News from Friesland from May 11 | What groceries are becoming more expensive and the majority of Leeuwarden City Council wants to stop families with children in emergency care

Supermarket chain Ahold Delhaize is converting more due to higher prices. Picture ANP

Groceries are getting more expensive and a majority in Leeuwarden City Council wants the COA to stop putting families with children in emergency care. This and more in our overview of the most important news of the past 24 hours.

We lost a lot of money in the supermarket. Look here at which groceries have become more expensive (and how much)

Inflation remains high. Energy prices fell slightly in April, but food is much more expensive. Show in this graph For food and drinks you have to pay at the store.

Fresh produce in particular has become more expensive in the past month. On the other hand, a number of manufactured products are becoming cheaper. All in all, we’re paying 2 percent more on all our food and drinks this month (compared to last month). If you look at the difference with last year, almost everything has become more expensive (8.4 percent total).

Folkert Popma of Leeuwarden Died: He Was the Estate Agent Who Helped Quinn Commissioners and Mayors Find a Home

Leeuwarden’s well-known ex-broker, Volkert Popma, is a Monday He passed away at the age of 91 † Popma is known in Friesland as a medium with a huge network of influencers. Several mayors and commissioners helped the Queen find a home.

Popma was active in the football world (at LAC Frisia 1883), jumping and sailing. Together with Hans Weigl, he was the founder of the Big Boys Network Heeren Zeventian, in which the Friesians were represented. The puma was a knight of the Orange Nassau rank.

Not SC Cambuur, but SC Heerenveen will be Andries Noppert’s new club

Andres Neubert He keeps the goal for Heerenveen next season † The club from SC Cambuur competed to sign the 28-year-old goalkeeper from Joure.

After a good six months at the Go Ahead Eagles, Neubert had no complaints about the interest. He had a chat with Kambur, among other things, and also underwent a medical check-up by this club last week. Go Ahead Eagles wanted to extend his expired contract, FC Utrecht was also interested in the long-time goalkeeper.

City council sees a future at Drachten Airport with ‘house hangars’, more than a buzz of follow-up research

Entrepreneurs who want to keep the airport running in Drachten will have the blessing of Smallingerland Council. However, they should put their money in the pocket immediately.

Pilots who have the old Philips airstrip as their home base can rest somewhat for the first time in years. Provided that it is possible to exploit the site in such a way that the municipality does not have to spend money on it, the airport will remain for the municipal council. In use for at least another thirty years.

A majority of Leeuwarden City Council members want COA to stop families with children at the World Trade Center emergency shelter. ‘It can’t go on like this’

COA should stop placing families with children in emergency shelters in Leeuwarden. The A call from PvdA and ChristenUnie You can depend on her Extensive support in the council.

In the emergency shelter at the World Trade Center there is a room for about six hundred refugees who are cared for there because there is no room in the World Trade Center. Among them are about 130 minors (as of April 2022). The emergency shelter at the World Trade Center has been criticized for some time.

Corona takes its toll: Oosterwolde dairy packer PBS Food stuck in debt over a million

PBS Food started over fifty years ago as Buisman’s Veem in Oosterwolde. After a stop in Nijehaske, the company finally I found a disgraceful ending in Harlingen.

Not long after Leeuwarden’s bankruptcy judge announced his ruling on PBS Food on Tuesday, coordinator Sjaerd Elzinga traveled to the seaside town. There he found the remains of PBS Food in the industrial halls of Stuwadoorsbedrijf Jongema: a huge machine for packing milk powder.

Froukje Bouma, the Friesian manager of S10, was off the bench during the Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals. “Stien was great!”

The S10 was glorified in the semi-finals. Its director Froukje Bouma, Friesen from Abingedam, was standing on the benches in the green room, holding the Dutch flag in hand.

“It really is a roller coaster of emotions! It is really indescribable to experience this.” Froggy Puma, the manager of the S10, doesn’t know what hit her, either. The arrival of her pupil in the Dutch delegation to the Eurovision Song Contest was already significant, but she also did well in the semi-finals on Tuesday night. It also drove Puma into the banks. to the final.

And more news:

*The 43-year-old resident of Uritrip owned a cannabis farm at home early last year. On Wednesday, a police judge sentenced him to community service. The nursery discovery was, in a way, turning point in the life of the accused, He now knows what is wrong with him.

* Founder Piet Glasbeek has another stock Machandel Organic Food in Haulerwijk Sold to British industry counterpart Windmill Organics.

*Rijkswaterstaat takes place on Wednesday afternoon Emergency operation on the A32 Between Akkrum and Heerenveen. Rijkswaterstaat expects to run until 7pm.

* Journalists in the age of fake news and diminished trust in the media can Take an example from Titus Brandsma. Even after his death, he continued to encourage people to pursue the truth through research.

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