Dinga Van Lier and Dutch champion Hermes Thamar Zwistra and Isch Weiss for the silver medal

The Dutch championship is somewhat decapitated by the lack of Emmelie Scholtens and Desperado NOP (by Vivaldi) at kurfinal, but that doesn’t mean the Dutch title in 2022 goes to Dinja van Liere and Hermès less. Silver went to nine-year-old Hexagon’s Thamar Zweistra and Ich Weiss and (close-up) behind Marieke van der Putten with Tørvesletten’s Titanium RS2.

The victory in the freestyle at the Dutch Grand Prix is ​​also the first freestyle victory for Hermès and Dinga van Lier. The combination was very close in Germany twice (last year in Aachen and this year in Hagen), but both times the victory went to a German combination.

At the Ermelo Grand Prix, Van Lier and Hermes still had to settle for second place behind Emily Schultens and Desperado NOP. Scholtens had to cancel (one hour before its start time) because Desperado was unfit and thus the track was free for Van Liere. But then it still has to happen.

Dinga van Lier Photo: Arnd Bronkhorst / www.arnd.nl

Hermès ran one of his best freelance work at Ermelo (Aachen 2021 may have been better) with two small cuts (a transitional step and a small mistake in one series of two) and earned 83.155% (81,325-84.15) from the jury. ) for. This is added to the 77.956% of Grand Prix’s total of 161,111 winning the championship by far.

Dinja van Liere with Hermès Photo: Arnd Bronkhorst / www.arnd.nl

Zoestra narrowly missed but deserved the silver

Tamar Zwistra, who recently represented the Netherlands in the World Cup final with the nine-year-old Hexagon (by Rubikel), finished narrowly taking the silver, but he deserved it. Nine-year-old Ich Weiss made a big impression with the queen’s tough freestyle style. The highlight of this set is the keychain, which also appears on the volte (tweezers). Each change is like the other. The jury scored 78.67% in the freestyle. That addition to 73.304% of the GP puts Zoestra narrowly ahead of Marek van der Putten and Titanium with 151,974.

Tamar Zwistra with Ich Weiss from Hexagon. Photo: Arnd Bronkhorst / www.arnd.nl

Zoestra itself has more clearly led itself into the spotlight for national coach Alex van Sylvhout in that first control match towards the World Championships at Herning, if she hasn’t already.

Bronze for Marieki van der Putten

Also among this list is the Tørvesletten Titanium RS2 (by Totilas) with Marieke van der Putten, who won bronze with 73.978% in the Grand Prix and 77.95% in the freestyle (Total: 151.928). With titanium, Van der Putten “finally” has the horse to the highest consistent level in the track after the always unreliable Zingaro Apple and Her Majesty. Titanium appears to be a buildable horse in the ring and this is a very useful feature for the Championship.

Marek van der Putten with Tørveslettens Titanium Photo: Arnd Bronkhorst / www.arnd.nl

Adelindi Cornelissen IV

Adelind Cornelissen made it clear in this Dutch championship that she still exists. Akido won this morning’s (ex-aequo) junior final (ex-aequo) by over 75% and with Flo de Payan, who finished sixth in yesterday’s Grand Prix (73.63%), Cornelissen finished fifth in the freestyle (75.955%).

These scores combined (149,585) secured the fourth place in the tournament. This would have been more so if there had been no disturbance at the start of the free-swimming piaffe, the highlights were mainly seen in the canter repise.

Marlis van Balen at 5

Marlis van Palen, who was on the Olympic and European Championship team last year, finished fifth in the tournament. In the freestyle, she sent Go Legend (by Totilas) to fourth with 76.905%. Go Legend made a somewhat better and newer impression in the freestyle than it did in the Grand Prix (72.261%).

wider top

In general, it can be said that the top of the Dutch dressage is wider this year than in recent years. Alex van Selfhout has an option toward the world championships at Herning, so far because he can’t count on Edward Gall.

It is entirely hoped that Desperado’s injury will be minor and the Dream Boy will be fit again soon (that is the expectation and the hope). With Desperado, Dream Boy and Hermès on the team, plus one of the aforementioned horses (Ich Weiss, Titanium, Fleau de Baian, Go Legend), a spot on Herning’s Top-6 team (qualification requirements for Tokyo and the Dutch goal this year) are achievable. completely.

Dennis Nichman, Karen Negfeldt, and Meryl van Kimenad

Denise Nekeman also deserves a mention, who broke her rib during the (!) Grand Prix with Boston STH yesterday. The rider just rode and also started freestyle swimming today. Result: 75.265%. In the championship there was the eighth place.

Karen Nigelt finished sixth in the tournament at Elisias Arena, ahead of Meryl van Kimenad Wittlocks at Seinstein Arena.

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