be seen! Lil Klein is developing herself in the paradise of Phuket (the rapper has moved to luxury rehab The Parc)

Lil Kleine works on himself on the Thai paradise island of Phuket where he stayed for 56 days at The Parc, a luxury rehabilitation clinic with a special treatment method for “young people”. Special: Sundays are free. This means that last Sunday Lil Klein was spotted sunbathing by Dutch tourists and his entourage at Chaweng Beach.

The Parc that represents Phuket Addiction Recovery Clinic has been open since 2019 and is run by two ex-addicts and it’s not exactly cheap. The price of the 56-day treatment recommended by the clinic is at least 18,000 euros. A 28-day treatment can also be followed for half that amount. The facility is located on a steep hill overlooking the Kathu lakes and surrounding villages, not far from Kathu Waterfall. Parc has an international treatment team. For example, therapists from France, Spain, Sweden and Thailand work there, but there is also a Dutch therapist working there.

Lil Kleine also gets plenty of opportunities to enjoy Phuket Island during his 56-day treatment, as the clinic offers weekly excursions, including shore excursions. Customers of The Parc will also have the opportunity to practice mindfulness and meditation at a local temple.

Sundays are free of treatment. Use Lil Klein’s first Sunday free of charge to sunbathe at the famous Chaweng Beach. He was spotted there last Sunday, lying in the sun, by two Dutch girls, who brought the news to this site.

The clinic that Lil Klein has now moved to for eight weeks has a special treatment method for “young people” who have problems with themselves due to alcohol and drugs. The clinic works with the Minnesota 12-step model. this means:

Step 1 – Acknowledge your addiction and its consequences
Step 2 – Acknowledge that you need help
Step 3 – Accept help
Step 4 – Evaluate your life
Step 5 – Get started. First of all, by talking to a confidential counselor
Step 6 – Examine your weaknesses and shortcomings
Step 7 – Express your willingness to act on your behavior
Step 8 – Find out who offended you
Step 9 – Make It Up For These People
Step 10 – Keep the pulse on your finger with the self-examination
Step 11 – Create stillness in your life through prayer or meditation
Step 12 – Relay your experiences to fellow sufferers

Although Klein is allowed to use his laptop and phone in the clinic outside of treatment hours, the Dutch court prevents him from contacting his ex-fiancée Jimmy Weiss. The contact ban is one of the conditions imposed by the court a few weeks ago when it decided that the rapper might wait for the substantive treatment of his suspected assault case.

Juric Schulten, as Lil Klein is really called, made his voice heard again last Thursday. He posted a video on his Instagram account apologizing for his behavior recently.

Jurek in this video: I see that I have been living the wrong and unhealthy way for far too long. That I did wrong things as a person. That I was not myself. I got it wrong. And that I hurt and hurt a lot of people and that should never have happened.”

He continues: “I also see that what went wrong and that help is needed. Professional help. I am currently in Thailand where I am getting this professional help. I know it will be a very long road, but I will do it with courage. What I also want to say is that I am well aware that I have not I am the example I want to be to my child as a father.” In addition, Jurek says he misses and loves his fans and hopes to see them soon.

The fact that in the video he does not deal directly with Weiss, the alleged victim of abuse for which he was arrested in February, may have something to do with the ban on contact. Communication via social media is considered indirect contact with the court and therefore is not permitted.

Klein was arrested in February on suspicion of assaulting Weiss. It is said that he stuck his fiancée’s head between the car door. He was released after three nights in prison, but after an appeal by the Public Prosecution Office. On that appeal, the judge ruled that Klein must return to prison. He was released after fourteen days in mid-March. Pending the continuation of the case, the rapper left for Thailand where he said he would seek “professional help”.

He has now found professional help at The Parc on Phuket.

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