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environmental permit

Applications for an environmental permit have been submitted

The mayor and an alderman in Riden announced that they have received the following applications for an environmental permit (the date of receipt and the case number are in parentheses):

– Valbe Village: installation of fiberglass in Valbe (11-4-2022/827028).
– Dr. Schaepmanstraat 45 to 51, 6882 HM Velp: Replacing the outer bore sheets in 4 Houses (14-4-2022/827483).
– Enkweg 35, 6881 LX Velp: Home Extension (22-4-2022/828327).
– Overbeeksingel 7, 6881 HM Velp: Placing the solar panels on the roof of the garage and on an adjacent shed (12-4-2022/827140).
– Reinaldstraat 91, 6883 HL Velp: Home Extension (22-4-2022 / 828383).
– Waldeck Pyrmontlaan 4, 6881 NT Velp: Building a house with an outbuilding (21-4-2022 / 828261).
– Willemstraat 38 and 40, 6882 KD Velp: Merging two houses into one house (19-4-2022 / 827862).
– De Del 11, 6991 CV Rheden: put a dormer window on the rear roof surface and a dormer window on the front roof surface (15-4-2022 / 827557).
– Spoorstraat 15-17, 6953 BW Dieren: Solar panel installation (21-4-2022 / 828234).
Level 33 Crossing, 6956 AE Spankeren: Hangar Reconstruction (24-3-2022/825180).

It is not yet possible to object to these applications. This is only possible once a decision on the application is made. The decision made will be announced by then. Do you have any questions or would like to view the documents? Please call City Hall in Philip, tel. (026) 49 76 911. Do you want to come? In order to serve you better, we only work by appointment. You can make an appointment via the phone number mentioned above.

Issuance of environmental permits (normal preparation procedures)

The mayor and members of the City Council of Rheden have announced that they have been granted the following environmental permits:

Sixteenth week

– Middachterallee in De Steeg: Surfaces of 4 naves (Case No. 822664).

Seventeenth week

Europalaan 10, 6991 DC Rheden: Entrance Building (Case No. 824602).
– La Quigue, opposite No. 9 in the city of Riden: construction of an entrance (case No. 824352).
– Patrijslaan 34, 6951 JW Dieren: Placing a roof structure on the house (Case No. 825452).
– Zutphensestraatweg 10b, 6953 CK Dieren: Construction of a barn with carport and installation of solar panels (Case No. 822600).

For viewing and objection
Do you have any questions or would like to view the documents? Please call City Hall in Philip, tel. (026) 49 76 911. Do you want to come? In order to serve you better, we only work by appointment. You can make an appointment via the phone number mentioned above.

If you are an interested party and do not agree with a decision, you may file a reasoned objection to the Board of Directors in accordance with the General Administrative Law Act within six weeks from the date on which the decisions were announced to the respective applicant(s). of Mayor and Aldermen, PO Box 9110, 6994 ZJ De Steeg. You can ask the municipality about the exact date of publication. You can also look up the dates of the decision via, if you are looking for the address of the statement issued. Submitting a notice of objection does not delay the implementation of the decision. In the event of urgent necessity, given the interests involved, you may request a preliminary injunction for this from the Temporary Relief Judge of Gelderland County Court, Administrative Law Division, Arnhem Website, PO Box 9030, 6800 EM Arnhem. A copy of the Notice of Objection must be submitted with the application. You can also choose to submit the application digitally to the above-mentioned court via You must have an electronic signature (DigiD) for this. See the website above for the exact terms. A court fee is charged to process an application for interim relief. The court fee is €184.00 for natural persons and €365.00 for legal persons (see Article 8:41 of the General Administrative Law).

APV ads

The mayor or mayor and members of the municipal council in the municipality of Rieden declare that they have been granted the following APV permit/exempt.

Rheden General Local Regulations (APV)

Permit: RHD-827009 Oranjevereniging Spankeren.
Activity: Orange parties.
Date: 17-18 June 2022.
Venue: Spanker.

License: RHD-827277 MHC Animals.
Activity: Youth camp.
Date: July 8-10, 2022.
Location: animals.

License: RHD-827773 Volleyball Club Rebo Makelaars/Rebelle.
Activity: End of the season on the beach yards.
Date: June 11, 2022.
Where: Animals, Kolonieweg.

Permission: RHD-827760 Energy4all Corporation.
Activity: Hiking 5-10-20-30 km.
Date: June 26, 2022 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Location: eo . animals

License: RHD-827860 4Noppes Foundation.
Activity: The benefit festival.
Date: May 28, 2022 from 12 noon to 11 pm
Where: Animals, Van der Duyn van Maasdamstraat Park.

License: RHD-828391 Domain Hof te Deren, CRM.
Activity: real estate markets.
Dates: May 8 – June 12 – July 10 – August 14 – September 11 and October 9, 2022.
Where: Dieren, Arnhemsestraatweg 16.

Permit: RHD-822455 Touring Club Wageningen.
Activity: Passing Jan Jansen Classic Bike Tour.
Date: June 25, 2022 between 10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Venue: Rieden Municipality and Velozom National Park.

Permit: RHD-827938 St Jansen & de Feijter Cultural Stage.
Activity: hall parties.
Date: May 15, 2022 from 13.00 to 17.30.
Venue: Philip, various addresses.

Permit: RHD-827988 Walk-in house ‘trefpunt.
Activity: Flea market.
Showtime: May 14 from 10am to 4pm
Where: Felp, Scholstrat 12.

Permit: RHD-824693 Council of Churches Velosome.
Activity: outdoor ecumenical church service.
Date: June 12, 2022 from 10am to 12:30pm
Where: Animals, Carolina Park.

License: RHD-825759 Robin best Outdoor Media.
Activity: Placing billboards for the Goed Groen Festival.
Date: May 16, 2022 to May 30, 2022.
Venue: Riden municipality.

Do you want more information?
You can contact the Law and Environmental Safety Team for this: (026) 49 76 911 or [email protected]

Environmental Management Decree Notification Activities

The Mayor and members of the Riden Municipal Council have announced that they have received the following notification under the Environmental Management Act, Activities Ordinance:

– Beimerwaard 3 at Ellecom: alteration of a ranch (case #828667 / property ODRA22MA0770).

This notice is posted for informational purposes only, and no objections can be raised. For more information, please contact the Arnhem Region Environment Service (ODRA). ODRA can be reached by phone Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The phone number is (026) 37 71 600. The email address is [email protected]

Bureau Certin contacts the municipality of Rheden about unpaid municipal taxes

Certin, on behalf of the municipality of Rheden, will contact residents who, for whatever reason, were unable to pay municipal taxes between May 16 and June 4 (Mon-Sat, 8.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.). Residents can be referred for assistance or, for example, a payment or direct debit arrangement can be agreed.
Residents who need more help due to financial problems are referred to the Incluzio Rheden Village Teams or Social Reporting Point.

Budget Environment Agency Arnhem Region 2023

The Arnhem Region Environmental Service (ODRA) performs all environmental tasks of the Municipality of Rieden in relation to licensing, supervision and enforcement of companies. The ODRA General Council approved the draft ODRA 2023 budget on 14 April 2022. You can view the budget at For more information, please contact Ms. D. Veenstra at [email protected]

traffic order

The mayor and members of the Municipal Council of Rieden announce the following traffic measures.
Allocating two parking spaces for an electric charging point in the following locations:

I Felp, Rietganssingel 15, in the parking space. The distinguishing feature of this decision
RHD2022-VKB-185 and the case number is 828656.
II Rheden, Willem Barentszstraat next to Oranjeweg 222. The reference for this resolution is RHD2022-VKB-186 and the case number is 828658.

You can consult the entire decisions at the reference on the website
The objection period begins on the day following the date of publication of the decision on this website.

Decisions can also be consulted for six weeks at the Municipal Service Center in Velp, Overtuin 6, 6881 TT Velp and the Municipal Service Center in Dieren, Ericaplein 5a, 6951 CP Dieren.

The Alley May 2, 2022

objection possibilities
You can object if you do not agree with the decision.
You have this right under the General Administrative Law Act.

Do you want to object? Send an objection within 6 weeks to:
College of the Mayor and Members of the House of Representatives
Residential and Living Environment Team
P.O. Box 9110

Your notice of objection must include at least:
• Your name and address.
• The date on which the letter was written.
• A description of the decision you disagree with and the decision case number.
• I also attach a copy of that decision.
• Reasons for not agreeing to this decision.
• You must sign the Notice of Objection.

Good to know: If you object, the decision will remain in effect
Do you want to prevent this? This is only possible with temporary savings in the event that there are very urgent reasons. You can request a preliminary injunction from the court.
An interim injunction means that you are requesting a stay of the decision until a decision is made on your notice of objection. This can be done via You need a DigiD for this. Would you rather send an email? This is also possible. In this case, also attach a copy of the decision for which you want temporary relief.
the address is:

Gelderland County Court
Administrative Law Team
PO Box 9030
6800 M sing

Costs (court fees)
You owe a court fee for filing an application for temporary relief.
The court fee is 50 euros for people on housing benefits and social security provisions,
184.00 euros for others and 365.00 euros for legal entities (Article 8:41 GAC).

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