Myles’ mother has only one question: “Why did my daughter and her parents die?”

At the perpetrator’s trial against Alexander Dean, the 29-year-old man from Farsnary accused of quadruple murder and torture, Maïlys Descamps’ mother testified. In fact, Jasmijn Cappon only has one question. “Why would my daughter and my parents die? The sweetest people in the world, he seemed calm. There was no answer.

Yasmine Capone testified, flanked by someone from the victims’ reception desk. On July 25, 2017, she lost her daughter, Melis Decamps, and her parents, Marie-José Vanlin and Jerry Capone, in one fell swoop. On that fateful day, Yasmine Capone had just left for France with her son. That day I got a phone call from my daughter who saw movement in the house. She said the curtain was moving. She asked me if I had locked the back door and I said I was 100% sure. She wanted to come in, but I told her so pepe went to call. My mother replied, she was already wearing pajamas, but she said pepe it will be sent. Then I called Malis and told my dad was coming,” it seemed.


The Chairman asked, “Has Malice ever called her grandparents because she was worried?” “We always called my dad if there was anything, like that night after the fireworks (when Alexander Dean also showed up all of a sudden in the house, LK). When I got back to Maïlys, she didn’t answer. Dad, mom, landline: Unanswered Anywhere. Then I got worried. I first called my friend who lives next door. She didn’t answer. Then I called neighbor Willie. He immediately went to look. He called me again and said that the front door was open, that he screamed and that my father suddenly closed the door. I was sure that My dad would never do that, that’s rude. Then I asked Willy to call the police.”


The woman eventually called the landline of her home. Someone answered and said ‘Hi, it’s Capon.’ I asked him who he was and what he was doing in my house. Suddenly my franc went down. It was Alexander with his Dutch accent. He said he arranged to meet Males, and he couldn’t because Males would never meet him again. I asked. About my father, but he said it in a sarcastic tone babyji I don’t want to talk on the phone. It wasn’t right, because my hands and I were on one stomach. Maïlys came on the phone and told me my dad couldn’t get on the phone. I thought my dad was unconscious on the floor. I asked if everything was fine. Maïlys said without emotion that everything was fine. “I didn’t believe her and told her I would call the police,” the witness said.

Victim is Jerry Capone. (GF)

The woman eventually called the police herself, from her vacation home in France. “They told me the police were already in the house. I asked if my dad was still alive, but they didn’t answer. That same evening I found out. I am a nurse and I have colleagues working in emergencies. Then the doctor told us that all three had died. I have aghast† That was impossible. I thought my mother was still home. I just spoke to my daughter. Yasmine Capone said.

The mobile phone is broken

The boss asked her about her first impression of Alexander Dean when he started a relationship with Maïlys. “It was fine the first time. This was Maïlys’ second serious relationship. She moved in quickly with him, and we weren’t happy about it. Especially when his mother started interfering, we had almost no contact with Maïlys. She had a good relationship with my son M, who was Eight years younger. His mother was pretty much his second. I think that’s what she hated the most. She no longer saw her brother. When he went out the first time, he smashed her driver’s cell phone and drove her out into the street all night. The next day Melis called me, she really wanted to Come and have a tagliatelle. At the end of the week she came to me and told me everything, ”they seemed.


The break did not last, Alexander Dean and Miles Decamps reconciled. “At first I had more freedom, but it didn’t last long. At Easter I wanted to eat something with her. It was fun, but suddenly they were on the bike and away. I invited them on Mother’s Day at 3 pm. They were only there at 5 pm And I saw that something was not right. On her birthday in September 2016, I wanted to give her eighteen gifts, Mallis was very excited. My father kept feeding Alexander Dean sausages from the barbecue, but he hardly reacted. That was not interesting at all It was a very strange afternoon.”


The president asked her a sensitive question. “The police report shows that Mallis has had a very strong sexual interest since the age of fifteen. How do you frame that?” We learned about this and asked for help for it. A psychologist has spoken to us and Mallis. I have already seen some chat messages that were not normal. That psychologist told us that something had happened to her too, I suspected it too, but Mallis said nothing about it. I didn’t get it either: If you were raped, you should just disguise yourself from the sex, right? This was not the case with Maïlys. Then we went to CAW in Ostend, later with a therapist in Aartrijke. Then things got better. But then he (meaning Alexander Dean, L.K.) appeared in the picture, and she was not allowed to go, ”said Jasmine Capon.

Victim Maïlys Descamps.  (GF)
Victim Maïlys Descamps. (GF)

“She gave different accounts of what might happen to her. The possibility of some fantasies cannot be ruled out. Have you ever experienced that she can be completely absorbed in her fantasy world?” asked the Chairman cautiously. “Maybe that’s a bit typical of a teenager? A little care, maybe? Maïlys was very insecure and also bullied for a long time at school. Maybe that was her way of putting that into place,” it seems. “Do you know about the photo sessions at Mr. Verstreet’s house?” asked the chief. “Yeah I knew that. She also posted these pictures on her Facebook profile. A colleague of mine commented that those pictures weren’t professional. Maïlys claimed it and said the photographer is fine. I didn’t believe her. I was looking at her laptop and finding very sexy pictures of a girl She is 16 years old,” Jasmine Capone said.

baby girl

I searched the name Jeroen Verstraete on Google and found nude pictures of other girls. I warned Miles but she assured me nothing was wrong. They will not go anymore to Giron. Only after I saw the file did I see the other pictures. and that I found that Geron had also come to pick her up at the Gestel,” it seemed. One juror wanted to know if Males was quickly transforming from child to young man. “I have pictures to hand: doll on ballerinas. Three months later, she suddenly became a plump young woman. I think this has something to do with the rape she was subjected to at the time. I asked her about it a few times but she always told me she would keep this jar covered. I can do my best as a mom, but if your child doesn’t want to tell you. mother asked.

stalking alert

Then the Prosecutor General Serge Malevason addressed the witnesses. “Ma’am, you are – after death – the most affected by this drama. You also have frustration with the way the police handled this case and I understand that.” “After this case, we thought more. We are developing techniques to try to avoid such situations. One of them is the stalking alarm, which has been deployed in East and West Flanders. And it is this case that gave impetus to this project. As for your frustrations with the police – and I share – I can tell you that I want to speak with you calmly and will humbly bow my head,” said the prosecutor.

Victim Marie Jose Vanlin.  (GF)
Victim Marie Jose Vanlin. (GF)

He went. “You are a brave woman. If you could ask the man responsible for the death of your daughter and your parents, what would it be?” Jasmine Capone didn’t have to think twice. “Why? Simply: why? Why are my mom and dad, the most loving people in existence. I don’t understand the way my parents were slaughtered. My dad was dueling his two wives. I asked why they had to die? There was no answer.

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The floor was taken by Chris Fink, Yasmin Capone’s attorney. The defense has already pointed out the troubled relationship between you and your daughter here. Maïlys calls you “a bitch” in letters. How do you respond? “During that time I no longer had my grip on Malles. She was very aggressive towards me at the time. She later said she realized it. I’ll always be the one I’d love to see and that’s why she hit me so hard. It looked like a urine column.” She also didn’t feel good about her skin. Jasmine Capone replied that this rape, I who was seriously ill, her father who wanted a divorce, that’s nothing.”


The mother was clear about reconciliation after the first separation. “She loved seeing him. I’m convinced. When he finished, she cried. I am still proud of her because she realized after a while that it was a really bad relationship.” After a recent breakup in May 2017, Alexander Dean began stalking the Maïlys. “That was terrible. Time and time again the police did not help us. It’s a little heartbreakThey said about him. ludovodo† “They really didn’t take it seriously,” she said. Mailys performed better at the time. “She had a new job, and she wanted to finish high school. The old Maïlys are back again, but in a more mature version,” it seems.

Victim Maïlys Descamps.  (GF)
Victim Maïlys Descamps. (GF)

Chris Fink asked his client to draw her parents. Jasmijn Cappon tried: “Dad and Mom were just two wonderful people. I would be short of words to describe them. Papa was a hard worker, sociable, he was the rock in the waves. He was always ready. A father must be like all fathers. My mother was shy, the silent force behind Backstage. My best friend,” it seemed. Attorney Fink asked, “After this drama, how do you get up the next day and start the day?” “If it’s horrible. Then there’s this guilt. That won’t go away either. People say it’s going to get better. But it’s not true. We miss them more and more, in a lot of little things. I try not to complain, that’s the soul of my mom and Malis,” says the woman .

Johann Plato, Alexander Dean’s attorney, also spoke. “I stand here to defend him, but I know there are no words for the drama that happened to you. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart that I wish you all the best.”

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