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By Editors on 05-13-2022

BERLIN – Rotor BV Chief Financial Officer Henk Hagens and Treasurer Stefan Ormel from the Berkelland Sports Federation on Tuesday, May 10, signed a new sponsorship contract. Rotor BV has been an active sponsor of the Eiberg activities of the Sports Federation Berkelland (SFB) until 2019.

Activities around Berkelland
Now a new 3-year contract has been signed and it is no longer related to activities in Eibergen, but activities throughout Berkelland. SFB organizes various sports and exercise activities throughout the year to keep Berkelland residents more active. Grants are not always available for this purpose. With this sponsor’s contribution, the budget for various projects can still be supplemented and SFB Rotor BV is very grateful for that! For all SFB activities, take a look at

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Martin Copman

An explanation of getting to know plants and animals using an app in Library in Need
NEEDE – On Tuesday, June 7, the Neede Library will provide an explanation of applications where you can learn about plants and animals. This workshop begins…
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Huve Kids Club will make and decorate the breeding trays
EIBERGEN – On the afternoon of Wednesday 25th May there will be De Huve Kids Club again from 2:30pm to 4pm. “This time we will plant seeds and make our own breeding box and……
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Eurovision Song Contest with Excelsior Gelcellar
GELSAAR – Saturday 21 May, a week after the final of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, the Music Association Excelsior Gelselaar will allow its audience to hear the sound……
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A Spring Classic with Ruurlo . Chamber Choir
RUURLO – Three years after the 50th Anniversary Concert, the Ruurlo Regional Chamber Choir will perform again on May 18. Fortunately, the Corona crisis without Dr.
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Markvelde Spring Concert May 20, 21 and 22
BERKELLAND – It was calm for two years at Markfield just before the Ascension climbed. The weekend of May 20, 21 and 22 will be our traditional spring party……
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The Bridge de Moralt Club concludes its special season
Borkolo – After many obstacles due to Corona, the bridge club De Muralt has concluded the season festively at Berkele Palace. Students and general club members……
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Welfare Council meets on May 18
BIRKLAND – The Welfare Board will meet again in May at the Berkeland Town Hall, at Marketstraat 1 in Borkolo. Next meeting…
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Motorcycle collides with a car in Ned
NEED – On Tuesday afternoon, police and an ambulance were called for a collision in Ned. A woman crashed into a car with her motorbike after…
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Black Cross is completely sold out again
BERKELLAND – The Zwarte Cross was sold out again within thirty minutes on Tuesday morning. Several thousand tickets returned to the festival…
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Exhibition at the Fonderenk Museum Ibergen
EIBERGEN – On Thursday, May 26, Saturday, May 28 and Sunday, May 29, Marco van Dillen and Chris Smmink exhibited at the Wonderrink Museum, Wunderrinkslaan 3 ……
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Bank card found in Eibergen
EIBERGEN – This bank card was found on Monday in the parking garage. Who is this for? †
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Mister Monster Children’s Theater Company at Open Air Theater Eibergen
EIBERGEN – Kids from 2 to 7 years old can enjoy a performance of “About the Little Mole, Who Wants the Law……
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Boenders Eibergen

Frats by Marcel Struyt

Frill Contrasts
Need – Gradually, people understand the world more. The whole world is realizing that we should be more economical on earphones……
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bust frats
Need – Willem Slaughter lived in Ibargen for many years, but the dissident priest and poet appears to have been born in Ned. We can do it like Needenaren natu……
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Photographer Frats
Need – in the past, actually not so long ago, was the situation when the photographer came. All moss from Sunday clothes……
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Feathers shaking
Need – earlier this was a regularly heard saying that, if he did not brew it, he would get a wind of his feathers. Join us at Beltrum who was with……
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Frank Junk (CDA) says goodbye to a disappointed city council

BIRKLAND – Frank Yunk said goodbye to Berkeland City Council in a disappointed and somewhat disappointing fashion on Tuesday night. Yunk finds it difficult to express the feeling he left with words. He hasn’t been able to find his place on the city council very well for the past four years. That is why he will reset his political compass, in the coming years he will ask himself how he really sees things and how he can really make a difference. He hasn’t had that feeling in recent years. Junk believes there is a real chance that he will return to politics in the future.

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