#250 “Of course he wants to get rid of his stuff ASAP, he’s dating…”

Maud will probably visit her roommate in the future; It turned out to be Tommy’s new torch. On top of that, the house that ends up being a dream home and that new flame, Charlie, turns out to be a really nice girl. She’s not sure what to do: take it home and pretend her nose is bleeding, or find something else. Um… are you going to live with Jio? To make matters worse, Tommy wants to call her. What is this again?

About to shiver, he called Tommy. Soon he’ll somehow know that I’m hosting with his new sweetheart and I’ll piss off Tommy on the phone, who doesn’t want me to affect his new relationship in the least. But once I hear Tommy on the other end of the line, I can clearly tell he’s comfortable on his skin. He asks me how I’m doing and talks about his next trip to Barcelona and then starts with a story about my stuff. “Can we arrange for you to come and get it soon, Maud?” he asks me cautiously. I cringe for a moment when I hear this question. Of course he wants to get rid of my stuff ASAP; He is dating. But what would he think if these same things ended up with his new girlfriend…

I tell him I’m working on a new house and that as soon as I get it, I’ll come get my stuff this week. Tommy totally got it and wishes me good luck. Partially relieved to take a breath, but within three seconds I’m nervous about the new house going up again. Then I make a decision: I’m just pretending I don’t know who Charlie is. I’ll meet Tommy in my life because he lives in the same city, goes to the same parties and we know a lot of the same people. And Charlie doesn’t seem to be the type to cause a big problem if she finds out. I can’t miss this house. How often do you see your roommate?!

So a few hours later, I called Charlie to say that unfortunately the new construction project was not successful and I would like to move in with her. She is very excited and told me I can come and go from 1 June. For a moment I do some joy. Then I called Rochella, who also jumps for joy and thinks I made the right decision. Then he called Jiu to tell him. He is also happy for me. “Although I wish I could live with you!” , laughing cheerfully. Then he invited me to a festival, playing music, End of this week. Without a doubt, I would say yes. I have a new home. It should be celebrated!

As the two of us walk toward the festival site on Sunday, I notice I’m a little nervous. Jiu and I have gone out together, but we haven’t been to a festival yet. In broad daylight it’s a little different or something. It doesn’t look very formal between us now. As soon as I enter the festival site, I feel complete under the clothes. There are a lot of English girls in saucy clothes at this party?! I see women in neon clothes (or well, if you call them bikini tops) and thick layers of makeup. Jiu and I stretched out laughing. not hinder. We really come for the music and it’s rock music; I can already conclude that after touring the festival site for half an hour. This is exactly the music I love!

We’ve decided to continue drinking today, but I’ve already found out that Jio is a cream donor. He brings me 50 euro coins (“to start!”) and brings me one drink after another. Since I hadn’t eaten much this morning and the sun was very bright on my forehead, I noticed that I soon felt euphoric. We walk to the larger stage and push ourselves into the hustle and bustle of the party. Geo and I go wild, just the two of us. I haven’t been this happy in ages. Festivals can go on without complaint again, I have a new home, I adore things and things are going really well at work too. The more I think about how much I enjoy life now, the more adrenaline I get!

When an hour and a half later we decide to go to the restroom and get fresh drinks, we walk arm in arm across the festival site. Halfway to the bar, Jiu suddenly pulled me towards him and started kissing me passionately. “I am serious Maud. I love you madly!” he exclaims happily. I chuckle. I noticed that Jio is also quite chubby, but he’s having a sweet drink, with lots of hugs and compliments. I kiss him and tell him in his ear that I feel exactly the same. We continue on our way to the bar, but as we walk to the bar I see a very familiar jacket. I’m trying to pull Geo to another bar, but it’s too late. The two people before us had already turned around; Step with the drink in their hand. We come face to face with Tommy and Charlie…

#249 “I can’t move in with my new ex!?”

Maud (23 years old) loves to party and travel. I recently started working as an editor for a magazine. Her relationship with her boyfriend Tommy has just ended and Maud is looking for a new home in Amsterdam. Every week she reads her adventures in a new way episode From the book Maud Night.

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#250 “Of course he wants to get rid of his stuff ASAP, he’s dating…”

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