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You can watch the women’s hockey final tomorrow afternoon. In Dragons, the rival of the defending hero Gantoise, 3 sisters stand between the rows. Meet Alex (18), Delphine (20) and “Mama” Ofelly Marien (22).

Mother? “That’s what we sometimes call Ophele,” laughs Delphine Marine. “Even our first mother,” Alex winked.

“It’s so special and so nice to be playing with my sisters,” Ofili says. “We know each other through and through, so you can sometimes bump into each other.”

Alex: “Sometimes things get tough between us, but we also encourage each other. When things go wrong, you always have a sister who can cheer you up. It makes it easier for you to grab that wand again.”

Delphine: “We can count on each other. If I have something in the field or next to it, it’s easier for me to share it with my sisters.”

As a “mother,” Ofili is the best judge of her sister – both of whom are attackers. “Alex is very fast and can play the game aggressively. Delphine has to rely on her actions and her dribbling.”

Alix is ​​lightning fast on the court and can play the game aggressively. Dolphin relies more on her actions and evasion.

Ofili Marine

Field hockey in the United States

Alex Marin completed a year of hockey at Norfolk University in the United States. Now she’s back in time for the finale of the Belgian Championship.

“I have the ambition to play for the national team,” explains the youngest of the three. “And the level in the United States is lower than here. I underestimated it.”

“Here I still have to prove myself and I can learn a lot from the experienced players. In America I was that experienced player who had to take charge.”

red tiger dolphin

A dolphin can call itself the red tiger since last year. Will she participate in the Paris Olympics with her sisters after two years?

“I won’t be on the field,” Ofili laughs. “I was written off for the national team.”

Delphine: “We still have to get to Paris and if that works, places will be very expensive. The current generation of Red Panthers hasn’t tested any games yet. Everyone will do their best.”

“I have been playing for the national team since October. According to the coaches, I give an added value to the team. We will play in the World Cup in July. That will be a good sign for me.”

“Instilling Fear in Gantois”

This weekend, the Dragons will face off with Gantoise, who is currently the reference in Belgian women’s hockey. The Ghent team had not lost more than 80 matches in the original time.

“We almost got it this season,” Delphine notes. “We were leading 2-1 until the last seconds of the match.”

Ofili: “It was 10 seconds. Then we swallowed that acid 2-2.”

The Dragons could take their revenge this weekend and claim the national title for the first time since 1994.

Delphine: “We are the only team that has planted some fear in Gantois. We are not going to swallow that goal 10 seconds from the end, because our defense has grown.”

The Dragon proved it in the semi-finals. After winning 2-1 at Racing, they tied 0-0 in the second leg.

“Not the most engaging match to watch,” Delphine laughs, “but our defense was very solid.”

Gantois lost no more than 80 matches in original time.

The last dance with the three of us

Last year, the Dragons lost the final to Gantois. Alex defines “individually they have a little more class”.

“We’ve taken steps as a team,” Ofili adds. “We love each other better and we will start the final stronger than last year.”

“We proved it last month in Milan with the final win of our second European Cup. It was without a dolphin. She was sidelined after a wrist injury, and now she’s back. This European success has given us a lot of confidence.”

The three sisters yearn for the title. Delphine: “Alex and I won the youth championship, but that was a while ago. It’s time for a new title.”

For the 3 ‘mama’, the Belgian title will be the icing on the cake. Ofili: “I’ve never won the championship. I would like to say goodbye to the Dragon after this season.”

Ofili Marin follows her friend and former Antwerp player Hamish Emery to Scotland. With the Belgian surname in your pocket? Watch the first part of the final live on Sporza tomorrow: on One, in our app and on our website sporza.be.

Women’s Hockey Final 2021-2022
the Dragon Gantois sat 13:30
Gantois the Dragon Sunday 1.30 pm

Sisters of Hockey Marine

  • Ophélie Mariën (22): Dragon Wingback
  • Delphine Mariën (20): Attacking midfielder Dragons and Red Panthers
  • Alex Marin (18): Dragons attacking midfielder

You can also get to know Sisters Marien by their number. They all play number 7. Ofili will head to Scotland after this season.

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