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All open spaces are occupied

stepmother in snow whiteDaan Remmerts de Vries, adaptation of the fairy tale snow white By the Brothers Grimm, a witch who sold her soul to the Devil. She turned the girl’s father into a distant man who no longer spoke to his daughter and drove everyone out of the palace. Not new is her arrogance and desire to kill her stepson Snow White.

Remmert de Vries, winner of last year’s Theo Thijsen Prize for Children and Young People’s Literature, tempered the cruelty of the original fairy tale. In the Grimm’s version, the stepmother orders a hunter to kill and slay Snow White. He must take her lungs and liver as proof that he killed her. Allows the chef to cook and eat the organs. She doesn’t know that she is eating the organs of a young wild boar killed by the hunter instead of her stepdaughter. at snow white The stepmother asks for the girl’s heart, but the hunter immediately lets the girl escape and does not kill an animal for indirect evidence. The chef does not prepare organic meat for the Evil Queen, but distributes the croissants on the only snow-white, which the other characters consider “simple”. For an eighteen-year-old to see a wolf for a “dog” becomes a gag in the story.

Snow White’s commitment and naivety are repeated over and over again, but without comment. The girl is grateful to the seven dwarfs who gave her shelter and companionship. When she asks what she should be doing all day, the males say: “Wash the dishes,” “wash our clothes,” “cook,” “fix the furniture and fix the clothes,” “wipe once” and “We have to read aloud.” Then she threw herself into the house. willingly.The fairy girls rebel in the girls Written by Annette A young man who is completely missing here. Snow White doesn’t walk around reading or reading at all because of all that housework. This is a missed opportunity. What could be more fun than a princess slipping through the sweet stories of a murderous stepmother and a group of sleepy dwarves? In the twenty-first century novel, you expect more than to reproduce the treatment of a stepdaughter that the princess has received for centuries.

Remmerts de Vries snow white So wide that all the open spaces have been filled in, which makes the original fairy tale an exciting one. Reading long pages about how Snow White cannot cook and never learns that she pays so many diamonds to the merchants who come to the door is tedious, although Remmerts de Vries seems to be alluding here to the three pages of assignments given by Snow White dwarves in black ink is a story Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1997) by Wim Hoffman. This dullness is countered by a well-successfully symmetrical association of the Faustian element with a critique of the contemporary ideal of youth. Like Dorian Gray, the stepmother does not age outwardly. At the moment when the demon, who was trapped in the mirror, burned her, it turned out that she was already 134 years old.

The contrast between the independence of Snow White and Robbie Nathan, the protagonist God (2002), Senior. Querido recently republished the beautiful novel, one of Remmerts de Vries’ most notable works. Robbie assumes from the first page that he’s in control of his life and knows how to create his own world in which he’s in charge and that his friends Simon, Claver, Bachman, Shabby, and the dog Bluff do what he says.

Ruby thinks, fantasizes, and tells herself; His view of the world is sharp and omniscient. He understands what it means to live in a new neighborhood and sees how his mother keeps the family together.

Our village has all new homes. These houses are neither beautiful nor ugly. You can’t really say anything about it. Even the gardens are very similar. The streets are the same. This makes it look like it’s not real. Like living in a computer game.

The role of the mother in the family, who does the shopping, cooking, cleaning, washing, mending clothes and fixing the leaking faucet, is very similar to that of Snow White in the house of dwarves. It’s a pity that Remmerts de Vries hasn’t given up on some of Ruby’s imagination and his fear of Snow White.

Marie Jose Claver

Dan Remerts de Vries – snow white† With illustrations by Mark Jansen. Wohlt, Amsterdam. 112 pages 18.99 euros.

Dan Remerts de Vries – God† Queredo, Amsterdam. 92 pages 14.99 euros.


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