Divorce and an unexpected kick in marriage at first sight

The pace seems to be increasing in Married at first sightEspecially now that we’re in the middle of a couples weekend. Last week, viewers blew again at Joep, who gave his bride-to-be Caroline not the biggest bed in the room, but the (rainy) pergola in the garden. Well…then you don’t quite get it. Yesterday’s episode is also full of exciting moments. Although everything seems to be going downhill for the candidates.

Couples’ weekend started on the previous episode. There we saw that Caroline arrived alone, but Carlo Bouchard led her into Yoep’s room. The couple had not seen each other for two weeks and Caroline saw little point in sleeping with her distant husband in the same room. When couples had to evaluate their relationship, I came up with only two. Joep doesn’t seem to want to put in much effort and it got worse last night, as it turns out.

Atmosphere in the jacuzzi

Joep saw his chance to relax in the jacuzzi with a lady by his side. But was that Caroline? No definitely not. He went for Kim, Antoine’s wife (by the way, it just doesn’t work out between the two of them). This ‘socializing’ went on until late into the night and as an explanation Joep says he had a bottle of champagne in the car, which Kim and he and the two soldiers made together. In the morning “still a little broken”. So from the drink and not from his bad marriage. Other participants also talk about it, but they don’t know exactly what happened. “I don’t know if I want to know either,” replied Astley, quite happy with Roan.

Jobs has an explanation: “I just thought it was nice to be able to chat with someone, without everyone and everything.” The phrase “without everything” also refers to the cameras, because they were not there. According to Joeb, it is unfortunate that “something is found immediately”. Later, with experts, Caroline notes that this incident sparked some jealousy in her. Because even though she puts effort into Joep and keeps erasing herself, he pays very little attention to her. So it’s not surprising (perhaps a relief to viewers) that the couple decided to separate.

Unexpected divorce in marriage at first sight

Then there’s Astrid and Sander, who spend a “very nice” time with each other, but they lack romantic feelings. An intervention is already being planned by the expert Evelyn, in which the spouses will have to perform a number of exercises. Looking deeply into each other’s eyes, for example. Then Astrid Sander has to show “what you want to shine” and they both get to play with each other lovingly. You understand: embarrassment jumps out of it. “Oh my God, that just makes me warm,” Astrid managed to say. But this intervention was futile. Moments later, the couple was with the group of experts and especially Sander at the helm. He and Astrid are going to divorce (unexpectedly for Astrid), tears running down her cheeks. Why isn’t Sander doing more? is the question that preoccupies most experts.

“Lots of tears here, because of the phone conversation,” Boshard begins when Sander walks into the room. He replied sympathetically: “It is possible.” “She was disappointed,” Boshard continues. Sander: “It could be.” He then indicates that he is not feeling the feelings for Astrid that he is looking for. He thinks that after “two weeks, three weeks” they should be there. “I know myself, if he’s not there, he stops.” But experts don’t agree: “You’re pretty sure you should feel it after two or three weeks. But you have to realize a few things: You both are at an age when finding relationships has changed already,” impressed behavioral biologist Patrick. Falling in love like this is rare. So he worries that it is “too black and white” for Sander.

“I’m just in it and then it’s ready for me,” Sander replies. For him, the door to a relationship with Astrid is really closed. “I hope we can remain good friends and if that’s not possible, it will stop.” It makes sense that Astrid isn’t too interested in that. Otherwise, she will participate Friends at first sight instead of Married at first sight

You can watch last night’s episode Married at First Sight on Videoland.

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