“I have a mixed feeling about it.”

today is Mother’s Day. The day when every second Sunday in May is highlighted for mothers in the Netherlands – sometimes on a different date around the world. But not every Mother’s Day is equally fun or warm. Sometimes it’s very special, touching, or not celebrated at all.

Nazrin Ozer and Esther Groenwegen Juncker tell more about this. employment Side roads They share their mother’s (day) story, stories that aren’t necessarily a bed of roses.

Nasreen about her mother, Sonia

“My mother was always a hardworking worker. She was also the eldest in her home, she took care of her nine brothers and sisters when she grew up in Suriname. Unfortunately, my mother was going through a lot of misery in life. Despite all that, her bitterness did not break. On her body and soul. My mother is such a kind person that she is always there for her children. She did everything for the happiness of her children. He obliterated her happiness. For example, when my brother, who lives in Suriname, got sick, I hurriedly ran there. And that while she was She drives in Holland. My mom is so caring that she still calls her kids every day. If we eat today… and if the weather is bad she’s worried. That’s how she is, that’s part of her. In her character she’s going to be on fire for her six kids.”

Special Mother (today), Nazrin and Mother Sonia
Nazrine and her mother Sonia. Photo: Waldo Pictures

She did everything for the happiness of her children. You blur her happiness.

“When I got sick in 2016, she helped me greatly. At that time, for example, I could not take the tram alone. Then my mother went with me and waited for me for two hours until I came back from work. Then I drank coffee in Hema or went for a walk. I loved So much without my mother’s presence, love and help, I don’t know if I could have survived when I was ill.In fact, we have given each other support and refuge.

But we no longer celebrate Mother’s Day. This has been the case since my older sister’s death. She was a florist and on holidays, and on Mother’s Day too, she pleased my mother with the most beautiful flower arrangements. There were always useful gifts that my mom could use. But my mom’s heart has since been broken. She does not want to celebrate any other holidays. This makes Mother’s Day a sad day for her. And we, as children, get along with it. Then I order some food for us, but I’m not trying to spice it up. But I like to greet my mother. I am grateful to her, she is progressive, steady and well done.”

Double feeling on Mother’s Day

“For me, Mother’s Day is a double day. I am a mother of two children, one of whom is a child in need of intensive care. Reactive attachment disorder makes closeness with parents difficult. For this reason, and because of the bond with my mother, Mother’s Day has so many different layers to me.” My mother has had mental problems since her childhood. I grew up in an environment where alcohol abuse was. From there I took a damaged personality into our family. As a result, we were never able to build a good relationship. When I was 17, my mother kicked me out of the house when my father was traveling. I was allowed to move in with my first friend’s mother. I tried several times to call my mother. Once when my daughter was born and again four years later when my son was born. It just didn’t work out both times. Unfortunately.”

Special Mother (today), Esther
Esther Groenwegen Juncker.

“It was very special to be allowed to live with my then-mother-in-law Célian. I was and am still in love with her. She was not interested that she was my mother-in-law. She even emptied me a room. I thought I could sleep with my friend at the time, because we had done that before. But she insisted on To have a place of my own where I can undo. That was pure love I didn’t know from my mother. I could really breathe there. And we were still in increasingly intense contact. She would always say to me, ‘You may not be my daughter-in-law anymore, but you You will always be my daughter.” That’s cool, isn’t it? We never stop talking, she’s so young at heart and so loving.”

“The kids are grown up but it’s Mother’s Day”

“I wanted to have children, but because of my childhood I found it very scary. But I already have the best children in the world. They are almost grown up, but we still celebrate Mother’s Day. My daughter buys very cute gifts with a lot of hearts and my son gives me my favorite candy. This So beautiful, but somewhere you yourself yearn for it. Because everyone visits their mom on Mother’s Day. I’m always a little jealous of friends who say they have to go to their mom on Mother’s Day. But what I cherish is my kids and the cute crafts they made for Mother’s Day When they were young. They hung proudly in my office.”

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