Why is Perez approaching a new Red Bull contract?

It looks like Sergio Perez has finally found his place at Red Bull Racing this season, and there are already rumors that the Mexican is in talks with the team to secure a new contract. It wasn’t in the middle of last season that the 32-year-old wasn’t a great performer. Rumors have surfaced that Pierre Gasly, who had a solid performance in the AlphaTauri, might return to the team, but this appears to have pushed Perez to the ground himself. F1 max He explains why he is close to signing a new Red Bull contract.

His first season with the team got off to a promising start. Although not fully settled in Bahrain yet, Perez shone in his second Grand Prix of the season by defeating Max Verstappen in qualifying and finishing second on the grid at Imola. The Mexican seemed to be able to make it difficult for his teammate and continued to do well in the following weeks, although he always had to give in to the Dutchman after Imola. With five finishes in the top four in his first eight races for the team, Perez has started well in the stables and has shown he can act as a second driver for Verstappen.

He even won his first Grand Prix of the season in Azerbaijan, but then things got messy. He hasn’t been able to finish the top four in no fewer than eight races in a row and his qualifications have also been disappointing, so it was often Verstappen who was often alone in the title fight, while rival Lewis Hamilton could always count on him with the support of His colleague Valtteri Bottas. Doubts about Perez began to mount and Gasly’s performance in the AlphaTauri only fueled speculation about the Frenchman returning to the team. For the Mexican too, Red Bull’s adventure seemed to be over after one season, having previously been the case for his potential replacement and Alexander Albon.

Perez resists

The driver, who had come from the previous racing point, seemed to be on the verge of a breakdown, but he managed to get out of this predicament and completely reflect the sounds around his person. The Mexican started working his way into the top four again and managed to put himself in the top four again five times in the last seven races of the season. But, apart from the fact that he scored good points for the team, it also allowed him to play more and more roles in Verstappen’s title fight with Hamilton, which was nearing its climax. And at the height of the season, Perez made himself immortal with the team through his strategic role in winning the title.

His fellow Dutchman seemed to lose him, as Mercedes and in particular Hamilton looked too strong for Red Bull Verstappen. The gap widened quickly and, given the tie before the race, it looked easy for the Briton to win the championship. There was even Perez, who brought his teammate back into battle. Hamilton finished behind the Mexican after a pit stop, who then defended as if his life depended on it, as he advanced very slowly through tight corners, so Verstappen could quickly narrow the gap. Only when the Dutchman was behind his teammate again did Perez let Hamilton pass, then too pulls up to give it to his colleague at Red Bull. The ultimate teamwork was something that helped Verstappen become world champion.

Perez stops Hamilton and helps Verstappen get close to his British rival

New season, even better Checo

The Mexican made himself immortal with the team for a while, and thus had to stay with the team for at least one more season. However, he also knew that this season was going to be stressful, because with a mediocre season and Gasly’s eagerness to replace him, Red Bull’s days could be over very soon. But at the moment he does nothing but succumb to this pressure. In the new cars, which look very different from last season after the regulations, the Checo looks like a fish in water and continues in the shape of the end of the previous season.

Bahrain has been great for Red Bull in terms of results, but the car looked very competitive and the Guadalajara-born driver also seemed to be feeling good. In fact, after the weekend he won first place in the Red Bull tenure. Unfortunately, an unfortunate safety car prevented him from turning his pole into a win, but the Mexican showed he was competitive and managed to secure fourth place. Carry on with these offers. With second and fourth places, he always managed to finish in the top four, as he was also allowed to start each race from the starting grid. He performs his role as second driver with vigor and therefore a new contract extension does not appear out of reach.

Why is Perez approaching a new Red Bull contract?
Perez takes his first pole position at the Red Bull Track Race in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Perfect collaboration with Verstappen

Not only is his performance important, but his role as a team player is highly regarded within Red Bull and Verstappen. Earlier, the Dutchman praised his teammate and stated that the bond between the two is very strong. Recently, Checo herself also announced that she is very happy with the way the team is working together. “Max, the team and I have a great relationship,” he said in a conversation with him. beyond science† This is all the more reason to keep the currently committed Mexican on the team until the end of 2022 and bring some consistency to the team after years of changes.

So it is not surprising that in recent weeks there have been rumors that the two sides have been in talks, something that Peres himself would have confirmed. Earlier, Christian Horner said that “without thinkingIt is he who will lead next season alongside Verstappen, apparently referring to the Mexican. The other big man on the team Helmut Marko also paid tribute to Perez and stated that a quick decision on Chico’s contract extension would be made. So it seems only a matter of time before his teammate extends his contract after the Dutchman, something he has all done himself.

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