No contribution to society? People without children think about future generations

After reading an article on contemporary motherhood, Natalie de Greiff enters her pen. She likes to modify the one-sided photo of people without children.

In an article by Knack Weekend titled “The Mommy Bubble: Should Mommy Be More Than Just a Mom Again?” On May 6, 2022, Eva Kistemont discusses the contrast between the fetish of motherhood in 2022 on the one hand, and the growing heap of responsibilities being given to mothers within society. Out of the eleven minutes of reading time, you nodded excitedly for ten minutes. Nine children per caregiver? too much! Is it time for parents to have the same social and civic responsibility as their significant others? yes! That’s why I love jumping on barricades. with a banner.

However, I’m suddenly swallowing, because I feel like what ‘childless people’ sometimes think of is addressed to me. After all, I belong to that group and have recently made it my mission to create awareness of what “sometimes childless people” think. I think there is no interest in this, and through the Instagram page @almijnvriendenhavekinderen I receive daily confirmation that I am not alone in this belief. For now, we’re still an anomaly in a society that – in fact – reveres mothers and fatherhood.

No contribution to society? People without children think about future generations

On the other hand, childless people, especially women, can assert that in social situations they are regularly criticized for their lack of action and/or motivation to reproduce. †My body, my choice“Recently he has regained a high position in current affairs, because of the injustice that threatens to occur in the USA, but he also appears at any random Belgian family celebration”my choiceSomething you should at least be able to make an argument for.

This social control also applies when you want to breed, but nature has provided you with a bumpy road. Anyone wishing to be an honest parent is regularly questioned critically about the steps taken, supplemented with well-meaning advice, such as “Have a spoonful of cough syrup every day for a week before you ovulate and then put a pomegranate on your nightly table. Believe me!’ In our current society, being childless is basically something that needs a solution or remedy.

cliched phrases

But in this article, childless people got a voice. Unfortunately, the predictable chain of thoughts, unexpectedly, aligns with the prevailing view that those without children are selfish and sigh bitterly at every mention of minors. For example, we may “sometimes think” that discussions about parenting do not apply to us, and therefore are uninteresting. It is a careless intervention in a few lines, without explanation or source, but it is assumed as a generally accepted fact. Unfortunately, this is not as harmful as it seems. When you first say that mothers are seen as supreme creatures, and then adopt the cliched phrase that childless people are indifferent about raising that sacred brood, what do you mean? inferiority? Ice cold Cruella Devil? This is not intentional at all, I am convinced. However, it hurts and hurts that such a large group of loving people is given this train of thought, without any nuance or perspective.

There are no right or wrong ways, there is freedom of choice

We find the children of someone else’s problem, and above all they want to be “free and independent”. At least that’s what the order of information and quotes suggests. I quote: “Someone else’s children are of interest to everyone,” says Noni Willeman. (…) Where have we lost that having children is a contribution to society? Where do we get the illusion that someone else’s children have nothing to do with our lives? It adds a paraphrase by Anja Meulenbelt, which notes that individuality does not exist. When you have to go to the hospital, there are only someone else’s children there. They are the ones who maintain the integrity of society. Nobody can live alone. We are not free and independent, no one self made

This sounds right in theory: the driver of our society is young people. I’m still falling for a fallacy here. This new generation already includes doctors, caregivers, scientists, teachers, and anyone else who will work for our retirement and social benefits. In addition to this, this group also includes the unemployed and the following criminals eg. Or those who, like me later, will themselves depend on our social security. Contribution or burden, that balance remains the status quo, and so there is no reason to feel more or less responsible for this generation than I already do. Today I am happy to contribute growth packages, maternity leave, paternity leave, education etc. It is true that as a childless person I do not feel a shared responsibility for raising other people’s offspring.


What amazes me about this – or is it just typical? Does one carelessly overlook the fact that childless children bear a lot of responsibility for the future of that generation. The world population today is more than 7 billion people. That’s a sloppy doubling since the 1960s and the World Bank expects that number to rise to 11 billion by 2100. While parents hope that their “contribution to society” may contain—and I hope—contain the next Greta Thunberg, they are actively contributing to this problem of overpopulation, With all its consequences.

Progressive feminism is solidarity with all women, whether or not they are

Now it would be very inappropriate to scold these people for this because of moral paranoia, this is self-evident. There are no right or wrong ways, there is freedom of choice. However, it seems appropriate to suggest that people without children should take their social responsibility. Or ignore the fact that their childless existence has a proven positive environmental impact on chronic issues such as the current depletion of raw materials, global warming and the impending food shortage of tomorrow’s generation. Why is childlessness in our society equated with an individualistic lifestyle, which is also unacceptable? Yet we contribute to teamwork in many ways.

You nodded excitedly in ten minutes out of eleven. Progressive feminism is solidarity with all women, whether or not they are. I am therefore pleased to contribute to a much-needed investment in childcare. Regarding bills aimed at increasing parental leave, I wonder very carefully why my family’s condition is not by definition “required,” but I do so in silence and silence. However, people without children have a voice. Unfortunately, this isn’t always heard among all parenting conversations. This is why I put it on paper: People without children are already responsible. We are silently wondering if you see the problem we are trying to address. Plus, no one has to think or speak for us, we like to provide perspective and nuance when it comes to our collective task or most individual choices.

Natalie de Grave

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