This is how Married At First Sight couples end up

Twenty weeks later, it’s time to evaluate: Which of the pairs is in the seventh series of Married at first sight Reach the finish line? In this article we cover all the final conversations, so beware: Lots of spoilers.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to get past the results of previous seasons. The last time a couple stayed together was during the second season in 2017. The filmmakers promised that it would be completely different this time. Love was going to celebrate a victory. But how did it really end? Everything can be seen on Videoland the day before the showdown.

Sander and Astrid

It looked like a dream couple: Amsterdam’s famous Astrid and Sander instantly clicked and talked endlessly about the little things. But both lack butterflies. However, Astrid still wanted to work on their relationship. She is sad when she notices that Sander is turning away more and more. He ended up in love and even announced that he would stop looking for a relationship altogether. Astrid feels disappointed and rejected. She, in turn, realized that the man in her life could already be complementary. Behavioral biologist Patrick van Veen is disappointed that it didn’t work out and blames social communication: “Love is a very dangerous topic,” he believes. Sander and Astrid have delayed the draft for a long time. When the episodes end, their lives go on without each other.

Job and Caroline

At the beginning of the epilogue, Lieutenant Colonel Carlo Bouchard claimed that “the cards are far from confusing.” But in the case of Joeb and Caroline, that is indeed the case. Despite a small recovery over the couple’s weekend, they aren’t quite a match. It turns out that Joep had already decided on his own after the honeymoon that the “click” wasn’t there. He doesn’t care what other people think. Fortunately, this saddens Caroline a lot less now. They hand over their rings and move on with their lives. Jobs has already been spotted on Tinder.

Maurice and Dennis

This was Morris’ second time on the bench. After completely mismatching Arjan, he had a completely different feeling about Carlo and the experts admitting that it wouldn’t make any difference if Dennis was the match. Dennis and Maurice are not married, but they write touching letters to each other. Dennis didn’t keep it dry while reading his letter and Morris repeated it again: “Usually this experiment begins with an episode, I’d like to end our experiment with an episode.” The guys go on an adventure together.

Astli and Rawan

Even before Rowan sat next to him on the sofa, Astleigh’s shining face told it all, and the young couple still had a good time together. What do they do well? According to expert Patrick, the strength lies in the fact that they set each other free. Everyone still has their own life with their friends and activities that slowly intertwine with the other. So far, they’ve only had one small discussion: how they’re going to travel to a party. Rowan and Astley are spending quality time together, and it’s so nice that Rowan came to live with her husband in the Zoetermeer.

Kim and Antoine

After a quick start, the marriage between Kim and Antoine ended in extreme weather in the middle of their honeymoon and ended up on the rocks shortly after returning home. The couple’s weekend, in which Kim spent hours in the jacuzzi with Joep, couldn’t change that. In fact, Antoine hasn’t spoken to Kim since then either. So he was shocked when I kissed him upon his arrival, finding him to be nothing more than polite. Obviously: There was definitely interest from Antoine in the beginning, but soon after her ex-boyfriend died, Kim wasn’t emotionally ready for a new relationship. After the obligatory reading of the letters, the rings are placed as a last celebration. Kim has since immigrated.

Jan and Birgit

Jan didn’t do his best, and that’s the conclusion Birgit immediately came to during the last conversation. He’s a nice, caring guy, but she feels there’s little to no in him: “He’s too shy, too closed, and hard to have a conversation with.” At the end of the honeymoon, he did indeed throw in the towel as far as she was concerned and also failed in terms of connection after the couples weekend.

Jean reacts as we know him. Jean: Resign and ignore. It’s too warm for him. Biologist Patrick attributes the mismatch to a communication error: He hoped Birgit’s wait-and-see attitude would be a signal for Jan to go the extra mile. After reading the messages, they hand over their rings. Despite the disappointing result, they will participate again. In fact, he’s inviting single women to respond, because he’s available again!

Sony and Dylan

The hit duo of the season doesn’t disappoint this episode either. Dylan has a surprise for her husband: he has taken his last name and is now living the life of Dylan Lango – the monster. True love that can’t be beat. They clicked from the first moment and that feeling got stronger. Even though they live hours away from each other, the couple will build a future together. Together with Carlo Boszhard and the makers, they roasted champagne for their own success and the success of other couples. Three of the seven pairs are still together, every reason for the success of the series.

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