She could have been dead

Plastic surgeons in the Netherlands are receiving more and more patients who are traveling abroad for plastic surgery. Also Michele Feigen, plastic surgeon at the MOOI Clinic in Maastricht and the Züderland Hospital in Heerlen and Stard. She recently received a call from an emergency room doctor at 6:30 p.m.: A young patient entered the emergency room with an open wound. She was also recently abroad for plastic surgery, and she went to Turkey for a tummy tuck.

But the surgery did not go well. The patient had recently lost a lot of weight and wanted to get rid of her extra skin. There, a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a thigh lift are combined. She had a wound to her left leg that was completely open toward the thigh. The girl was pale and not feeling well, plus her blood level was very low.

Patient told Vision that she lost a lot of blood during the operation and was given five bags of blood. “She could have been dead,” flashes the plastic surgeon’s mind. In the hospital, the wound is cleaned well and after a few weeks surgeons close the wound during the repair process.

At the end of last year wrote Side roads Also about the documentary series iout by Ewout van Genemans. Partially traveled to Turkey to talk to several girls who had buttock augmentation surgery. Fat is suctioned from the body and injected into the buttocks. Women are often convinced after seeing photos and videos of influencers.

More and more complications after surgery abroad

The story above, about the girl with an open wound that Feijen saw, is unfortunately just one example of many. “We are increasingly seeing patients with wound problems or other serious complications after having surgery abroad,” explains Vijen. Side roads† In some cases it is so serious that, for example, a breast prosthesis must be removed. “We also see broken tear ducts, rare infections, untreated bleeding, thrombosis and pulmonary embolism (which is most likely with flies) and breast rupture.”

After inquiries from various colleagues in the Netherlands, it appears that many plastic surgeons are treating complications coming from abroad, Wijgen knows. The National Society of Plastic Surgery (NVPC) expressed concern about this last year.

Plastic surgery and plastic surgery abroad
Michele Feigen, plastic surgeon. Photo: beautiful clinic

Cheapest abroad

People’s motivation to go abroad for surgery is generally financial. The costs are often lower than in the Netherlands and you will also get an air ticket and hotel accommodation, which many patients appreciate. According to Vision, there are some snakes in the grass. “If you think about it, how much money is really left for process quality and the operating room? Does this operating room meet the quality requirements applicable in the Netherlands? What products do they work with?”

In this case, the cheap price is expensive. For example, there are laws in the Netherlands regarding plastic surgery. Unlike the Netherlands, where the NVPC has had a strict quality policy for all affiliated plastic surgeons for years, other countries often have lower quality requirements. Consider physician training, materials used such as buttock and breast implants, hygiene protocols, and also aftercare.

According to Vision, people are also working outside “normally” if there is an increased risk. “You are ineligible for some procedures in the Netherlands, for example due to being overweight, and in some countries you can simply have surgery because there are different rules that apply here. The same goes for breast augmentation,” she tells us. “There are huge differences in quality between breast implants and the size responsible for their placement can also vary from country to country. It is very sad that a Dutch woman died last year in Turkey after a well-known Brazilian butt lift. This is an operation that carries a lot of risks, but If you do it correctly, the risks will be reduced.” However, the clinic where Feijen works, the MOOI Clinic, does not offer this treatment. It is for “various security reasons”.

Healthcare in the Netherlands

Are there no complications after plastic surgery in the Netherlands? “Yes, there are also complications in the Netherlands, but the complications we see after procedures abroad are more serious than the usual complications of our procedures. A blood transfusion for a tummy tuck or other surgery is not necessary if you operate in the right way.”

We ask Feijen the main question: Do you recommend a cosmetic procedure abroad? The answer won’t come as a shock: “Not at all. Absolutely not. It’s your body, and it’s worth a lot to take these kinds of risks. Of course there are also good plastic surgeons out there, but it’s often hard to determine quality in advance. Always and everywhere be well-informed.” treatment, risks, and complications.

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