How are Martin and Sean and their shared dream now? – I’m leaving

In Saturday’s broadcast, May 7, 2022, we see how Martijn and Sean build their shared dream with uncompromised confidence and enthusiasm: a gay resort in Curaçao. Unfortunately, renewal stresses and financial worries put an end to their relationship. Sean returns to Holland and Martin continues on his own. How are you now?

Martijn Update – Curaçao

We started dreaming together and it was probably Sean’s dream more to start the resort. But in the meantime this became my dream and now I am only chasing our dream.

Life as a resort owner and host really started. It is very nice to receive guests after a tremendous preparation time and hear their enthusiastic reactions. When I see things that still need to be done or that aren’t perfect, fortunately they basically see the pretty things and so far they don’t mind at all if, say, a cupboard door from the kitchen is missing. In the meantime, renovation continues as well, and I expect to be busy every day in the coming months with jobs big and small. This requires some additional planning. Most of the noisy work is done and we plan on the days when there are no guests or when they are away from the resort. If there are guests, we try to make sure that they hardly notice the workers walking around. Fortunately, it is working fine so far.

I’m still the first to check every day of new bookings. It would be nice if more guests booked a little longer in advance as we desperately need deposits to finish everything next time. But I can’t complain about the benefit yet. Last weekend, three studios were full at the same time. It is good to see that the guests are spending quality time with each other. Nice drink with spontaneous grilling on arrival day of two couples definitely helped.

Over the past few weeks, Woef the dog and Luna the cat have both had children. Neither is the intention, nor is it helpful in these busy weeks. But so cute! This way I can keep Luna in Curaçao for a little longer with her kitten.

home port

Every day I am still happy because I now live in Curaçao. The weather and the outdoors remains the biggest advantage. But I also enjoy the beauty of the plants I look at at work, the cheerful people lounging around the pool, and the constant sounds of birds everywhere. Of course, there are less pleasant things (currently shedding and sucking a lot of paper) and things that I miss (friends, nice first days of balcony and parties/festivals in Holland, beautiful urban planning, etc) but so far not so good a hair on my head thinking of going back to Holland .

The most beautiful place to make it

I think it would take another six months to a year to finish it all, and even then a lot of maintenance and love is needed. But I hope there will be time for a vacation or a do-nothing weekend. Of course I wish the resort was constantly full, and the guests became more excited about this place. It would be great if I could take a vacation from the resort for a week or two to get friends and family together here. I suspect that in a few years I will feel more anxious and start looking for a new challenge. This could certainly be a larger resort, or an extension of another resort, but the condition is that there is a realistic budget and the financial resources attached to it. But for now, there are still a lot of ideas to make this place one of the most beautiful in the world!

Shawn Update – Netherlands


Getting to Holland was not so easy for me. Fortunately, I have dear friends around me who have taken good care of me. I would love to be close to them again, because I get a lot of support from them. I am so grateful for that! Since then, I’ve found a temporary home and done some job interviews. Looks like I’ll be able to get started somewhere soon.

What I especially miss is the feeling of home and the animals. The color of the kitten became a mother unexpectedly. Once the little ones are a little older, we hope they come to Holland soon. I look forward to it. I hope it is now over with blow after blow and has gone through the process of tackling new fun experiences and I can continue to wonder.

It’s time to hit the road

It is intense to see that your dream and idea come true. The dream of participating in Ik Departure came true, although I was expecting a different result. What I learned from this is that I have to rely more on myself, because that always remains. Finally: From renovation to building my own foundation. Because after rain comes sunshine and vice versa!

In spite of everything, I hope Martijn makes something very beautiful out of it and that it will be successful.

Best regards, Shawn

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