Circus world is fine!

Photo: PR Renz International, queues at the circus box office in Landgraaf while online sales are still in progress.

Web Circus will clear misunderstandings twice. Under which rock do most journalists live in the Netherlands? Web Circus will refute some persistent assumptions, with the subtitle: Which rock did you live under?

Most journalists still think things are going badly for Dutch circuses, and they also think this has something to do with the ban on wild circus animals, which was repealed in 2021. It’s even allowed again, although the circus isn’t keen on it for various reasons. .

Disaster year 2015
2015 will remain a very long time for the circus world. An unforgettable year in which the circus was the center of the press. Partly because Hermann Reigns Circus was forfeited at an unfortunate moment, if the taxes had waited until the day after the Christmas Circus, they could have simply collected the entirety of the arrears. It was also a disastrous year in part because a 2012 alliance agreement decided to ban wild animals in 2015. This resulted in a lot of newspaper articles being published about just 17 of the circus animals that performed in the Netherlands.

After the circus bad news
The wild animal ban affected a total of four German circuses out of the total 20 circuses that travel annually in the Netherlands. The elephants were not “rescued” but ended up in another circus where elephants are still allowed to perform. The group Renz International/Belli Wien tried its luck in Ireland, but faced fierce opposition from animal activists. In 2016, patrons brought them back to the mainland after a disastrous tour of the island of Ireland.

Circus during the Corona crisis
Of course, circuses around the world have suffered from the Corona crisis, but it was not. Many circus employees temporarily found other jobs, drove trucks, and performers could be found in the outdoor areas of care homes where they could entertain the audience who sat safely behind the windows. The world stood still for a while, but in what industry has this not been the case? Most of the circus performers are generally not whiners, they handle the matter, and the real survivors are in the middle. A circus with many animals had a much more difficult time, because the animals suddenly became very expensive. Thanks to the kindness of many locals, this circus has also been dragged through difficult times.

Is the traveling circus okay?
At the moment, there are about 20 active circus organizations. Some travel from March to October, some travel part of the year. First of all, the circus that travels all season. These are Circus Sourse, Barani, Bulalo, Bussell, Combination Rains Berlin / Olympia Circus, Raines International, Harlequino, Magic Circus, Cirque de Zorg and the Magical World of Circus. From September this will be Hollandia Circus and we expect Freiwald to come out of hibernation soon.
The summer circus that roams at camps, festivals and parties is Salto Circus, Zanzara
Fantasia, Sharp / Circus Sharp, Magnifique. Products that are presented once or several times a year are Lorely, Cirque de la Liberté and the Tall Tales Company Theatre. We are currently seeing many shows that are completely sold out, circus tents and theater halls.

There are also benefits to banning wild animals
Circuses with wild animals have always attracted more attention, that’s for sure. Despite the false news of the factories of animal rights activists working overtime via social media, a large part of the public was very interested in visiting those circuses. There are some drawbacks to a circus with elephants, for example. You should always have an extra floor for large animal stables. These areas are increasingly unavailable. Around the agricultural villages in the north of our country, but in Randstad, event areas are increasingly filled with homes and offices. Moreover, you always have a lot of manure production that you have to get rid of daily 300 kg of feed and water consumed by the elephant. The costs are also great. No wonder the circus isn’t so eager to let the wild animals back in again, now that weather is allowed.

Shows with wild animals allowed again
It is again allowed to ban dealing with wild animals, see this previous article. It appears that lifting this ban has not yet been initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture.
It is also clear that this ban has nothing to do with animal welfare, which was also previously explained on Circusweb. In light of the aforementioned drawbacks, the circus isn’t really keen on bringing the elephants back to Holland. Because even without these animals, there are queues at the cash register and circus tents are completely full, sometimes sold out.

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