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When Freddy’s dog owners advertise their Labrador operation at pet insurance, it pays nothing. Because they are afraid that they can blow their whistles for more than 4,500 euros, they call Radar and the insurance company suddenly comes up with 600 euros. But with a maximum compensation of €4,000 per year and the motto: “With animal insurance, you can be sure your dog or cat is properly insured”, they feel completely misled. Who is here?

Radar regularly receives complaints about insurance, and animal insurance in particular, but this complaint popped up. The vet who performed the operation thought it strange that Dierenverzekering.nl had not reimbursed the operation and prepared a medical report. This showed that there had been an accident and that the Labradors had to be operated on. However, Dierenverzekering.nl ignored this report. “We don’t understand,” says owner Vincent. We thought we got a good insurance of 4000 euros.

The entire transaction should have been paid for

Animal insurance professionals couldn’t find it on the radar. So we filed Freddy’s check claim with two major players in the animal insurance world: OHRA and Petplan. And what is our surprise? The entire operation had to be compensated at 4,500 euros.

David Onnes, veterinarian at AniCura, is not surprised: “In the past few weeks, I have had twice that bone fracture surgery in dogs was not reimbursed under this insurance, whereas it would simply happen under all other insurances.”

Micro insurance is not required to register

Dierenverzekering.nl is called in full: Dierenverzekering Onderlinge Verzekeringsmaatschappij BA Because it is a very small insurance policy, they do not have to register with the Dutch central bank nor are they affiliated with Kifid (counter of people who have a complaint about a financial product or service of a bank, insurance company or service provider other financial).

In short: these types of young players are hard to monitor. So the only way to protest the actions of this party is to go to court (often very expensive).

Pet Insurance

Between 2000 and 2015, one of the owners of Dierenverzekering.nl also had a pet insurance policy under the name Pico Bello Dierenverzekering. Complaints about this were already received by Radar between 2007 and 2012, which can be seen on our forum.

Complaints then correspond to complaints today: Small amounts can easily be paid off. If it comes to larger amounts, they will repay a small amount. Pico Bello Dierenverzekeringen (leading to a house in Gronau, Germany) has been deregistered from the commercial registry. Dierenverzekering.nl has been replaced by Dierenverzekering.nl.

Difficulty contacting Dierenverzekering.nl

Radar communicates via email back and forth with a staff member and with the owners of Dierenverzekering.nl, but the insurance doesn’t want to go beyond a 600 euro compensation. There is also no phone consultation possible and they don’t want to make an appointment so we can come.

The company is registered in a virtual office complex in Deventer and among some of the emails is a multi-corporate building in Heerhugowaard. Other companies of the owners are also registered in multi-company buildings. This indicates that the owners do not want to be found. And by the way, negative reviews about these companies are not for nothing.

Changes to policy terms after contacting the radar

Radar also took a closer look at some of the policy terms from recent years and saw many changes, but none were made in the policyholder’s best interest. For example, after one year, the insurance is immediately extended for one year. You can cancel one month before the contract expires. Dierenverzekering.nl will modify this condition after an email from Radar. Lock can now be canceled after 1 year with 1 month notice period.

Initially, Dierenverzekering.nl also did not include VAT in invoices. This means that the bills have been paid, less VAT. When Radar referred to the insurance company, the owners said: “It has been clearly stated in the terms of our policy and on our website that VAT is not part of the damage covered by our insurance. This regulation has been in effect since 2021. We have now concluded our internal deliberations on the matter. We have decided to adjust the cover at this point and not to exclude VAT from damage that qualifies for compensation with immediate effect.

There is no solution for Freddy owners

Owner Vincent explains: “It would be nice to switch to another animal insurance policy, but then not all joint disorders and fractures are insured, because Freddy has already had joint surgery.”

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