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We are Global Animal Protection

We protect animals all over the world. Wild animals, animals in communities, animals in the livestock industry, animals in disasters. We provide immediate (emergency) assistance, campaign, provide information and lobby for better laws and regulations. We protect animals all over the world. Wild animals, animals in communities, animals in the livestock industry, animals in disasters. We provide immediate (emergency) assistance, campaign, provide information and lobby for better laws and regulations. Our history goes back 70 years and we operate from thirteen countries. You are strengthening our professional and friendly team of 35 people.


As an online editor, you are jointly responsible for the association with our (online) supporters. You have experience in online communication and would like to create, edit and select content. By reaching out on social media, our donor magazine and email newsletter, you ensure that our supporters are connected and growing. You can empathize well with different target groups and effortlessly adapt your writing style to this. You also have experience in editing work. You are flexible, love variety and service oriented. The ideal candidate is also familiar with video editing.

Are you a centipede enthusiast, creative and have a big heart for animals? Then join our contact team and apply for an online editor position today. immediately for four to five days a week.

This is how you advocate for animal protection:

You feel connected to the organization you work for and the work you do. You help and support your colleagues when necessary, while being considerate of their needs and interests. In doing so, you realize that the tasks or duties of you and others in the organization must be properly performed. You are an independent worker who feels responsible and can work well under pressure in a rapidly changing environment. You have a heart for business and make an effort to achieve the goals the organization is striving to achieve.

Duties and Responsibilities

editorial work

  • Provides input to incoming communications assignments on feasibility and approach to assignments.
  • Plans to put expressions and informs those concerned.
  • Ensures that the various scripts, both online and offline, are written in coordination with the concerned parties and that these messages are placed on the correct channels in line with the established content strategy. This includes our newsletter, our magazine, social media, private appeals and our website in general.
  • Verifies written texts from colleagues and serves as editor-in-chief.
  • Selecting and editing images for commercials, social media posts and other communications.

Take care of internal communications

  • Answers internal communication questions and advises on the matter if necessary.
  • Responsible for writing and sending the internal newsletter to employees.
  • Supports the Communications Consultant’s brand strategy in launching the Brand Book.
  • Maintains liaison with relevant external suppliers on coordinating liaison tasks and with the international head office on communicating in the international newsletter.

Other duties and responsibilities

  • contact with suppliers (designers, creative agencies);
  • media procurement and supervision of text, design and other traffic activities;
  • Help the webcare team when it is very busy;

How do you protect animals around the world?

With your proactive demeanor, writing skills, and experience, you know how to achieve your results and common goals. With an efficient and meticulous work style, you will also be able to achieve this within the given deadlines.

  • HBO level of work and thinking, preferably in the direction of communication;
  • At least 3 years of work experience in social media and editorial work;
  • Feel and experience creating content for social media;
  • Experience in writing for different target groups (online);
  • Experience in video editing and photoshop.
  • Fluency in both written and spoken Dutch and English.
  • Creativity: Come up with original ideas, solutions, and methods for your business case.
  • Written communication is very natural to you and you are very careful about it.
  • You are a beginner and like to take responsibility.

We will reward you for your efforts

In addition to a group of professional and brilliant colleagues, you will have plenty of leeway with us to contribute to your initiatives and development. We also offer on a full-time basis (37.5 hours per week):

  • Depending on experience, the total base salary is between 2,400 and 3,000 euros;
  • Flexible working hours and work-from-home options;
  • 100% reimbursement of travel costs by public transport, even if you come by bicycle;
  • Excellent pension system where we pay 70%;
  • The inheritors’ pension, which we pay in full;
  • 25 days off and nine days off – partly flexible, partly on (national) holidays;
  • Homework allowance, laptop and phone (fee) from the company.

Report and apply

Will you join us in protecting animals? Are you the meticulous and creative online editor who helps us protect animals and improve animal welfare around the world? Take your chance and send your motivation letter and CV to Hilje Wolfson, Head of Fundraising and Communications at Submit as soon as possible! Interviews will be scheduled once suitable candidates have been submitted. We would like to know when and how many hours per week you are available. If you are flexible about this, please let us know. Do you have any questions about the job? Email the HR Officer at or call 06-19652982.

Acquisition on the basis of this ad is not estimated.

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