Fundraising and Communications Manager (MT Member)

As a fundraising and liaison manager, you are responsible for managing a highly motivated and professional fundraising and liaison team. You and your team ensure that the formulated policy is implemented and implemented, with a focus on brand promotion, donor acquisition and retention, and the engagement of our great supporters.

The departure of the current manager leaves the opportunity to evaluate and improve the structure of the organization. This will paint this position as a temporary role.

You are an experienced team manager with an output-driven training and management style, empathetic, flexible and love diversity. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated experience in fundraising and communications.

Are you passionate and have a big heart for animals? Then join our team and apply for a position

Fundraising and Communications Manager (MT Member)

immediately for four to five days a week (Temporary role for at least six months)

This is how you advocate for animal protection:

You feel connected to the organization you work for and the work you do. You help and support your colleagues when necessary, while being considerate of their needs and interests. In doing so, you realize that the tasks or duties of you and others in the organization must be properly performed. You are an independent worker who feels responsible and can work well under pressure in a rapidly changing environment. You have a heart for business and make an effort to achieve the goals the organization is striving to achieve.

Duties and Responsibilities Implementing the Policy:

  • You are responsible for implementing and implementing the formulated policy and associated budget.
  • You create support within the organization and know how to handle conflicting interests.
  • It evaluates policy in place, manages quality and progress and makes adjustments if necessary.
  • You identify problems and risks, and ensure that problems are resolved and risks are mitigated.
  • You ensure coherence of the different areas of expertise (fundraising, communications, database, support services) and operations.
  • In some cases, she acts as a project manager for cross-departmental projects.

Policy implementation

  • On the basis of the developed policy, you can establish standards by which employees in different focus areas are given frameworks when performing their work.
  • You are a member of the Campaigns Steering Committee and set goals for each campaign for your areas of interest.
  • You have a role in evaluating, referring, analyzing, and reporting to other members of the Magnet Theater.
  • You are responsible for managing the budget and you report this and adjust it as necessary so that the process is under control.
  • You are responsible for the optimal design and operation of the systems required for your areas of interest.
  • Additionally, you ensure that all team activities are handled within applicable legislation.

organization management

  • You are a member of the management team.
  • You lead the fundraising and communication staff by ensuring the quality and quantity of daily activities and directing, mentoring, coaching, inspiring and motivating staff.
  • Conducts recruitment, selection, performance and evaluation interviews
  • You identify development opportunities for employees, discuss these opportunities and record agreements.
  • You have a supportive role for employees, provide direction (objective and subjective) and facilitate the implementation of the work.
  • You provide advice and share knowledge within (and outside) the department.
  • You create an ideal working climate and ensure proper cooperation and communication.

We are Global Animal Protection

Together with our supporters and donors, we protect animals around the world. We work to improve animal welfare for animals in the livestock and wildlife industry, through campaigns and agreements with businesses and governments. Our history goes back 70 years and we operate from twelve countries. You are strengthening our professional and friendly team of 35 people. We take good care of not only the animals, but also each other.

How do you protect animals around the world?

Your efficient and flexible way of working, combined with your organizational sensitivity, means that the team is facilitated to achieve department goals within set deadlines.

  • HBO + level of action and reflection;
  • At least 10 years of relevant work experience, of which at least 4 years as a manager;
  • Proven experience in fundraising and communication;
  • Experience as temporary manager is an added advantage;
  • You are analytical and able to quickly understand processes;
  • Fluency in both written and spoken Dutch and English.
  • You are a beginner and like to take responsibility.

We will reward you for your efforts

In addition to a group of professional and brilliant colleagues, you will have plenty of leeway with us to contribute to your initiatives and development. We also offer on a full-time basis (37.5 hours per week):

  • Depending on experience, gross starting salary ranges between €4,600 and €6,600;
  • Flexible working hours and work-from-home options;
  • 100% reimbursement of travel costs by public transport, even if you come by bicycle;
  • Excellent pension system where we pay 70%;
  • The inheritors’ pension, which we pay in full;
  • 25 days off and nine days off – partly flexible, partly on (national) holidays;
  • Homework allowance, laptop and phone (fee) from the company.

Will you join us in protecting animals?

Are you the interim fundraising and communications director helping us protect animals and improve animal welfare around the world? Then take your chance and send your motivation letter and CV to Thierry Reniers, Director of the organization via

Submit as soon as possible! Interviews will be scheduled once suitable candidates have been submitted. We would like to know when and how many hours per week you are available. If you are flexible about this, please let us know.

Do you have any questions about the job? Email the HR Officer at or call 06-19652982.

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