Angela Shegf still does it in Maastricht, but now in a musical

Angela Schegf solves crime after crime in and around Maastricht as Detective Eva van Dongen for fifteen years. Now also an actress Policemen Maastricht Active in the city in the south of Limburg. She is in MECC in the musical Shepherd’s Diary† In doing so, Angela Schijf is back in the music world after more than twenty years.

Angela Schijf is back in Maastricht and back in the musical (immediately presenting an award last week during the Music Awards). but there with Shepherd’s Diary Another one, Albert Verlinde, appeared as a music producer. That’s relatively fast, because he left Stage Entertainment (formerly Joop van den Ende Theater Productions) on December 1, 2020. Musical blood crawled again where it couldn’t go, but above all: Verlind could Shepherd’s Diary We will b. He wanted it for ten years. The musical is an exciting multi-million dollar production. In MECC, with 1,800 seats, the largest theater in the Netherlands. Tomorrow Sunday, May 8, the production’s first festive show will take place.

Millions have seen the diary of a sheepdog

‘s diary The Sheepdog was a popular television series between 1978 and 1980. Millions of viewers enjoyed the sixteen episodes with Flemish Jo de Meyer in the main role of Chaplain Odekerke.

Joes Brauers' Sheepdog Diary
Joes Brauers as Reverend Odekerke. Photo: Roy Busker

Albert Verlinde has found his new young chaplain in Joes Brauers – himself a Limburger. Brauers (22) is a versatile and talented glutton. Side roads I spoke to him in November about the great movie do not hesitate† In the Dutch entry for the Academy Awards, Browers played a deployed soldier who goes missing on a peacekeeping mission in a heat-ravaged area along with two others. But it behaves just as easily as the “floating type” all Stars From a home discovering a DJ in the current Netflix hit dirty lines About the emergence of sexual phone lines in our country.

Angela Shegf is happy with Joe Browers

Actress Angela Shegf also says she’s a fan of Joe’s Browers because she works with him Side roads On the phone from Belgium. “Jose is a very sensitive boy who has a lot of interest in the world around him. He was actually the reason why I answered yes. Shepherd’s Diary† When asked, there was very little, except for the title and hero, Joes Brauers. While going to a musical, I was a bit hesitant about it. But when I understood that Joes was going to play the chaplain and I’m the guardian angel, I thought “I want to get to know this boy, I want to work with him”.

Wasn’t it Maastricht that convinced you with Flikken Maastricht and travel time from your hometown of Antwerp?

“No, former director Servi Hermanns, because I worked with him at Toneelgroep Maastricht. To be honest, I only got to know Maastricht and the region much better through this piece. Through with Shepherd’s Diary Dive into the past and discover what happened in southern Limburg. The mining industry has of course left huge marks. Still, whether in the same area or in the spirit of Limburger. I love Maastricht, I don’t. Travel is indeed possible. Not around the corner, but about an hour and a quarter. “

I’ve been there many times over the years…

“I come here sometimes, haha.”

Serendipity and it’s time for Angela Shegev to star in a musical

Your last act of music was on 42nd Street in 2000-2001, and it’s a straight hit. Did you ever expect to be the next person after more than twenty years?

Angela Shegef laughs again: „After this direct hit, you have to keep your image. So I thought: I won’t do anything anymore. But no kidding, after that I focused mainly on theater and acting, which is where my heart lies. I had a lot of curiosity and longing for it. Every now and then, music would come my way and ask me to and I didn’t always do it. Now is the time, I will say. Shepherd’s Diary It is a well framed project. And I really liked the part right away. It’s kind of a coincidence that this is happening now. It wouldn’t have happened again with the same money.”

Angela's Diary Disc Sheepdog
Angela Shegf attracts this evening after evening. Photo: Roy Busker

W: Do you like going back to the theatre?

“Yes, pretty much. I’m a little surprised I always mentioned it 42 . Street As one of the nicest things I’ve ever done. But now I once again have the “best thing I’ve ever done”. And again we are talking about a musical. I don’t know exactly what it is. Maybe a high work ethic. People who are always used to doing something at a high level, which is discipline. Whatever it is, I’m really having a lot of fun. We haven’t waited for the premiere yet, but I really enjoyed the whole process.”

Angela’s role in The Sheepdog Diaries

You are the guardian angel of Reverend Odekerke. Is this the story teller? (In the TV series, he was only the voice of Kees Brusse, editor.)

“I don’t really think he’s a storyteller. I’m more of a conscientious Eric Odekerke. What I like about the role is that it’s separate from the other characters. An angel can prophesy and say ‘In fifty years, the churches will be empty.’ And if the mines close after half a century, what next? That? Everything looks so beautiful now, but prosperity will also soon have a dark side. She plays a thinking game and is a reflective stimulus. She encourages the chaplain, has naughty traits. She could have treaded her toes like that. Yes, I think it’s a human angel, I try to portray anything but angelic.”

Joes Brauers Angela Disc . Sheepdog Diary
Angela Scheig and Joe Browers. Photo: Roy Busker

You were one year old when the series came out on TV. Did you learn anything about it later?

“Very little, but some well known parts to be found on the internet. However, since Guardian Angel is a new role and not just a voice, I separated myself from its documentation. Shepherd’s Diary he is. I think it’s much more important to treat the piece in a contemporary way.”

I only know about the Reverend falling off his bike as an introduction to each episode.

“Let me tell you something: It’s also in the play, haha. Older generations who’ve received the series will know a lot. I can already see that in the audience. People react so much to the jokes I think it’s ‘huh?’.” But that has to do with that time. “.

Should you sing again like you did twenty years ago?

“Yes. And a lot with a number of songs.”

Was the singing voice still there?

“And I had to look it up. It’s been a long time since I actually sang. But I like hard, sexy, and unclear things. Well, this was one of those. All songs tell their own story, they’re diva scenes.”

Legs, buttocks and calves

The Sheepdog Diary was registered at the MECC in Maastricht. Has a private theater been built for you?

“Yes, because it’s a meeting room, so I see it’s kind of a site performance. In that big hall we have the audience entrance, the stands, the play area, the locker rooms, and the backstage. It’s huge, but that fact makes it intimate at the same time. Everyone in a room One together.We stand on a stage that is at least sixty meters wide.This means that we now have good legs,buttocks and calves for the distances we walk.It is a special experience,because you can feel that MECC was not built for a theater.At the same time, it also gives something extra. “.

The producer always describes Diary of a Sheepdog as “a great musical.” Can you explain what Albert Verlind means by that?

“This undoubtedly has to do with the horse joining us, haha. And a car and…”

Did you say horse?

“Yes! There’s a real horse in the performance. There’s also a lot of extras. At the height of the performance, I think there are about 75 people on stage. That makes it a spectacle. What I love is the people show, not a show of fireworks, cannons, and special effects. It comes down to a lot.” Manual labor and the work of real people.

Shepherd's Diary
The Sheepdog Diary room is impressive. Photo: Roy Busker

Smile and emotion in a sheepdog’s diary

Will we see a play with a smile and tears?

“We notice a lot of laughing, even roaring in trials. But surely in the second act this person is silent Shepherd’s Diary much and becomes a spherical piece. Then we will also work towards achieving what the mines did in Limburg in addition to achieving prosperity. People who worked in the mines had a hard time, they died of lung dust and at the same time the economic transformation began. In the widget you can see how people relate to this. Herein lies the stillness and emotion. It’s always hard to say it yourself, but I think it turned out really cool.”

Diary of a Sheepdog can be viewed exclusively at MECC in Maastricht until 17 July. The cast plays seven shows per week (four on weekends). more information find you here

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