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Monique Smit turns kids into chefs and pastry chefs

Volendam is a creative, educational and delicious form of entertainment for the richest kids. In the colorful new kitchen from Kids Kitchen, young children can bake and cook to their liking. Children (31) learn with professional guidance from Monique Smit the intricacies of baking and cooking. And of course the fun comes first! Children from 3 years old are welcome to attend fun baking and cooking workshops and courses and to celebrate birthdays at Kids Kitchen.

After working as a history teacher and later a period at the State Department, Monique Smit decided to take the plunge and chase her dream.
Last Saturday, that dream finally came true. Monique laughs: “With a master’s degree in international relations in my pocket, I thought I had charted my future.”
“It turned out differently. Every working day I had more doubts about office life. And this doubt was accompanied by an ever more constructive enthusiasm for my great passion: baking.
I decided to quit and enroll in the Institute of Bakeries in Zaandam.

I followed Monique
her dreams and
quit from
Ministry of

They specialize in people who want to switch their career to a bakery life.” After graduating as a pastry chef, Volendamse started working at Bakkers Bakery in Amsterdam.

First baking cycle
, although I wanted to make something for myself, I decided first to make counters in a well-known baker. In addition, in the meantime, I myself became the mother of two children. “Monique was having a great time at the Amsterdam bakery, but the Corona pandemic turned things around.
because I am. “It just got more and more quiet in our world, so I started focusing on my own company.” Monique was first introduced to a children’s kitchen in the capital. There I saw how excited the kids were and how much fun the supervisors were. I was immediately sold. To test whether the concept would also spread in Volendam, I began to stage a baking cycle during the Sinterklaas period. I rented the kitchen at De Singel and told my story on social media. All locations are booked in no time.”
In the kitchen, Monique could breathe a sigh of relief. The kids had such an amazing time in their lives and after that I got an incredible amount of nice reactions from their parents. It gave me the confidence to start organizing baking sessions every Wednesday afternoon.
Although I now also give cooking workshops to children, at the initial stage I focused mainly on baking. For example, apple pies and cupcakes, all without the help of Dr. Oetker, right? “Monique laughs. The concept is becoming more and more popular, I get orders for groups during holidays and weekends. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to De Singel’s kitchen. After working at De Singel for a year and a half, I decided to look for something for myself. And it finally happened.”
Your cooking room

A box for dad, for mom,
for grandmother. They want everyone to be proud
Let them taste what they are
made ‘

Within four weeks, Monique Adalbert’s father-in-law and other craftsmen had transformed the place into a cozy and colorful cooking room. “I am very happy with the end result. The kids kitchen now already has a dream kitchen to welcome the kids. Kids from 3 years old can come to Kids Kitchen to enjoy educational cooking and baking workshops, various courses and of course kids parties. Fun and learning in baking and cooking skills go hand in hand side in our kitchen.” Kids never get bored under Monique’s care, I recently baked cakes with a group of kids during a workshop. They are of course allowed to taste what they have made here in the kitchen, but they are often too excited that they all want to make something so it just doesn’t happen.
When the baked goods enter the oven, we begin to decorate the packaging. A box for dad, a box for a mother, a box for a grandmother. They want to show everyone proudly and get a taste of what they have made. This is awesome, isn’t it? “

Kids parties
Kids’ parties are an exception when it comes to tasting the delicious creations on site. “We have an air-conditioned program for parties. Then, for example, we make a large amount of tea. In the middle, the children are given a glass of orange juice and biscuits, but in the end they are shown the rich, homemade tea themselves. Then it is time for a tasting. It always turns out to be a party that is not Forget it!” Monique is counting down the days so she can welcome the young students to her new cooking room. “I really look forward to introducing the kids to the kitchen. And of course I hope every kid from the area comes to visit us at some point!”

Would you like to start at home with children?
Order Bakbox at! Every month, Kids Kitchen puts out a unique baking box containing all the custom ingredients and the corresponding recipe. A full range of courses and workshops can be found on the website.

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