Deurne’s descent verb makes a 4 day trip there and 4 seconds back

In fact, last year the verb journey in which the name of the place Durninum was first mentioned, was already supposed to take place, but due to Corona, the highlighting of the celebration of Deurne 1300 was postponed. However, all the preparations were not in vain because this month will happen Indeed.

On Ascension Day, Thursday, May 26, just as in the year 721, a check will be received in Deurne after a four-day journey from Echternach in Luxembourg. Then, with today’s modern means of communication, the receipt was confirmed to the abbot of Echternach via Whatsapp in four seconds.

busy for years
A number of volunteers from the Techniek met ‘n Ziel Museum in Nirkanth have been working for several years to mimic this journey of action. “We want to express this visually, by conveying this act from the monastery in Echternach to Deurne using the means of communication from then to the present,” said the initiators.

In 2021, 1,300 years ago 721 information was recorded in a deed in Echternach about the donation of a farm and land called Durninum to St. Willibrordus. Over the centuries, the village of Deurne grew out of that farm. The transfer in 721 was an important milestone in this regard.

original bond
To celebrate Deurne 1300, the Museum of Techniek met ‘n soul in Neerkant took the lead with the theme “Back in 4 Days in 4 Seconds, from Epternacensis to Durninum” a copy of the original 721 bond from Echternach to Deurne. . The volunteers explained: “We want to go the distance in four days, the first part on foot, then on horseback, then homing pigeon, and finally by horse carriage and by the optical telegraph of Claude Chap, the starting point of modern communications.”

The Sindh voyage begins on Sunday 22 May in Echternach and is transported on Monday on foot, Tuesday on horseback and Wednesday by homing pigeon. On the day of the Ascension, the document was brought from Willibrordusputje near Meijel, on the border of Brabant and Limburg, in a ceremonial procession on foot with “Napoleon” and by carriage to the museum in Neerkant.

festive procession
From there, a message is sent to Deurne with the so-called Chappe that the act is coming. The document is then transferred to the Fletcherhotel in Deurne. From this moment on, the procession is accompanied by many Deurnese associations and the journey goes with music in a festive procession towards the centre. Here the act is finally handed over by “Napoleon” to Mayor Potter van Deurn. The flight photos from Echternach are also shown to the public.

After that, there will be a lecture in the cultural center about “Deurne in 721” and about the performance and significance of Chappie in the time of Napoleon. One of the few remaining eight-meter specimens will be unveiled that day at the Cultural Center and will be on display until the end of June. The King’s Commissioner will officially open the Chappie Gallery on Ascension Day.

telegraph operators
At the time of Napoleon, Holland was annexed to France. He used Chappe, which he had just invented at the time. This allowed you to send messages from Paris to Amsterdam in thirty minutes. Prior to that time, these letters were only three or four days away on horseback or on foot. Every 10 to 15 kilometers a young man was standing on a church, water tower, or other high point. At a specific point in time, the points were equipped with telegrams with binoculars and messages were passed by placing the arms of the device in a certain position. Each position of the moving arms represents a word.

belgium church tower
As a result of further developments in communications, the Chappe fell out of use and many were demolished and burned. The copy on display at Deurne was located in a church tower in Belgium. This Chappe is on museum estate in St. Niklaas is in Belgium and will be loaned in May 2022 to the Techniek met ‘n Ziel Museum in Nirkant. Chappe can be seen from Ascension Day at the Cultuurcentrum in Deurne.

The festivities surrounding the celebration of the Deurne 1300 will begin on Thursday 26 May at 09:30 with the transfer of title deed at Willibordusputje in Meijel. Entry to Nirkante will take place at 9.45 a.m. and the ceremonial parade in Central Deurne at the Cultural Center will begin around 2.30 p.m. At 4pm the tour will conclude at Martinetplein with lectures and a film impression of the tour.

During Ascension Day, there are also many music and dance performances in the center of Deurne throughout the afternoon. Shops are also open on that day.

The route taken by the instrument from Echternach to Deurne.
Photo: Museum of Technology with Soul

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