May 10, 2022 – Geffen – Rived: Clothing collection on Saturday, May 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Geffen (Masdonk): HARRY AND DIANNE VAN ERP: “Every Euro is for Charity”

Geffen – “We didn’t have to think twice about continuing our daughter’s business from Geffen. From our foundation, we commit ourselves with the same enthusiasm that Rinske would,” say parents Harry and Diane Van Erp with full conviction. Rinsky van Erb was only 28 when she died in Kenya at the beginning of 2016 from the effects of the most aggressive form of malaria. What at first seemed like a simple cold was actually the dangerous contagious disease malaria. “As if yesterday you still remember. What is unreal and inhuman you are facing is unfathomable. In one moment, you will completely turn your life upside down,” says Harry and Diane.

by Jan van Ravenstein

Kenya and Rinsk, that was a bit of a duplication. Rinske found her lucky dream in that remote East African country. She was in her element there. Through an internship assignment, she had already tasted the country and the possibilities she saw. “She has said it so many times that she would like to carry out her ideal scheme, a business plan with a social mission, there in faraway Kenya. Rinske studied fashion at Koning Willem 1 College and the Art Academy in Maastricht. After her internship in 2011, she fell in love with Kenya. She eventually went to live there with her boyfriend.She worked in the primary school of the Dutch Schools Association in Nairobi
Despite her toughness, she immediately followed suit and set up a fashion studio there for the abused or unwanted pregnant women living in the slums of Nairobi. Dedicate yourself to the weaker members of the society in order to give them opportunities in the society by building a business. It worked out great and made us very proud,” said Harry and Diane.

Not real
Harry: “Then the unreal happens, something you didn’t even think about for a moment, not a second. Your child will die, far from you. From that moment on, you live on a roller coaster and everything turns upside down. Everything hurts … Also the fact that Rinske’s dream It ended abruptly.The disadvantaged girls are there suddenly and alone with no hope for the future.This hit us hard.
We quickly decided to take action on Rinske’s behalf,” says Harry.
We will take on the projects that Rinske had in mind and support them under the name chosen by Rinske himself: “RIVD”.
R (Rinske van Erp) I (innovation, stimulates ideas) V (voices, give voice to the weak)
E (environmental, supports sustainable projects) D (development, supports the development of people and nature)
The project of Rinske’s fashion studio was Geffen’s unbearable. That’s why we’ve looked for other possibilities to give the underprivileged the support they need.

“Money. They are and still are key to help, especially when they have to be arranged remotely. Hence our clothing collection. The clothes are monetized by selling them and we will work with the proceeds from that.” Rinske’s friend is one of Kenya’s important undercover contacts. “Through it we get projects that need support,” says Harry. “The projects have a diverse character. Harry: “The Umoja Talanta project, for example, provides recreation and recreation in slums. The Kenya Kishu School project is a completely different project. Through this The project, girls are provided with washable sanitary pads so that they can go to school during that time. Other women still produce this pad. In this way, the knife cuts both ways.” The Foundation also completed the Jameel Water Project (Supplying Drinking Water). Educational classes are provided when necessary and provide guidance and support for initiatives for a better standard of living. “By the way, a good plan is ready for a small building on a plot of land that we may acquire where underprivileged children can do their homework under supervision and in peace. But this project is still part of one of our dreams,” says Harry with an optimistic look.

Clothes…. Lots of clothes, shoes and bags. Harry and Diane want to shout from the rooftops: “The more we bring in, the more we can do for the underprivileged there and actually for our ‘Rinske dream’. Plus, it’s also of course possible to become a donor. There are many possibilities for this (www.rived). .org) For businesses, we work hard to give our organization Anbi status so companies can “donate” with peace of mind.
The goal of Rived: A normal life for unwanted pregnant women who are younger and often abused. It has been Rinsky’s dream, her life’s work, and at the same time the mission of Harry’s loving, Diane. Perry, Gus, Ina, Pete, Marielle, and Marion.
Together we will do everything we can to make the plan work… Thank you in advance.
Saturday 14 May – 10am to 2pm – Koppellinck in Geffen.

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