Reactions to Lil Klein: “Most people think you’re terrible anyway” | Lil Klein arrested

“You deceive yourself too much with your aggressive behavior” and “The war on drugs cannot be won, let’s start a truce” are some of the responses to the news topics that occupy the minds of readers. Here are the messages that appeared in the Wednesday, February 16 newspaper. You can send the response yourself via

Little Night | Volunteer at an orphanage in the Philippines

“Lil Klein is unfavorable with a radio station and Spotify” (15-2pm). Where the little guy can be big. I give you this free tip: Quit your world. Volunteer at an orphanage in the Philippines or something. So you can discover real life. Without all the yelling around you, because they can get their share. Without people around you to praise you. Most people think you’re terrible anyway. So gain life experience and be a wise man. Because you get ridiculed for your aggressive behavior. Best wishes.

a. Pleasant, Oderkerk.

Violence in asylum seekers centers | No one can take a bull by its horns

“Again stabbed the center for asylum seekers in Boudl: a man wounded in the leg” ( 14-2). Things are still not going well in centers for asylum seekers, in this case in Boudl. The situation is still unsafe in and around reception centers, but especially in villages. Eric van der Burg, Minister of State for Asylum and Migration allocates 1 million euros for additional security officers, including Boas. A politician who will be tested is useless. The only thing that works is that the “Savanders” have to leave the country. This should be arranged in The Hague. But no one takes the bull by the horns. In other words, it’s ridiculous. Lots of words but no actions.

Pierre Verheis, Miguel.

coke smuggling | The Colombian general is right: legalization

“Action is required against excessive force by coke smuggling” (14-2 CE). Colombia’s top military sees only one solution: to legalize cocaine, and only then will there be peace in Colombia. Perhaps Mayor Abu Talib should keep these words in mind instead of calling, as usual, for more control and expansion of police teams and a sign of user behavior. When there is no more money to be made from cocaine, only then will the drug problem begin to be solved. The war on drugs cannot be won, let’s start with a truce.

Marcel de Keijzer, Soest.

smuggling coke 2 | Does it wake up politicians?

It’s good to see that Mayor Abu Talib traveled to Colombia to see what the police and judiciary have been saying for years. Now that he had seen it himself, it suddenly became a reality and thus a problem. Let’s hope he succeeds in awakening the politicians to this problem. But honesty also requires that we say: Tomorrow skew tiles on Coolsingel will be a priority again.

C. Lamens, Swifterbant.

valentine’s day bouquet | very special to her

What a lovely and kind article about Mrs. Sajjan Kabin, who supplies flowers on Valentine’s Day. It would not seem so amazing, were it not for the fact that for thirty years she has been receiving flowers from an unknown person. Mrs. Sajan is now 81 years old. Who is the sender? You may never find out. In any case, Mrs. Cabin looks radiant in the photo. Just the idea that someone out there cares about you as a person. I’ve never received a Valentine’s Day card myself. Not a bouquet of flowers, roses, or tulips; No, not the dandelion yet.

Rinsky van Rijken, The Hague.

prevent | We know that central control is necessary

“The next pandemic is looming, so learn from the current pandemic” (14-2 CE). André Rouvoet, head of GGDs, does not seem to have a clear picture of the problem in GGDs with his plea for more regional data specialists. If there is one part that you have to address centrally, it is data analysis and it is. That regional organization needs to be reformed with more centralized management, and that has become very evident in the past pandemic.

André Pouw, Nieuwegein.

Ukraine | We allow it over and over again, misinformation

What are Putin’s options with Ukraine? (15-2 m). How often do we allow the world to be plunged into misery by potentially inept US intelligence agencies that spread disinformation?

a. Hagendoorn, Zutphen.

Shaving Tips | Pot, nice, warm and low on consumption

“She showers me with shaving heads after my column” (letters 15-2). Great message from Frank Portheis. There is a tip to save water. My father-in-law put hot water in a pot and used it to get a wet shave. Nice, warm and little water consumption. I usually use shaving gel: does it have the same adverse environmental effects?

johan haig

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