Too much quality in genealogy book examination KWPN IJsselmuiden

O Dine (Elvis Ter Bot x Sea Dine vs Veron). Photo: Jacqueline Van Tartwik.

The first horse logbook examination of the season for both jumping and dressage mares was scheduled for today in IJsselmuiden, Overijssel. Twelve hopping mare today deserve a star, seven of which were also temporary core. Of the five participating dressage mares, four of them became stars.

Stal Wezenberg formed the background for today’s genealogical examination. Henk Dirksen, who evaluated horses with Marcel Bookers, began, “This area preferred checking book horses early in the season.” “This way the mares can return to the pasture afterwards. Today we had a good stay with good soil and a nice, relaxing atmosphere.”

Sigji tribe

In the first group of the day there were three mares of the Sijgje line, all of whom were provisionally approved. One of them is the daughter of Comme Il Faut Olly Sijgje (from Jewel Sijgje ster by Diamant de Semilly) of breeder GM Spronk from Ijsselmuiden, which has a top score of 70.80. “This is a young mare with an active way of rowing. She was particularly noted for her good reflexes. This mare has athletic ability and has especially jumped on the last high bull, and also has good technique.” Onassis Sijgje (Chacfly outside Usijgje ster pref perst by Mermus R) from Zalk breeder Maatschap Pleyter also comes from this line. Recorded 75/80. “This mare could be a little bigger, but she’s a good length. She has an easy way to jump and jump with lots of technique, lots of overview and good use of the front leg. Plus, she has a lot of physical use and is a sporting horse.”

85 points

Three mares jumped for 85 points, including an O-Dine (Elvis ter Putte from C-Dine ster pref by Veron) from breeder J. Koetsier of Kamperveen. This mare has got 70 formation points and is also tentatively approved. “This mare jumps with a lot of lunge and jumps very well with the body lifted. She has great range and an athletic way of hitting boats.” She is the daughter of De Kreisker Quelsey W (of Chelsey PROK by Comme Il Faut) owned by host Benny Wezenberg 75/85 ster, subject to additional requirements. “This mare has been very keen on jumping, she’s fast, she has a lot of overview and she has a lot of range.” Record Ogene vd Felixhof (Gaspahr from Wilrike pref perst D-OC by Numero Uno) from breeder JG Felix from IJsselmuiden 65/85. “This mare jumped very well with good technique forward, lots of overview and lots of athletic ability.”

Quelsey W (Quickly de Kreisker x Chelsey v. Comme il faut) Photo: Jacquelien van Tartwijk.

80 out

The daughter of Halifax van de Cloisebos’ High End W (of Virginia van Casal) of director Benny Wezenberg was the mare with the highest form points today with an 80/80 ratio. “This mare has a good formation with lots of overprints, good forefoot assets and the right foundation. She also moves really well, both at trotting and cantering. She jumped a lot from the lunge, but was a bit nervous at first, which was at the expense of technique” . Subject to additional requirements, this mare was also a temporary keur.

80 points

The daughter of Jardonnay Ojaja (from Jaja by Quasimodo vd Molendreef) from breeder H. Kwakkel of Heerenbroek received a temporary keur datum at 75/80. “This mare with good body height, lots of glute push-ups and a well-shaped fore quarter with good withers. She has a lot of room to jump. She didn’t jump amazingly, but she has an easy way to jump.” The same result went to four-year-old Duo Penotti Z (Dallas VDL from Golden Girl ster by Up To Date) from breeder J. Koetsier. “This is a well-developed, long-cushioned mare with a good form and a well-shaped fore quarter. It has an easy way to fling. It should jump a bit with the withers raised, but it has plenty of room.” She was the daughter of Grandorado TN Orianne JJ (of Willow Fianne van Guidam) by JA Meuleman of IJsselmuiden £70/80. “This mare is young and very athletic. She jumps very cautiously, with good reflexes and good technique in the back quarter.”

taming horses

The Orieta W (Totilas from Zyorieta Texel Elite EPTM-dress PROK by Krack C) rided by Benny Wiesenberg received the highest points for dressage horses with a 70/80. While jumping mares can be temporarily approved at a horse registry inspection, this increase in the level of dressage horses takes place at a central inspection. Orieta W became a star with this score. “This mare can have a little more bulk and size when standing, but she really values ​​herself in movement. She has good leg technique, good posture and a light way of moving.”

jump results.

Taming results.

Source: KWPN

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