Just France It is still missing and therefore has not happened yet. Two thousand and one with Volyn So let’s see who here. Do you think “I didn’t know French in my high school was so bad”: Not a big deal. This is an incomprehensible Breton dialect.

You can’t watch the Eurovision tomorrow, but want to watch it again on a lazy Sunday? This is possible here.

Will the Eurovision Song Contest go to Ukraine in 2023?

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