Tamar Zwistra: There is a lot in Ich Weiss

In the run-up to the competition, Chiu Rotterdam spoke with Thamar Zwistra, who won the silver medal in the Dutch dressage championships last weekend, thus also putting himself in the spotlight by national coach Alex van Selvhout towards the World Cup in Herning. “There’s a lot in Hexagons Ich Weiss,” Zoestra says.

Zoestra says of the Dutch National Championships silver medalist: “Yeah, I’m very happy. I wasn’t expecting this result. I had a really nice time in Ermelo. There are still little bugs, but it’s a matter of miles. There’s a lot in it and you don’t find Hexagons Ich Weiss Difficult at all and likes to do it, so it works well.

Positive future for TeamNL

“In the Dutch championships there were different participants than usual. Hans-Peter and Eduard weren’t there of course, so it seemed tight at the top beforehand, but that was definitely not the case. I even thought the field of participants had widened. There are many groups The new promising and compared to the competing countries we still have to grow, but I see a positive future if all the horses of the Netherlands remain in good shape and in good health.”


“Before the World Championships, there are two more notes, Exloo and then Rotterdam or Aachen. The national coach will decide, but I hope I can lead Rotterdam and preferably be in the team that leads the Nations Cup, this is really my dream. First I will go to Compiègne with Double Dutch and Ich Weiss ,Then I’ll drive Exloo and then hope CHIO In between me and the house I find the horses are already doing enough.Rotterdam is the last note before the World Cup and is therefore very important.I believe in Herning.Hope it’s a Glock Dreamboy from Hans Peter and Emmelie Scholtens’ Desperado NOP is fit again soon and with the top three in the Dutch National Championships and a few other fixtures, I think the national coach really has a choice.”


“Ich Weiss was bred and owned by Leunus van Lieren and is the last of the Rubiquil offspring to date. The stallion is fanatical and enjoys riding. When you stand next to him, he has a type of ADHD, but when you are on him, he focuses. In his stable he gets impatient. He likes to play with straw which he throws in all directions. He looks big, but he makes himself especially in the ring, he is 1.68 meters. So I’ve known him all his life and when he was five I started riding him. I also drove his mother Vinegra at the Grand Prix , so he has no weird talent.Ich Weiss wasn’t the type of horse for small horse classes, she once started a class at six years old in De Kroo, once a heavy ZZ in Aerdenhout.When he was seven, he started the tour small and then I trained him on the heavy round.”

dreaming of championships

“I am totally spoiled in my life with the horse, from a young age I was on a very nice team in a great stable, but with a horse like Ich Weiss dreams still come up. How great would it be to join TeamNL and be able to ride a European Championship or Championship world or even an Olympic Games.”

Rotterdam is more than just horses

The jockey says of CHIO Rotterdam: ‘Like I said, I wish I could drive in Rotterdam. Rotterdam is CHIO, but also the city, you can also see something different about the horses. I always take my bike with me, because it’s a short walk from the main site to the stable. That, coexisting with many acquaintances, Zeeland-Rotterdam is not far and the atmosphere is in the woods, yes I am really looking forward to it. ”

Eating ice cream and being lazy

Enthusiastic, playful and full of passion, Thamer Zwistre is clearly full of energy. Chiu Rotterdam wonders if she takes it easy. Zoestra: “Not much. I ride eight to ten horses a day and I know too. But in the summer I like to eat ice cream and be lazy sometimes. Lying on the sofa, I love it. Intermittently I do something special in my spare time. I’ve been to Radio 538 at Breda on King’s Day, but once was enough.This year I went shopping in Antwerp, and I was feeling much more comfortable.


“I am a very big lover of horses. We have very good young horses and after the current caps there will definitely be a good new generation. Along with Leonis I have a six-year-old by Glock’s Johnson, who leads our stable rider Benedek Bächl in the World Horse Championship selections. Small. There’s also a good five-year-old Toto in those selections, Hexagon’s Gorgeous Black Art stallion and NRPS. I’ll take charge of Johnson’s anyway, it’s partly owned by me.”

sports care

“Like many colleagues, I worry about our sport. It’s a pity that this is necessary, because our sport is so beautiful, and the interaction between horse and rider. I think we should go out more, let the outside world see and hear more. Anky used to be very good at it.” She’s been a lot in the media and she’s really been a horse girl with a huge following. Right now I think Dinja can play a part in that, she’s good with social media and she’s really a model.”

Source: CHIO Rotterdam

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