radiate like this (★★★★): radiant rebirth

When Warpaint put her nose in her window circa 2008, she was repeatedly labeled as the “female group.” Admittedly, a band with only female members was an anomaly at the time, except for the norm, and was always ranked in that box. After about fifteen years, fortunately, female artists are already much better and are widely represented in the field of music. He quickly surpassed artists like HAIM, The Linda Linda, Los Bitchos, Goat Girl, Wet Leg, or The Staves. Today, female artists are closing festivals, breaking sales and causing headaches for vinyl compressors.

The Warpaint ladies didn’t sit still either, but after their third album attention In 2016, the group needed a breathing room. Drummer Stella Mozgawa trained as a session musician with The xx, Sharon Van Etten, and Tracey Thorn, among others. Bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg has appeared with Deap Vally and Phoebe Bridgers. While singer Emily Kokal was starting a family, Teresa threw herself into her solo act as TT. Every now and then the band banded together to release singles like “Paralytic”, “Lily’s” and “Empty” on the world. It was a sign on the wall that the band was still considering a new album.

Originally, the band was aiming for 2020 to release their new album. With Emily Kokal’s delivery date approaching, the band themselves set deadlines so tight that a pandemic almost fell like a gift from heaven. While the world was locked down and everyone had to go back to their own shell, it was a reset button for them and it bought them extra time. This way Kokal can enjoy motherhood in peace, while the band members can continue to puzzle over their new record from their homes.

After six years of radio silence feel radiate like this Something like a new debut, like a band that has to find a new place in a changing music scene. Because what stuck with Warpaint was mainly their excellent singles, not so much their albums. Undertow opened the door for the first time the fool ‘Love is To Die’ paved the way for the follow up and ‘New Song’ got you excited attention† In all honesty, the rest of those records faded into the cracks of memory. radiate like this They set the bar high right from the start with their first single “Champion” and are excellent. Time will tell whether the first taste will last longer, although the rest of the album is certainly not inferior this time.

Warpaint was always bathed in a tinge of mysticism and intrigue. Songs like “Undertow” or “Love Is To Die” build tension under the skin and have an ominous, taut suspense. Their sound is best described as the musical sword of Damocles: danger always hangs flatly over your head, but it will never fall. also on radiate like this Looks mysterious as usual. Like the legendary siren, it slowly but surely lures you into its musical trap and then lovingly devours you.

“Champion” doesn’t mean rolling the muscles right away, but gradually moving into some weight class. The ‘hips’ dances around your head with the cut-out guitar pieces and the ‘Proof’ tries to hypnotize you with interesting piano playing. “Melting” is perhaps the most compelling song on the entire album, alternating light and dark. Kokal and Wayman provide the mind with harmonious vocals, while drummer Mozgawa and guitarist Lindberg are the beating heart of nearly every song.

Fortunately, this is not all a scandalous disaster, because it continues radiate like this We also hear a completely different side of the band. The side that actually tells jokes and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. “Send Nudes” is most famous for his comforting requests for spicy photos, but also the way Kokal sings about candy in “Proof” has something absurd. It’s Warpaint in its most relaxed version. As a constant value, it does not have to prove anything to anyone and can do whatever it wants without hindrance.

This loose-fitting jacket truly fits the ensemble like a glove. In “Hard to Tell You”, Kokal is so eager to sing that she has changed her mind. “It is hard to tell you that what I want is not what I want,” he said with some regret. Moments later she appears to sing to her newborn baby in “Stevie”: “I’m your moon and stars in any kind of weather/You’re the sun, I feel you forever.” Also, “Like Sweetness” is full of tenderness and tenderness. “I’ll wait forever for her to take you home,” we see Kokal muttering in a few years as she waits in the car to pick up her 16-year-old son from a chiropractor.

employment radiate like this We hear a reborn band once and for all ditch the “Female Radiohead” yoke and go radically their own way. This route takes them along well-paved paths now embellished with their fine touches (“melt” and “hero”), but also to unexpected places where they don’t have to be calm and serious (“Stevie”, “send the nudes”). Where the band used to turn their fears and fears into dark and mysterious songs, their latest work is overflowing with positivity and tenderness. Is it because of old age, early parental happiness, or simply because of the restoration of peace and space? The new Warpaint lights up like a newborn and looks like a breath of fresh air or a well-deserved sigh.

On May 26, Warpaint presented her new album at Ancienne Belgique

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