Scheidam Memorial Day 2022

This is the live report for Memorial Day 2022 from The Farm.

The mayor was the first to lay a wreath at the Liberation Monument in Plantage, followed by a two-minute silence for the war victims. Wilhelmus followed, after which many interested parties placed flowers and wreaths on the monument.

There have been performances by Toonkunstkoor and the Harpe Davids Music Association. New Town poet Garley Lorenz recited a poem. This year’s celebration was very crowded.

Mayor Lamers gave the following speech at the farm on Memorial Day:

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

Today we pay tribute to all the civilians and soldiers who died in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, or anywhere else in the world, during World War II, but also in the wars and peace missions that followed. It is great to meet again at the monument this year. And I’m so glad you’re all here. Because this time proves more than ever that teamwork is essential. To be tolerant of each other. And that together, in spite of all our differences, we show that we have one voice against hatred and intolerance.

It’s good to show that too. Because I have to be honest. The Corona pandemic is now behind us. We get our lives back again. But the crisis has not brought us all closer together. The Corona pandemic has also led to the emergence of social problems and contradictions. It showed that our freedoms and interests sometimes seem to conflict with each other. In the Netherlands too. Also in Schiedam. Freedom is a delicate balance. Then we have to look at what we have in common. So the annual theme for 2022 is ‘Freedom to Connect’.

In our country we attach great importance to freedom as an important value. A value that is unfortunately under increasing pressure everywhere, and is now very close here in Europe. The freedom that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine broke blatantly and unacceptable. see atrocities. It is inhuman. We are shocked every day by the horrific pictures. You think it can’t get any worse, and a day later there is often news that the situation is worse than we thought.

Therefore, this is the time to stress that we must not allow our liberties to be taken away by oppression and by the power of the fittest. War crimes are unacceptable. We still have to make one vote against it. We are related to each other. We need that to keep working as a community. Because intolerance leads to the killing of innocents. The war in Ukraine demonstrates all this well. The Second World War showed it well.

It’s annoying that now, after so many years, an unparalleled recurrence is happening. I always stress that we must learn from the lessons of the past. That we must ensure that the horrors of the past must ghost the present. Unfortunately, this turns out to be not the case now. The war in Ukraine gives a very visible face to the suffering. And wars in other parts of the world are an example of devastation. You know that on Memorial Day I always draw attention to fires elsewhere in the world. Because unfortunately there are many, many war zones all over the world. From small internal conflicts to wars and bombings that take lives. In Syria, Eritrea, Sudan, Libya, Mali or Afghanistan. Unfortunately, in many areas.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

As a society, like the Schiedammers, we are showing that we can provide a safe home for those forced to flee war crimes from devastated cities. The war in Ukraine sparked the largest influx of refugees since World War II. Five million people are on the run now! The safe home is no longer a standard. But we already knew that, right? In Schiedam, take a look around. Here where we are now, it was once unsafe. Especially if you are a Jew. Stolpersteine ​​found in many places in the city proves this very well. They are a constant reminder of what can happen if freedom and security are not taken for granted.

On May 25, the last Stollberstein of the murdered Jewish residents of Scheidam will be revealed. With that 21st bump, Schiedam’s figure comes to 146. One hundred and forty-six.
Of these, 143 are the Jewish residents who last lived in Schiedam in freedom and, as they thought, in safety.

The inhabitants of Schiedam who remembered these 21 new stones can be summed up in remarkable forms: ten of them were killed in Auschwitz, eight in Sobibor, one in Mauthausen, one in Natzweiler, and one in Poland, where it is not known. Five of them were over sixty. My feet and age many of us are here. Six of them ranged in age from 40 to 60, and only three were between the ages of 20 and 40. Seven were in their teens. An endless life. Blind hatred destroyed her. Now it is good to note that war stories still get a lot of attention, including in the press. Just like Stolpersteine, this is how to pass these lessons on to the next generation.

Then we will continue to cherish freedom today, tomorrow, and all those days that follow. We do this in solidarity. In solidarity with. We must never, ever succumb to terrorism. Neither as citizens of the world, nor as Europeans, nor as Dutchmen, nor as Schedamers. The war in Ukraine shows that our struggle is not yet over. But together we think of everyone who is being oppressed, and together we take a stand against this appalling violence. After World War II, our message was: “Never again.” It happens anyway. That should wake us up more to defend our freedom.

Thank you for your attention.”

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