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She is the daughter of a great media chief in Albania, and she launched as a singer in the year (2013) in which her famous father passed away, with the single Mala Jata† We are talking about my needs Runella. You are now participating in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Secret† What was her way? And what does she have to tell us?

break up
On March 20, 2019, Class Lifestyle will release a news story: It was discovered why Ronela and Young Zerka – Albanian rapper – ended their relationship. Reportedly – because it came from another newspaper – this conclusion was: “Runella wanted to formalize the relationship, but Zerka didn’t.”

couple dream
They started dating after they collaborated on one. They’ve always said they’re friends and colleagues, but there was a photo where Ronela rested her head on Zerka’s shoulder – confirming the strong physical attraction! – And they always gave parties as a couple: Zirka is a rapper and Ronella is a singer.

There has been a lot of speculation all year that Zerka was actually spotted with a model before the relationship broke up, and “they seemed to be having a good time.” And besides, it was Zerka who never talked about the relationship. He only addressed her publicly on her birthday – but what is the congratulatory tone? Did he really like this? Or more friendly and friendly? and ronella? Why did she keep the relationship secret, if she wanted to formalize the relationship? Was she doing it to protect the relationship or –

Coming in late fall 2021 Secret Out, the song with which Ronela enters the Albanian lead and participates in Eurovision.

Do you remember those nights?
They kept a secret.

Do you remember those nights?
They are not secretly back
And I don’t know how I would feel.

She said in an interview, “If you’re in love, and you want to keep this a secret, why not? Because if you talk about your love life, it can go down. It might be better to keep it a secret.”

But now it’s Eurovision week and during the second rehearsal she danced so sensitively, she even grabbed her thigh muscle.

“Runella, at the end of the performance there is a group dance, Luca Toca,” a question in an interview.
‘yes! Loka toka toka loka toka toka toka toka skirt tok toook toka tok tok took toook roka tok! ‘
“Some people described it as an orgy.”
“People are so mean. Why are people so mean?
“How would you describe that?”

It’s scandalous—particularly that the cross-handle goes against the principles of child-friendly show—and the EBU has even removed press photos of his rehearsal from its website.
It’s Freedom Festival! Michael Jackson did, too. I was three years old when he did that. Our democracy in Albania was three years old when he did it”–because the Democratic Party of the Communists won in 1992–“and everyone loved it! It was a Virgo, I’m a Virgo, so why not?

Press Conference
After the second rehearsal, she came to the press conference in a wide white dress with a very wide – and also white – hood.

Where did this outfit come from?
“Because I want to be kid-friendly, so I want to cover as much as possible. I could have put my mask on, but then you won’t see me talking. Oh! And there’s a lipstick stain here, don’t look at that for a while.”

She was being bullied.
“I was often told I was too fat to be on stage. They called me a cow, they called me a whale, and when they’re too good I like them. But then she puts this aside: ‘Everyone is beautiful when they begin to see the beauty within Himself. For example, you have no idea how beautiful I am on the inside,” she says with a wink.

Meanwhile: “This hat hurts.”

And what would she say to her former self?
I should cry less, and everything will be fine. You will become a pop star, and you will earn money. Making money still didn’t go well, by the way, but well..”

At the end of the press conference, she said she wanted to go on for hours. “The hat really fits, I can’t feel it anymore.”

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