The World Cup selection takes shape: 32 horses on the committee’s long list

Charlotte Fry with Cajunto. Photo: Equitaris / Lafrentz

The selection of the Young Dressage World Championships is growing in Ermelo. After the second selection, there are now about ten groups (eleven five-year-olds, eleven six-year-olds, ten seven-year-olds) on the committee’s long list.

On Thursday 4 May, the second selection moment for the Young Dressage World Championships took place in Ermelo. This time with the competition round: in the main episode of the Dutch Dressage Championships where the national titles will be contested this weekend. Johan Hemminga: “We are very happy with the young talent, both on the horse level and on the jockey side!”

Great learning moment

The selection committee for departure to the World Junior Dressage Championships consists of Johan Heminga, Fleur Drog and Veronique Roenke. Johan Hemminga looks back: “This time the jockeys were asked to submit the horses for the final dressage test, now in the main arena of the Dutch championships. Nice entourage and a good test on the spot for the groups to get a taste of the atmosphere. This was of course a great learning opportunity for these young horses and we were pleased that the horses were easy to navigate.”

generous choice

“We made a generous choice, because there is still a long way to go for the World Cup in September. With four months remaining, you would be wise not to choose too narrow. After all, anything can happen in that time and the horses can still go through a huge development In a positive sense. Of course you don’t know what foreign countries will come up with, but this group certainly has the potential to compete at the front, both in terms of riders and horses.”

young double talent

The number of young riders who participate in the selection process is remarkable. “We are very happy with the young riders, we need the rookie. The new Dinjas and Adelindes should show up and should also be given the chance. This is another reason to choose widely, then many more riders and horses will get a chance and can grow in it. This is even more important in the age group. From 5 and 6 from the 7 year old, because you’re going to lose it after this year. The groups in the first groups may be very green this year, but they could be very exciting next year. Then, with all the experience these groups are gaining now, we can Enjoy it a lot next season. Ultimately, he is also supporting the youth, an opportunity to savor this level and this caliber of competitions. Young horses and young jockeys, a young double talent”, says Johan Hamminga excitedly.


The selection process is therefore very informative, not only because of the required trainings and locations where groups can gain experience, but also because of the feedback from the selection committee. During the first selection moment, the riders also received tips and yesterday’s selection committee took note of how to handle that. “The riders took the advice into account and obviously did their best to prove it as well as possible on the stage. Yesterday, the participants only took a test that we judged according to FEI rules. We noted in the protocol as accurately as possible what went well and which points needed to be made. More attention. In the follow-up phase, technical training is also discussed, as well as test-oriented training and a coaching competition. This will likely be spread out over several days, and the exact arrangement and dates will be announced,” concludes Johan Hamminga.

An overview of the horses selected for each age group:

5 years old:

  • Mr. Maserati (by Toto JR) riding by Diederik van Silfhout
  • My Precious (by Ferguson) installed by Kirsten Brewer
  • My Seventh Sunday (in style) led by Renate van Uetert van Fleet
  • Montrashet (Toto Jr. from s.Glock) being swept away by Saskia Van S
  • Mauro Turforst (by Zonic) is swept away by Dinga Van Lier
  • Mr. Magnum BTH (by expression) ridden by Annemine Bogard
  • Maxson (by Johnson) swept away by Charlotte Fry
  • The mission (by Eye Catcher) rides by Femke de Laat
  • The gorgeous black art of Hexagon (s.Glock’s Toto JR.) sweeping Beni Pachl
  • Maddox Mart (by Hennessy) is swept away by Jessica Thomas
  • Mercurius ACM (by Dream Boy) who is outdone by Amber Hage

6 years old:

  • Linskymorijke (by Negro) swept by Mariëlle Spierings
  • First Lewis (by Ferguson) riding by Aitor Escamilla Bravo
  • LaBaron (for romance) is swept away by Dinga Van Lier
  • Star Lightning (by Ferguson) swept by Kirsten Brewer
  • Lennoxwaard (by El Capone) swept by Kirsten Brouwer
  • Lord Platinum (by Ferguson) ridden by Coro Benitez Sanchez
  • Las Vegas (by Ferdaux) ridden by Emmelie Scholtens
  • Leonidas (by Trafalgar) riding by Dinga van Lier
  • Luqiedo (s.Aqiedo) ridden by Adelind Cornelissen
  • The Hexagon Luxurious (by Johnson) that sweeps by Beni Bachell
  • United States Lennox (Grand Galaxy Win) overrun by Jill Bogers

7 years old:

  • Kyando (by Arlando K) ridden by Diana van de Bovenkamp
  • The gentle pleasure (ruler) that is engulfed by fimchi de latte
  • Kenzo (Glamordale) riding by Dedrick van Sylvhout
  • The Assassin (by George Clooney) controlled by Martin Luten
  • Keaton (by Ferguson) ridden by Bert Veese
  • Koons (by Ferguson) Ride by Superstar Vogd
  • Koko JR de la Fazenda (S.Glock’s Toto JR.) ridden by Thalia Rockx
  • Keanu RS2 (Governor) being swept by Marieke van der Putten
  • Kuvasz RS2 (s.Glamourdale) swept by Marieke van der Putten
  • Cajeento (by Negro) interspersed with Charlotte Fry

Schematic representation of the selection process
selection provisions

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