Sunday Mother’s Day. Despite all the business, this festive day is just a part of it. Otherwise you can cancel everything: Christmas, Centreclass, birthdays

A man from Delfzijl bought flowers for his mother in Assen. Photo DVHNO

For those who forgot: Sunday is Mother’s Day. Many mothers are in the spotlight by their children. Trade knows how to deal with it.

A 48-year-old man from Delfzijl bought two sets of colorful flowers from a florist in Appingedam. One of them is for his mother in Assen. Yes, he sticks to the Mother’s Day tradition. “I know she really appreciates it.”

He is also the father of two children, ages 19 and 24. They will also celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday. My daughter was already occupied with a gift. I have to remind my son of that.”

“Trade tries to respond to it as much as possible”

As far as it is concerned, mothers can also receive flowers on other days, or anything else that expresses appreciation. Mother’s Day smells somewhat like business in his eyes. “It’s so nice for the kids at school to put things together. I don’t think they need to put any money into it. Not even from their mother, I don’t think so.”

Even if you don’t love Mother’s Day, you can hardly ignore it this week. The trade tries to take advantage of it as much as possible. Mother’s Day advertisements have been popping up on the radio and TV all around you in recent days. The mailboxes are also full of gift tips from online stores.

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51-year-old Janet also celebrates Mother’s Day. Buy something nice and, if possible, visit mother and mother-in-law on Sunday. I know they appreciate it very much. It makes me pay attention to her I don’t think it is very important to me. I do it more for them.”

I think it’s so cool when they think about it on Sunday

She herself is the mother of two children who live at home, aged 17-20. They also pamper her. “I told them they should follow their own opinions. I absolutely loved the things they used to make at school. They shouldn’t feel obligated to buy me anything. I think it’s great when they think about it on Sunday, but I don’t expect any gifts.”

Her boyfriend does that too. “He thinks it’s very important to put me in the spotlight.”

Mothers Day has been around for centuries. Something similar can already be seen in Greek antiquity. The Catholic Church’s veneration of Mary, the mother of Jesus, is also a form of mother worship.

I first appealed for a day of peace

The modern version was popularized at the beginning of the last century by the American activist Anna Maria Jarvis, whose mother lost nine of thirteen children, five of them in the war. I first appealed for a day of peace.

Later it became the day when a mother was honored by her children. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson decided that every second Sunday in May in America since then mother’s Day Will be. The Netherlands followed suit in 1925. Since then they have been found almost everywhere in the West, though not always on the same day.

“When I think of Mother’s Day, I think of Father’s Day”

When we ask Miniki Bosch, a professor of modern history at the University of Groningen who specializes in international feminism, among other things, for a response, she automatically exclaims: My God † When I think of Mother’s Day, I think of Father’s Day. to trade.”

“It’s okay to thank your mother and father. It was good that women made an effort to make women’s invisible work visible. Women also campaigned for compensation for invisible homework and motherhood, but that never happened.”

“It’s great that warm family relationships are taken care of”

According to her, it is no longer about putting mothers on a pedestal purely because of motherhood. “The catholic bond of large families also ceases to exist. It is good that warm family relations are taken care of, but you can express it in myriad ways. It must also be abolished for me.”

This does not change the fact that many people appreciate it. Hendrik de Vries, 64, of Abingedam does the same, waiting for his wife on the sidewalk of the shopping center with his bike. “On Mother’s Day, we always make the children visit us. With the grandchildren. My wife loves it. When my mum and my mum were still alive, we went to them too. It was a tradition. Mother’s Day is a reason to meet.”

Trade can’t hurt him this Mother’s Day. ,, Where is there no trade these days? Then you can cancel everything: Christmas, Sinterklaas, birthdays. Mother’s Day is just a part of it.”

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